What is Next Level X?

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what is next level X


Turn $15 dollars into $5,000,000!

Or so they say 

Next Level X is a program offering Compounded Funding. It mentions a 3 by 6 Forced Matrix with Level X. Whatever that means. It appears you can money one of two ways inside the program. My review for What is Next Level X, has information talking about a new launch. However I think it was for this program here, and it never did make it past a year of being online.

They are saying Compound funding is the ultimate compensation plan. What is Compound funding? Normally it is stated as compound returns. But the name has been changed to suit the program I believe. Anyone talking about compounding money, is discussing funds being increased slowly over time.

They mention a crowd funding platform which is $15 dollars per year. Pretty cheap if you ask me. Normally, any time someone sells you on a cheap intro at the door, they further sell you inside such programs to earn their money. It happens all the time in the online market. Free to sign up is a good plan to attract people, and then let them know there is more if you want, but at a monthly price. It gets them in the door. 


 next level x review


Is Next Level X a Scam?


So far I’ve found out many of the people on YouTube showing promos for this program have been honest. They have said no. They have not made any money. So this tells me, for whatever reason, they chose to either quit or decided the program was not right for them. I would believe that yes, Next Level X was, is, will be, a scam!


is next level x a scam


One lady says, the Program Next Level X was using Bitcoin and if they used a method like PayPal it they would have continued with the program. So what about the others? I have not found anyone so far that has honestly said they earned money from the program. 

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next level x


Next Level X – A Progam that Failed?



It would be a waste of my time and yours to go any further into the details of this program. As you can see below, all links lead to this right here. The 404 error. Meaning it is not available any longer. So, no point in you continuing to read about something that obviously didn’t work. The program is MLM. Multi-Level-Marketing and usually means only the people starting such programs make any money. The rest that sign up usually fail to earn much at all.

Please read the message information below to get the idea of how this works. At least you will know to stay away from it….

next level x how it works
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The Naked Truth: Just click on the Image to your above

Take a look at the video also if interested in finding out how they were setting the program up so each members buys a license (thats where the money is going you will spend) into each up-level and then sell to each member sign -up and continue on until you start making thousands of dollars. Yet, the program being not available tells me it didn’t work in the first place. Or either that or someone got sued!



 Conclusion to Next Level X


I’m like everyone here online. I tend to stay as far away from MLM and Ponzi Schemes as possible. That is why I write reviews… To bring the programs to life here on my website and analyze them to help others not fall for the Scams!

And I don’t call all programs that people fail to make money from, a scam. I just say it is probably not something you will make a lot of money at. Sometimes we don’t join up with programs when we write the reviews so we don’t understand everything that is going on inside.

All in all this program is a multi-level marketing program where your earnings are dependent on others signing up and joining in. Sometimes people don’t cooperate and you are left not making any money. That the bottom line.


How to Make Money Online


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4 Responses

  1. derrall

    There is a statement in your review that I beg to differ with:

    If only the people starting the program make money then it is a ponzi scheme not MLM.

    In a legit MLM anyone can make money.

    The reality, just like in any legit business, is that the big money is made by very few who “bust their butts” to make it happen.

    An interesting tidbit that is often neglected is that the percentage businesses that fail is comparable to the percentage of MLMers who fail.

    Just a few thoughts,

    all the best,

    • Rick

      Yep I agree. MLM is still frowned upon and is thought of as a ponzi. So I tell people MLM’s are legit, yet it is hard to earn money from them going in late and hoping they build a huge downline! Thanks for the feedback.


  2. Randy

    Thank you for another great review, Rick. I’m one of those individuals who has a weak spot for MLMs and it is really nice to have someone that will give enough details right off the bat to keep me from hearing or seeing a few ‘good’ catch phrases and then jump right into the fire.

    I have been burned so many times before but it’s like having an addictive nature and MLM’s are the trigger for my flawed nature. Excellent job of pulling everything out of the shadows and flooding them with light. “Forced Matrix”… I could easily go for something like this.

    Thank ya’ for being the voice of truth here, bud…


    • Rick

      You appear to be following me here! Great. I have your attention. Those of us spreading the word about these online programs do so in order to keep people from signing up to a scam program and losing precious time and money! So I also give others the right way to earn money online and that remains to be Learning a Skill! Even at a new job you need training, right? This is the first step to internet marketing and earning a wage online. You know you can go back to the article and find a text link and click on it and then be able to sign up for WA! That is where I got my start. I made my first recurring commission of $22.50 in during the third week of training and learning! Go here to Wealthy Affiliate!

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