What Is Mobile Monopoly?



Product Name: Mobile Monopoly

Product Owner: Adam Horwitz

Price: $49 (not counting up- and down-sells)

Website: www.mobilemonopoly.com

Rating: 45/100


Mobile Monopoly is a program developed by a gentleman named Adam Horwitz for the purpose of helping the little guy start to take advantage of the money making power of mobile.

No doubt this is a hot market, growing by leaps and bounds, the question remains as to whether or not this is the program that can help you actually make money from this area.

Specifically, this program claims to help businesses market their products and services through mobile devices. An interesting idea these days, especially since it seems like people are spending more and more time with their mobile devices (and less time on the computer).

Honestly, there are some decent aspects to this program. The video training has an over-the-shoulder feel and it does include some valuable training, information and techniques. On the other hand, there is also a lot to be wary of in this training.




Is Mobile Monopoly A Scam?


I won’t go as far as to say that mobile monopoly is a scam, but there are certainly some things to be concerned about. For starters, the training itself is not quite as it seems. While there is a lot in terms of sheer amount of content and number of videos, they tend not to get very detailed. Many of the videos are no longer than about four or five minutes. This seems to me like you will still be left hanging, even after exploring a particular topic. That seems a bit scammy to me.

Not much is covered about following through. For me, that is really where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. You need to have a solid blueprint or idea of where to take this new found concept or technique.

Sadly, it is the opinion of this mobile monopoly review that much of this type of helpful information has been left out of the program. It is also my suspicion that a number of these techniques and approaches are not nearly as easy to put into practice as Mr. Horwitz would have you believe. Some are downright difficult.


Who Mobile Monopoly Might Benefit


This program is NOT for someone brand new to internet marketing. In fact, if you are new to this world and have no idea about affiliate marketing, cost per action (CPA), pay per click marketing (PPC) and other similar buzzwords, you are going to be very lost, very fast. The training assumes you already have much of this background knowledge.

On the other hand, even for the experienced marketer, it seems as if a lot of this training will be hard to actually put into place. As mentioned above, there are some difficult concepts which are quickly glossed over and no real plan of action is offered. The ‘live training’ promised on the sales page has been dramatically reduced. All the way to the point where if you actually received any live training call, that would be an extraordinarily rare event.



Irritating Sales Video, Tons Of Up-Sells


Perhaps its not terribly irritating, but it is pretty much the same story as everything else. The video drones on and on about how mobile is the next big thing. It throws all kinds of stats and graphics at the viewers. Plus, it seems to drag on and on, with no download link until at least ten minutes into the sales presentation. Plus, it doesn’t even really tell you too much about the program itself.

Once you are in you are tasked to another video before the company email arrives with your log-in information. After this, you are faced with an upsell. Although these have now pretty much become standard practice, I still don’t like them. I suppose they increase sales for the product owner, but it really just annoys a lot of other people. There are up-sells and more up-sells. There are even down-sells. It takes time slogging through them all just to get to your product.

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Mobile Monopoly Support


In a word, the support is outsourced. When this was a new and hot product, I remember hearing how the creator did their own support and they did answer every customer question or issue. Not so today, as their support center has been outsourced. It would seem the good Mr. Horwitz has since moved on from this program and is now dealing with (presumably) newer and better things. It’s simply wrong to walk away like that without ensuring your customers are taken care of.

It is doubtful that support questions and concerns are now dealt with in a fast or efficient manner. I would very much doubt that you end up receiving answers to your questions, and this is always a sign for me of a company or program to avoid.




Final Word On Mobile Monopoly and 2.0


Many people have also been asking what about Mobile Monopoly 2.0. This is essentially the same product, with a few more updates and a few less up-sells and down-sells. While that is a step in the right direction, it by no means solves all the issues.

While I do like some of the training in the program itself, there is just not enough here to make it work for the average internet marketer, or someone having their first go around with trying to make money online.

There are other programs that do a much better job. Be sure to check out the (short) list of our top rated programs and recommended products. These do not offer unrealistic income projections or any pie in the sky promises. Let me point you in the right direction at least…as someone helped me last year…I can and want to help you today.

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  1. Wayne

    Hi Rick,

    Very well put together article on Mobile Monopoly. It brakes things down in a nice way to enlighten the reader on the truth about the program and the owner.

    Adam Horwitz is also one of the owners of the largest affiliate marketing program on the internet (Clickbank).

    Clickbank recently released a new program called Clickbank University which is an affiliate marketing training program similar to Wealthy Affiliate but not even close in quality.

    Clickbank has been around for over 15 years working as a broker for digital products and now they’re getting into the affiliate training aspect of it.

    Just as you pointed out in the review on Adam Horwitz Mobile Monopoly the one thing that jumped out at me with Clickbank University was the up-sells. Most all programs online practice this method of making money.

    As far as I’m concerned it just feels scammy to me. There is no real concern for the members and all they’re really concerned about is digging as deep into your pockets as they possibly can.

    Wealthy Affiliate is for sure the one stand alone training for starting your own business online and taking it all the way to success.

    Thanks for the great article, I really enjoyed reading it.

    • Rick

      Thank you WAyne for the comments back. I appreciate you being out there and checking in from time to time. Good hearing from you again. Yes Adam is a character and needs a new job I think. I cannot see him making much money as every where I look people are turning the other way, to find opportunities that do work and where they can make money. At least I try to help others by showing them Wealthy Affiliate and Six figure Mentors. These two programs work very well for newbies and experienced marketers.
      Glad you chimed in. Thanks

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