What Is IM Exclusive Suite?

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IM Exclusive Suite

Product Name: IM Exclusive Suite

Website: IMExclusiveSuite.com

Price: $1 Trial (14-Day) $29/Month After or $97 Lifetime Option

Owners: Edward Latto

Recommended: Yes, but it may not be for everyone. Read the Review

Verdict: It is not a scam and it may be something that makes you money.


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Pros vs. Cons


  • Done for You Funnels
  • Attractive Design on Sales Pages
  • Dashboard for Easy Management
  • Frequently Adding New Campaigns (Funnels)
  • Useful Free Report for Software Tools


Not much to the sales page describing what you are getting for the money.


Expensive options (above) for videos that instruct you on how certain aspects of Internet Marketing work. The information can be found for much cheaper elsewhere.

It’s unclear whether the products included in the funnel sell or what they even are all about.

What Is IM Exclusive Suite?

If you are looking for a turnkey solution to get started on your business, you may find it with IM Exclusive Suite. The system comes with four complete sales funnels and more are in the works. You can have access to these funnels for $27/month or a one-time fee of $97.

When you sign up for the monthly plan, you will receive a new tripwire funnel every month. If you are not familiar with the term tripwire funnel, it means you sell a low-priced product to get people on your list. The reasoning behind selling something at a super low price is people who buy from you have a much greater chance of buying from you again. As long as the sale goes smoothly and you take care of any customer service issues that may arise, your customer will trust you enough to buy from you again.

Keep in mind that this is different from giving a product away to get people into your funnel. While this still can work, it is not as effective as it used to be. There are too many freebie seekers that will sign up and never buy from you. When you get them to purchase something (tripwire funnel), even if it’s for a small amount, those people are usually willing to buy from you again.

My IM Exclusive Suite Review

Overall, this product can help people looking to start a done for you type of business. If nothing else, it is worth paying $1 for. Or you can (Get A FREE Guide Here To Triple Your Income) to see about earning income For Real. I would have liked to see more about the funnels themselves and how well they convert. The company does offer training for getting traffic using both free and paid methods. It also offers to do the advertising for you, or you can post banners and use this as free lead magnets. See below…


Im exclusive suite
click on image enlarge and to start earning !


Assuming you can promote, the commissions are quite lucrative and repeat sales will certainly lead to a healthy return on your investment. While I am not a huge fan of having to pay for the privilege of selling someone else’s product, the amount to pay is only $27 per month or you could go with the one-time $97 if you truly believe in the potential. This will save you money in the long run if the program works out for you.

One time is best option if you ask me: One time Payment Option to get started earning income with this ImExclusive Suite.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. You may believe that you are only getting the $1 back but, if you pay for the first month’s $27 before the 30-day period, you will get that back as well. There is no indication of getting any money back if you go for the $97 option. It may be wise to contact the company before choosing this option.

One of the funnels is for a webinar the company offers. It’s been shown that webinars convert extremely well when done correctly. This is one of the easiest ways to sell high-end products. These products are not as difficult to sell as people think. Another advantage is you need fewer numbers of sales than you would to make up the same on a lower-end product.

I would also love to see more action on the company’s blog, both the posts themselves, as well as some comments from others. This is not necessarily a negative sign, but it doesn’t scream confidence in the system either. The product is rather new so you have to give some leeway to that. However, it’s not so new as to be a week old. It’s existed for three months at the time of this writing.

5 Software to Create Automated FunnelsI downloaded the free report 5 Software to Create Automated Funnels and was surprised (in a positive way) what was included. My expectation was to be given five low-quality software packages. Instead, the links to the five packages are relevant and can help you with your funnels. Another positive surprise is that the links did not contain affiliate links which I found refreshing. There is a link at the end for a free webinar given by Latto, but I see nothing wrong with including that based on the quality of the report.







I don’t BELIEVE this product is a scam. If it were a scam there would be plenty more people telling me so. As I research everything online about it. So from from what I have seen, people are making money with it. I like the fact it offers a webinar as one of the funnels. Like I said, these convert quite well for higher end products. I would have like to see more on the sales page about what you are getting for joining but trying it out at $1 for fourteen days should give you enough background to determine if it is something you would like to pursue. Take a look at it for a Buck>IMExclusive Suite You can always choose to cancel and get your money back if it’s not.


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