What Is My Dot Com Business Franchise About?

I totally see that mydotcombusiness is still getting some great reach with the founder Paul Lynch. Yet the gist of the program which is being promoted heavily now is called My Dot Com Business Pro. Is it the same? Yes and no. Programs will change the marketing and name often enough to continue reaching traffic. What is my Dot Com Business Franchise About? Stay tuned…

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There have been some changes of late. So let’s get started dissecting this program…

I myself recently signed up for the pro package which was $77 dollars. Basically, you get leads as with the complete upsell which is $2977.00, yet you won’t get enough leads to make much money.

These leads run for you through a solo ads type marketing funnel that was created by Wayne Crowe. He has run over 200,000 clicks for this program and is getting paid per click to do so.

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Yet as a vendor myself and even with having salespeople on the receiving end, $2977.00 is a hard sell for anyone to make! Which was what my coach insisted I pay in order to get the 500 members promised for the money. As a Pro member, we would still get some leads but it would be very different indeed. Nowhere near a 500 member downline. 

My Dot Com Business Franchise Review Explains…

My Dot Com Business (aka My Dot Com Business Franchise) is basically a membership site where you pay an extreme amount of money to be a member. Did I say extreme amount of money?

Which is not uncommon for those like Lynch who have devised such a membership program in the first place that does give a bit of value, but at a ridiculous price!

Sure we get some traffic (or leads), which has been paid for with the upsell fees of the $3k we invest to join. When asked if the $77 dollars gets me 500 member leads, my coach said no. The $77 is more for the coaching and upsells call that I took on Saturday. Ouch.

What happened was through skype I found out many things I didn’t find researching here on the internet about. Keep reading as this gets good!

The Costs And Prices for My Dot Com Business Franchise

The Dot Com Business Membership is $77 as a pro member. Then To be able to take advantage of receiving 500 members, what takes place is they go and buy Solo Ads where they have used a certain Vendors funnel to promote MDCB. If you pay the $297. I know the vendor. 

The problem that I see is they buy clicks enough to cover 500 members. Does that mean you will make a sale that is high ticket membership? NO. I’ve run many thousands of clicks and have managed to accumulate thousands of subscribers. Without making but small front-end sales. So will their so-called sales team make the difference? NO>

At least not the guy I talked to which was David Gange. He did very little to convince me to join by showing me stats, proof or even his own performance. So I have to believe that once the 500 members have been bought using your own money you’ve sent for the upsell. It will then be up to you to promote it as best you can yourself.

You Have A Funnel And A Back End Product!

Yet it is one landing page with a video. Then a coaching call schedule. Then the coach connects with you and shows you a second landing page or video which is showing proof of potential earnings with the Dot Com Business Franchise System

Not much of a funnel. And I’ve yet to receive any more emails about the program even! Which they should be bombarding me to sign up to the $2977.00, their back-end promotion being the membership itself. It use to be MOBE> but they mentioned to me there were few sales ever from that being their back end product.

The front end is a free membership – $27 products – You can sell $27 products
My $77 gives me Pro Membership which I get the funnel and some leads, but not many. 

There are 4 different levels and their prices are as follows…Yet I was shown that the buy-in is $3k, and whoever sent you gets half. So half for Lynch and half for the person promoting Dot Com Business. My coach or sales person told me that these levels here still exit. I’m thinking that they have many different sites with many different entry setups.  

  • License Level – $997                                           
  • Franchise Level – $5,000
  • Gold Level – $11,497
  • Platinum Level – $19,997

Paul Lynch Creator Of MDCB

The creator of My Dot Com Business is a man named Paul Lynch. He has been around in the online marketing industry for a while and is a fairly well-known name. One of the things he is well known for is promoting a similar opportunity to his My Dot Com Business called MOBE, which they are actually members of. Basically MOBE teaches us to create membership programs so we can get paid lots of income. Legit ones however.

Shaqir Hussyin is the co-founder of this system and like Paul Lynch both belong to MOBE as members and probably formulated the membership based on their training. In fact, the Dot Com Business actually directs visitors to MOBE. And I know this because as a Mobe member myself so I’ve seen the ads. 


The kicker here is that you have to buy into higher levels to get the leads promised once you signed in as a guest member. And to do that you do it blindly. Meaning there is no real proof out there that this works but for only a select few who are spending big bucks on advertising it.

What You Get Inside

Now yes it is called a complete done for you system. Yet it is a pretty simple system that anyone could create themselves for pennies on the dollar.

So yes if you buy in and spend $3k of your money you will get some generic pages you can use to promote the program. But again you are actually working for them when you do. They will continually try to sell you bigger packages just like MOBE does. 

Take it from me. You can spend a sizeable annual income on promoting someone else. Or you can decide to promote YOU, for much less. (Go here to learn how)

What This Really Is…

Before I made mention that Lynch and Hussyin are MOBE affiliates. I truly believe this system was created as a membership site and specifically built to promote MOBE on the back end. Here lately they changed this because it is just too hard to promote Mobe using this particular system. So they took the MOBE program out of the back end and deleted it. As they were earning good money on just the membership site. 

Is My Dot Com Business Franchise A Scam?

No not in my opinion. Is it a great program and all? No not in my opinion. It is built to rake in cash. Very high ticket sales are difficult to make.500 leads will not get you a sale. Trust me. I move 30k subscribers to promotions daily through solo ads and very seldom make a sale over $50 bucks. To make $3k would take me using the phone and talking to clients all day every day for about a week or two. And be super knowledgeable of the system itself and how it would benefit others. 

If you are new to marketing why not choose a simple membership for now that can teach you marketing basics and eventually build you up to this level? Wealthy Affiliate did that for me when I got my start. Read the review and find out why it is so popular. #1 ranked training and affiliate membership site in the world.

It is way to expensive to really get ahead just starting out.As you will need another grand in hand to keep getting leads coming in until you get a sell. They like to make it sound like you will be getting $3k sales all the time. But you won’t. That would be two member sign-ups as we get half the commissions from a $3k sale. Or $1500.00 for each new member.

Better left for a highly skilled motivational salesperson. So no, My Dot Com Business Pro Franchise is more of a founders make money and most members find out they won’t be able to without upping way more income toward marketing and advertising costs.

 Conclusion on My Dot Com Business – Should You Join?

It is extremely expensive to start out here as an affiliate. Unless you are skilled at marketing like myself, having been here 5 years of this writing, I would suggest you start out at a much slower and less expensive monthly. And if you did fail, it would not be your entire savings out of pocket!

That means instead of spending thousands at first to test the waters and your passion…Why not just pay a few bucks per month to learn the marketing essentials? The grow and invest what you earn? That is how I managed to get to the top.

2, The business model portrayed here is seen with many high-end affiliate membership sites. Which generally make the founders money and very few members will ever admit to success under them. 

It’s usually the case where something sounds way too good to be true…It often times is.

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