What is Leapforce? Can I Make Money?

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what is leapforce
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What is Company Leapforce?


At first when you begin there will be lots of paper work, registering, and testing/evaluations, that largely take lots of time with little payment. You will find the registration link below. But, what is Leapforce? Is this a legit company that pays well? You Can Earn Using Free Websites. (click here)

The lengthy tests and paper work starting out I imagine has something to do with their way of determining your value, along with protecting themselves. But from what I’ve heard, working for Leapforce is a huge learning curve for sure, so don’t expect to start making money right out of the gate. You will complete many tasks during your first weeks that will hardly pay anything at all.

Leapforce is a company who hires online workers to make changes and comparisons with online search engine information. You will report are non-relevant information, to the content being searched. Leapforce hires you as an independent contractor so you will be responsible for all your taxes.

You will receive a 1099 I suspect to report how much you make, which will allow you to determine how much you owe. About 15 percent of your earnings or thereabouts.


what is leapforce


Is Leapforce a Scam?


No. The company is legit and is not a scam. Leapforce pays well from what I’ve found out. About $13 dollars per hour. I’d say Leapforce is Legit. But I’ve heard sometimes the tasks take longer than the time you can do them in..You are given tasks, and each one has time evaluations so if a task is set at one hour then it would pay $13 dollars. However, if it takes you longer than one hour to complete, then you have just made less than $13 per hour, right? Are you ready to work in the research field bent over at your computer for hours on end only to make about 8 dollars? Seems there is always a catch when working for others.

If you find you finish a task before the time is up however, you must stay on the computer until that time, or be penalized. Take a second to check out another online opportunity to work from home at: Wealthy Affiliate.  

Apply to Leapforce Entrance Exam here: Leapforce Entry


what is leapforce


Why Work at Home For Leapforce?


Many are looking for work today and really have little direction to take, other than whatever is offered. One might not even have transportation, making something as working for Leapforce pretty interesting at first. However, it seems companies such as these take advantage of the boring and unsatisfying work by hiring just anyone. So it is possible you will not always have work. Good news is, boring and unsatisfied workers are going to quit as well, allowing for openings. 

You sign a six month contract and you may think that is great. But at the end of the contract you may be left out depending on your work ethic and ability and  how much time you were productive for them. In this case if you get to the end of contract and do not have a second chance with them, just bookmark this article and come back to it. There is a great opportunity waiting below.

Since Leapforce allows other countries to do this work, there may be truly limited positions. You could work six months and then not have anything for the next six! You will have to apply and see what happens. In working for others, there are never any perfect situations as you know. With all the different people who are able to work for this amount and for them it be extremely good money, this could cause a limited amount of work for you as well. 


 Please read over the Q & A list for Leapforce:


Questions and answers for leapforce


I would not call Leapforce running your own business, as they say on the advertising.  You are still working for someone else. As you see you get paid once per month. If that is good for you then Go for it! Remember, it takes 14 days as well to get qualified. Don’t forget you are required to pay all your own expenses whatever these may be.

I wish you luck myself, but this type of work would be nothing I would be interested in, even though legit. My name is Rick Bell and I’m an Online Entrepreneur who earns his revenue from many different income streams here online. One program I use to promote is Wealthy Affiliate. It is a great place to build a website and learn Affiliate Marketing to earn money from home.

If you would like to see one of the programs where I make a large part of my earnings you can do a quick FREE sign up and learn for yourself if this is a Money Making Platform you would be interested in. Click the image below with the door mat that says WELCOME.

Once you get past the learning curve you will be able to make much more than $13 dollars per hour. I imagine my income is about $100 dollars per hour, but then I don’t have to work all day. Just a few hours each day. Let me show you how to do this as well.


what is leapforce
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  1. Usha

    Hey Rick,
    As I was reading your valuable review here on Leapforce, I am pretty much intrested to know more about the business you are working. I would like to know more about the earn 100$ an hour thing. if you can contact me via email with details it would be great help.

    • Rick

      There are several good ways to make money online. One is affiliate marketing like Wealthy Affiliate Teaches…the other way I use is Solo Ads. If you want to become a seller than you can build a list and earn revenue at the same time! Contact me at itsmerickb@gmail.com to contact me about either or. I sent you a replay to your comment here above in an email.

  2. Laura

    Hi Rick
    I send you an email but no reply from you. Would like to know more about your affiliate.
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Rick

      I replied to you email. You must always expect I will reply to everyone. Then check trash and spam folder just in case. I believe it is up to you now to look again for this comment, or email me once again. Thanks!

    • Rick

      I’m sorry but I’m not associated with LeapForce. So I cannot help you there. I only wrote the review to try and help people find ways to make money from home.

  3. alex

    is there any qualification or requirement needed to join …
    i interested to join it
    please help

    • Rick

      I don’t recommend Joining Leap Force/ But if you intend to then you should be able to access their information easily enough by searching and following the instructions. I recommend joining Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to earn and make money online first.


  4. maroof

    Hey Rick,
    As I was reading your valuable review here on Leapforce, I came across the last “eye catching” sentence. I would like to know more about the earn 100$ an hour thing.

    • Rick

      I have helped 7 members set up a solo ads business which enables them to sell clicks to others. When we offer this service you will find yourself making real money really fast. And the business is highly scale-able. I get you everything you need to learn it, and then you build a list, while profiting from that actual work of building a list. And when your list gets bigger you earn more money per day. I’m at $100 per day with it now, but look forward to growing to 500 per day very soon. Maybe in less than one year.

      So send me an email at itsmerickb@yahoo.com and we can set up a meeting so I can show you what you would be doing.


    • Rick

      Hi. I don’t know of anyone who helps others with this. You may have to ask them if they help in this way. If you find it hard to take the tests and do what they ask, it may be that you will have a hard time later on as well. So it may be too complicated for you.

      In that case I can help you with a direct way to make income from home that is much easier. For that you would need a small amount to invest in growing your list, but once you are able to sell clicks like we do, you would make about $35 per day starting out. You can connect with me through my personal email address: itsmerickb@yahoo.com

      Good luck to you.


  5. Daniel

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the useful information about how to earn income online. I am very interested in learning more about the business you work for and how you worked yourself up to making $100.00 an hour. You can contact me at my email for details.


    • Rick

      Hi Daniel.

      Yes it took me a few years but I was sort of headed down the wrong path to where I needed to be. And this happens to most of us. We are not quite sure where we want to journey so we attempt to do many things. Recently I did find a way to work one hour per day and earn over $100 per day. You can do this too, but it would mean reaching out to me and connecting through skype so that I can show you how to do this. You can contact me at my personal yahoo account and we can set up a time to talk. itsmerickb@yahoo.com


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