What Is Market Buster? Market Buster Scam Review



what is market busterName:  Market Buster

Website:  www.market-buster.com

Price: $250 min deposit

Owner: Ethan Taylor


Rating: 0 out of 100 points



Is Market Buster A Scam?

Let me tell you like it is;  Market Buster is yet another of many Binary Option Trading scams that are flooding the Internet for the past 2 years. If you are not familiar with Binary Options, here is a brief overview:


What Is Binary Options Trading?

It is a 100% legitimate form of ‘playing the stock market‘, although with one major difference. You will not purchase and own a particular commodity as in the traditional stock market, but you will bet if the price of an underlying derivative will ‘go up or down‘ within a certain period of time (anywhere from 1 minute to several hours).

For example: You place a $50 bet that the USD will gain in value against the EURO between 9:00 am and 10 am. If the value of the USD is higher at 10 am than at 9 am, you win your bet and get a pay-out between 70% and 90% $35 to $45. If the value of the USD is lower, you just lost a $50 bet. It is a lot like ‘flipping a coin‘.

For more information on Binary Option click on this link.


What Is Market Buster?

The Market Buster Scam is brought to you by a certain Ethan Taylor (not the real name), who promises you to make $2,000 per day trading Binary Options by using the Market Buster App he created. Supposedly, the app holds a powerful, secret algorithm that has an 83% guaranteed success rate in stock market trading.

From the goodness of his heart…

…Ethan Taylor is sharing his automated Market Buster app for a FREE , 6-months trial, to all those looking to make an extra income online.


market buster scam reviewEthan Taylor claims:

  • It is Absolutely Free
  • No credit cards required
  • No undue risk
  • No special education or experience needed
  • Quick and unlimited income
  • Making profit straight from home

He also claims “AS SEEN on …CNN Money, FOX Business, FORBES, NBC and CBC News“. which is an outright lie. 

My research proved that NONE of these entities ever ran a Market Buster segment on their program, or have written about it.


The Market Buster Sales Video!

This video is as phony as it gets. Ethan Taylor never shows his face and is, most likely, a paid actor, as are the folks giving fake testimonials about the enormous amounts of money they, supposedly, have made using Ethan’s app. The story he tells about how it all started is laughable, to say the least.

He wants you believe that he was banned by Interpol for 5 years from being active online. So, he started to work on Online Security. Then he was approached by someone to write a ‘security protocol‘ (whatever that might be), and that’s how he came up with the software algorithm that can predict the fluctuation of the stock market. Ethan now calls himself “The Big Kahuna of Online Security

Phew! What a load of BS this is. 

And now, only a few select, can use this software for a full SIX MONTH for FREE. He never mentioned anything how much it will cost after the trial period, but that’s not important, because most folks buying into this crap will be broke by then anyways.


Here Is What Really Happens!

If you decide to give it a try with Ethan’s program, you will HAVE TO open a Trader Account with the Binary Option Broker OPTECK, which is not a reputable company. I found a lot of negative reviews about this broker.

To open an account requires a minimum deposit of $250. They offer you a 100% Matching Option and, immediately, try to talk you into depositing a higher amount. The offer sounds good, but read the small print very carefully. Matching Option means that the broker matches your deposit 100%. However, this does not mean that this is now your money. 

Yes, it’s available for you to place trades, but you will have to reach a certain MONETARY VOLUME of trades, usually 20 to 30 times the amount of the deposit, before you are allowed to withdraw any amount from your account. I recommend NOT to take any matching offer.

Ok, the broker is legitimate and IS NOT scamming you; Ethan Taylor is the scammer, or whoever is behind Market Buster.

You see, Ethan is an affiliate of OPTECK and receives a commission for funneling hopeful traders to the company. 

Why Market Buster Is A Scam:

First off, the software in use is NOT Ethan’s miracle program, but the broker’s. Every Binary Option Broker uses some software package which is showing the latest TREND of the market. These programs cannot predict if the value of the USD will increase, or decrease. There is no program that can predict the outcome of your bets with a 83% guarantee.

Ethan, and many others, making good money for themselves by creating these phony programs, and selling a dream that becomes a nightmare real quick. 

The scammers get a commission of $250 for every new customer they refer to the broker. Yes, your initial deposit of $250 is moved straight into Ethan’s bank account. And thereafter, 50% of each additional deposit you make to your trading account will be paid as recurring commission.

And this, my friends, is the only purpose of Ethan Taylor’s program.


Is There A Good Alternative?

As I said earlier, Binary Option Trading is a very risky form of playing the market and not a very good opportunity to make money online. But if you are serious about starting your own online business, I’ll show you how I got started. And how to to do this from your home computer as well.

Take a few minutes of your time find out what My #1 Recommendation (open by clicking the #1) can do for you. It has helped me to escape the 9-to 5 rat race and create a livable income from the comfort of my home.


That’s all for today, folks. I hope you liked my Market Buster Review, and I’d love to hear your opinion. So, don’t be shy and leave your 5 cent worth on your way out. 

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