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home income profit system reiewProduct: Home Income Profit System

Cost: $2.97 for Shipping, $139 One Time Fee, ongoing fee varies depending on scam until cancelled

 Overall Rank: 0 out of 100




Watch Out for this Income Profit System Scam!

I am not a fan of labeling something as a scam outright. There are many programs on the internet that won’t work very well for you but they aren’t necessarily scams.  But let me tell you, it doesn’t get much sleazier than the Home Income Profit System or any derivation of that name (more below). I can’t remember the last time I looked up something on the internet and there was absolutely nothing nice to say about it. All that exists are complaints about this scam. There I said it!

What I find most amazing is that this is still going on. It’s existed from about 2009 on and they keep the fire burning. The trouble is they keep changing either the name of the program, their website, or both. It’s a moving target. That’s why it is so troublesome because they just keep closing up shop and reopening under a different name. These guys make Enron seem like The Good Ship Lollipop!


The Pitch is Good – But one of the Biggest Scams Going!

What gets people on this scam is that it seems like it could be legitimate. It’s set up in a form of a newspaper article from your hometown. They can often find your hometown info from your Internet Service Provider or sometimes from your browser’s history. Then they’ll even include endorsements (faked) from CNN, ABC, and a whole slew of others that give many a false sense of security about the legitimacy of the program.

The newspaper article mentions a story about this woman named Kelly Richards, or Angela Bussio, or a host of other names, depending if people are onto the scam. The story tells how she lives in your area and is a single mother that has recently lost her job. Then she describes this wonderful and miraculous “system” that has made it possible for her to earn hundreds per day. They also show you how you too can do this by filling out your information in the included form and including postage of $2.97. They state that the $2.97 is to “qualify you”.

The whole concept is centered around making you believe that the company has a job available for you and that if you follow the information in the packet they send, you can be making money just like the single mom in the news story. The trouble is, they never let you know exactly what you’ll be doing.

Another way they hook people is that they give you the impression that there is only one opportunity left and that you had better jump on the opportunity before it’s gone.


What is Home Income Profit System?The Devil is in the Details

 You may be thinking that being charged $2.97 is no big deal and if that were all that happened, I would agree with you. However, in the fine print of the terms of service, by accepting that charge, you are giving the company permission (ongoing) to bill your credit card in the future. And good luck trying to get someone on the phone when you try to cancel. Many people have had to fight with their credit card companies in order to get them to stop billing.


What is Home Income Profit System?A Rat By Any Other Name

As I mentioned before this scam continually changes its name or its website.

The following are some of the more common names that it has gone by:

Home Income Profit System

Home Income Wealth System

Google Job Opportunities

Google Money Master

Home Cash System

Home Profit System

Profit Masters Academy

Income Masters Institute

Many more…

As I also mentioned the name of the person being profiled (the single mom) often gets switched out so as to try and scam a new set of unsuspecting people. 


What is Home Income Profit System?How To Keep From Getting Scammed

Because this scheme is always changing, it can be difficult to identify. It’s important to read the terms of service carefully. You will likely see in the terms of service that you must cancel within a certain number of days (usually three). And to cancel you must call a number that they provide.

Here’s what you do. Call that number before you even sign up. See if you get anyone on the line. If no one answers, how easy do you think it will be to cancel your membership? By the way, the information packet that you pay the $2.97 for won’t arrive for at least a week, usually more. How can you evaluate a program and be given only three days to do so when you won’t even get the information until much later? Anyone else smell a rat?

Hopefully, you are reading this review before you ever come across this scheme. You should be able to easily recognize it now that you have some background information. Also, if doing a search with your favorite search engine terms up pages upon pages of complaints and websites that describe the scam, that should be warning enough to steer clear of this junk.

Also remember that they are charging you for “employment”. That is the classic sign of a scam. You should never have to pay to become anyone’s employee.


Verdict For: What is Home Income Profit System ? Another Scam. Treat this piece of garbage like it was the Plague! Steer clear of it and never look back 


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