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what is only cash surveys
After I signed I got this!

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The Review is Proof!

Only Cash Surveys is just another survey program where you can sign up for free to take online surveys and get paid. Being able to sign up for free and not be charge is important to know when it comes to doing paid surveys. You should never be asked to pay money to them. They get paid from product sponsors well enough! So, What is Only Cash Surveys? You might as well call this company a scam in my opinion.


I received 3 of these right off the start of the program
I received 3 of these right off the start of the program



Is Only Cash Surveys a Scam?


Even though there is no proof that it does not do what it says it will do. At Only Cash Surveys you are doing similar surveys, like Survey Head, if you’ve heard of them. But like Survey Head, the Only Cash Surveys are limited to how many reviews they have available for you.

Normally surveys sites use a point system where 2 points might indicate you’ve got .2 cents or 2 cents available. Depending on what their set up is. But here at Online Cash Survey you see real money values being used, which I myself like. But you do not get paid cash!


what is only cash surveys
I earned $5 dollars but need $25 to get paid


Getting Paid – Only Cash Surveys


Don’t let the name fool ya! You do not get paid in cash from what I’ve learned here so far. You get a choice of a $25 Amazon card or a $25 Virtual Shopping card. One thing to remember when ordering from Amazon, or spending your survey cash from the survey site you are having to pay shipping on everything! This causes you to spend part of your earnings on shipping! So instead of making 5 dollars per hour, (if you even make that much) depending on what you ordered for payment, you could receive as little as $2 to $3 dollars!The remainder going to shipping costs.


is only cash surveys a scam
This is wasted time and money


Your Profile Inside Only Cash Surveys


These questions seem to go on forever as I have not yet gotten to an end here! But this how they know what surveys you qualify for.

You will be asked to fill out a profile on your personal information and this is how they determine what surveys you qualify for. Meaning if you do not do much but sit at home, you will not qualify for many surveys, there lies the problem with doing surveys.

It seems many who are wanting to do surveys very seldom qualify and are limited to the ones available to them. If you a busy person always on the go and very active, you would qualify for more surveys based on all the knowledge and products you would use, yet, you are then too busy to do surveys.

You will qualify for very few surveys here, and once you finish the ones available, you will have to wait ’til more are generated, meaning possibly weeks! You will have to sign up and apply to dozens of these sites to keep the surveys coming in. As you cannot do the same surveys more than once.

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More Only Cash Survey Complaints


what is only cash surveys complaints 


You May Fail to Get Paid


Each survey is anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes and you get paid .50 cents to $3.00. Your answers given could result in a shut down of the survey here. They will detemine if you are worthy of giving your answers at any time during the survey period. Once you are stopped for any reason you just wasted your time and will not get paid for the survey. This happens. And it causes many people not to join this company. It is a regular complaint.


what is only cash surveys
My first…I did not qualify for the first 3 after that



How long Before Getting Paid?


Complaints coming in also say they have up to 4 full weeks to pay you. And this is normally the result of customers getting paid. This is after you request payments. This varies depending on what survey site you join, but many quit long before they ever get their first check or store cards. Why? Most everyone needs the money now and that is why they are even willing to go through this at all! But to work for weeks and weeks, and then find out you have still another month before a check comes in is terrible! Why would you put yourself through this.


only cash surveys profile boost
This boost took 5 minutes of work.



Only Cash Survey Restricts You


In other words you will not qualify for many surveys and you find this out within the first few questions you are asked. The point is that you know about a certain product, and if you don’t use it, how would you be truthful about it in answering the questions for ten minutes. Like the one below. You can answer lots of questions in ten minutes and you WILL be!

6 times 10 minutes is one hour. You’ve just agreed to sit here and work for ten minutes answering questions online so you can earn 50 cents each ten minutes. Now if you earn this six times in an hour you have been paid $3.00 Are you really wanting to work for $3.00 per hour? 


only cash surveys reward amounts
Not Much $$$$


Conclusion: Only Cash Surveys Review


Do not even bother to sign up here. There is no referrals being offered and that means you will never earn enough doing .50 dollar surveys to justify your time. Stay away from this program. I won’t call it a scam as some have, but I can tell you this, it is not really set up to help you earn money, that much is for sure!


Is There An Alternative To Only Cash Surveys?


Hoping to qualify for a survey and getting paid ONE Buck or less for 30 minutes of work is definitely not my cup of tea. I love making money online and I found my passion in affiliate marketing. If you are serious about making real money online, I can help you out.

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That’s all for today. Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear your opinion about my  Only Cash Surveys review. So please, chime in on your way out and leave a comment in the box below.


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    Maybe you’ve even tried to take some before, and didn’t make any money.

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  2. venkatesh abp

    Maybe you’ve even tried to take some before, and didn’t make any money.

    The truth is, unless you know the correct paid survey companies to work with, you will NEVER make good money.

    Luckily for you, I’ve found all of the best paid survey companies for you, and created a list of all of the best ones!


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