What is Marketing Impact Academy – And Who is Chalene?

Product Name: Marketing Impact Academymarketing impact academy logo

Product Owner: Chalene Johnson

Advertised Price: $1,999

Rating: 55/100

Don’t shell out a huge amount of money for this until you fully understand what the product is and if it can help you move forward.

Marketing Impact Academy is rather well known and has been around for years. This review about Marketing Impact Academy should help you decide if the value you get is within reason.

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What Is Marketing Impact Academy About?

Marketing Impact Academy is an online education program which offers training within the marketing niche.  The generally desired result is that students build their own internet business as they go along with the training course. 

The training covers how to build a list of social network members. Which is extremely difficult. It takes being a very social person in order to gain ground within social platforms. 

Such an online business can be used to earn small amounts of supplemental income on up to full-time income and beyond. Depending on how much time you devote to taking action each day.

Marketing Impact Academy Review

Within reason, many reviews are meant to just redirect a visitor to another program or product.

That’s why they are here. But…My Marketing Impact Academy Review will help show you real fact that MIA perhaps is not the best position for you.

Which of course I have had the pleasure of trying to make work over the last couple of years. Obviously,

for those seeking a regular type job, this is not the position for you.

Marketing Impact Academy or MIA for short is a 10-week long training course that
teaches newbies the bare essentials of marketing basics.

On how to use lists and media platforms. They teach you how to find and generate a customer base using social media.

But what they don’t tell you about is just how darn difficult it really is to do these days!

The biggest draw and factor that sells Marketing Impact Academy is Chalene Johnson.  Chalene is charismatic,

attractive and already rather famous.  Athlete, wife and mother, Chalene is also a courageous and very friendly businesswoman. 

At her website, it is made clear that she controls her daily routine to be home when the children get home from school.  

The Main Focus within Marketing Impact Academy

The main focus is mostly on finding ways to get more followers at online using social media networks.  There are two basic criticisms with this.  One is that more real engagement is needed for the connections to be the most meaningful.  The other is that in reality the majority of people who follow someone on the Internet do not become their paying customers.


Meanwhile, according to Premier Student Halls of Birmingham England, the help from Marketing Impact Academy was well worth the cost and really helped them.  Like so many businesses they had tried to take care of it for themselves but were not getting the desired results.  MIA gave them enough help that they are now able to get the results for their brick & mortar business that they need.  

Another company listed in the reviews section at the Marketing Impact Acadamy website shows gratitude for help with their website. But how real does this get? And how do two referrals make for an overpriced so-called awesome program such as this, work?

The best reviews are from organizations that handled many other aspects of their businesses successfully but were not adept with all the aspects of the technology involved with marketing their company online. So we see it may benefit some while being worthless to others. Of course, the tools we all have here online do play a significant role in our own success!

Is Marketing Impact Academy A Scam

There is the natural question of skeptics:  Is Marketing Impact Academy a scam?  The short answer is “No.”  Why does it seem like I’m trying to make it out as one? 

Because it’s mainly targeting beginners.  People who are not especially tech-savvy and for people who need a lot of encouragement. Just because someone is good at promoting their own program, does not suddenly make you good at being a promoter, too.

Even though not a scam. I cannot recommend paying this kind of price for such an education even in the social arena. There are pdfs and plenty of training for doing just this within these platforms. Which are free!

If you do insist that it is a great value. Consider the link to my #1 rated review down below before you sign up to MIA.

You can get inside for free and check out the training they have there for beginners to advanced marketers.

course direction

At least several have complained that the whole thing felt more like a pep talk than like an educational experience.   If people have a very specific problem or are seeking general introductory information about social media platforms then the product may well be worth the money. But you can get this information for free online by searching Facebook, or Pinterest and the other social platforms.

How Much Does Marketing Impact Academy Cost?

So how can it really be worth so much money up front? It could be worth it to someone who has more than enough money. So how much does marketing impact academy cost? Can you say $1900.00 dollars, real fast like? Yes. That’s a lot of money.

Now that does pay for a lifetime membership. So something to think on. Fortunately, there won’t be any upsales for you in this course. Thank God. That’s almost unheard of in the world of marketing. 

Especially for beginners to be paying out of pocket for marketing education. Reason being is that there are so many other platforms that are much less expensive and do cover even more material and education. A better value.

For those seeking to build a real online business, MIA is not rated as the best platform or is even suggested as your one-stop shop. 

Perhaps you can check on another education platform that works well for beginners in marketing.

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Chalene Johnson of Marketing Impact Academy

 Chalene Johnson of Marketing Impact Academy has attained celebrity level status.  She is also living as a wife and mother.  Just as children can often be interpreted as ‘beginners’, Chalene’s Marketing Impact Academy is best for beginners. 

The majority of her public service and success is actually in the fitness niche.  So when would she even have time to put together such a course? She teaches fitness training programs that she designed herself to people right in her hometown. 

In addition to that, she devised Kickbo and other fitness programs that continue to enjoy great success through fitness clubs throughout the USA and beyond.  Not only that, but she has married beauty with functionality – not only in her own body & mind but also in a line of athletic wear.   

While not well suited to everyone’s needs, there is enough information about Chalene to judge that she is sincere and well-intentioned.  Her product fits beginners and pre-established businesses who are not tech savvy and need help with one or two details.

Are you asking why I say MIA? For this Price of $1900 dollars, you should get way more training information and value!

What Next… Interested in a Valued Education? 

I’ve helped many people earn income online and I can help you. My advice is to find your passion first of all. Decide how you will get the word out by deciding what strategy is best to use. 

Then determine how hard you are willing to work for your goals. However, If you are uncertain about even these little things, why not consider an education platform that could change your life?

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  1. Katie

    A very informative article and good insights for those looking for a genuine business opportunity to build upon. There are so many programs out there that offer resources and tools however it is not so easy choosing which one gives the best guidance and value for money to for it could be very costly to get it wrong

    • Rick

      Thank you so much. I believe in helping and showing others just how to make money online. so I promote WA and SFM and others. That have worked for me in the past and still work today.

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