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Making Extra Income with Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is a program with a strong presence in the USA and England. It offers people a way of earning money online. However,  Inbox Pounds does not offer people a way of earning a living online.

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In this review of Inbox Pounds you will find that the program is a means by which people can earn a little extra cash, or earn ‘an allowance’ or rewards to turn in for money. Inbox Pounds is a legit site that companies use to do promotional marketing.

By helping them do this marketing, you are rewarded.


How does Inbox Pounds Work?

Users of Inbox Pounds answer marketing surveys and seek to qualify for or to accept the promotions that numerous companies are offering. In exchange, the people who answer a lot of surveys and provide firms with useful marketing information can get paid or get some other type of reward. Most of the payments are made in British Pounds Sterling.

There is a minimum income members must earn before Inbox Pounds will release a paycheck. This is a survey site and most rewards have to be built upon to earn real money. 

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Earnings at Inbox Pounds?

Payments for those who answer all the survey questions are really often £1 or less. More than one user reported that it took months of using Inbox Pounds to earn £20 which is from $25 to $35 US, depending on the exchange rate. 

This is often the case with survey sites. Some people really like doing these. But there are limits to how much you can earn. Most have a system of referrals, where you can get others to join and make more rewards from these.


Inbox Pounds Reviewers 

The reviews of the site were mixed. A lot of people using Inbox Pounds were very unhappy with it, saying that no matter how much energy they put into it, they got little or nothing out of it. Among those who felt like the victims of scams or like people who had tried something useless, there were people who gave the same site 4 and 5 stars and said it was great. 

The people who loved the site were different in that:

1) They had different expectations. They did not expect the site to be a way of earning a living or anything close to that.

2) They really had much better luck or the system worked better for them. By that I mean that their check was not lost in the mail.

By that I mean that they had credit cards and were qualified for more surveys. I mean that when they filled out surveys they were not disqualified half way through it. I mean that they were able to ‘earn’ £20 from taking surveys for 20 minutes to 2 hours rather than spending 50 hours and $20 to get £3 and no way of receiving the money until they earned £20.

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Is Inbox Pounds a Scam?

If you are looking for a way to earn a living online this website will not do that. Inbox Pounds is not a scam. So you can give it a whirl. Inbox Pounds is legit. But, remember, you can always choose to make money at the program called Wealthy Affiliate, much faster and easier.

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Technically the website is not a scam. It is just very hard to earn revenue from. Even if you deal with it correctly, unless you have credit cards and are not desperate to get paid, it will always be limited. Even if you do everything correctly there is an approximately 26% risk that you it won’t generate much income at all. 




Why Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is as much or more for the companies who place market research information out to the public, as it is for the users. However, it is best suited for users who are in the mood to do light shopping or just looking or who are in the mood to help some corporations by answering market research questions. Have plenty of time to do nothing? 

Some of those who do, will get some pleasure and even some reward from it. People in the mood to shop and who are not under pressure to earn money when they are there, will find that they can get some good deals, discounts, try some new products and get a little pay back for their help with market research for companies. But it is not for everyone.

Most everyone who tries to earn money on survey sites will end up feeling more like a victim of scam. More so than feel right at home on these type of sites. If you are ready to earn real money, like $3000 per month, you will need to read this review. (Click Here)Wealthy Affiliate (FREE to JOIN)

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