What Is Paid To Send Emails? Is It A Scam Or Is It A Easy Serious Money Masterpiece?

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Product: Paid To Send Emails (watch Video)

Cost: $37 plus expect coaching calls with up-sales

Opportunity To Lose Money: Incredible!

The research: Bought the program…

What is Paid To Send Emails About?

Paid To Send Emails is a perfectly ludicrous concept. That anyone can make that kind of money, ($500 per day) with sending an email even in bulk form. Why? Learn here what paid to send emails is about.

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You would have to have super value and a unique product. Which there are none so to speak in the MMO industry that I’ve found over the last 5 years. So, what is the paid to send emails about? Crap basically. We cannot expect to send formatted emails that someone has made up to a list of even opportunity seekers and get much more than a 1 percent response. 

That means your product would have to be worth thousands before your commissions would ever result in $500 per day. And no one hearing of such one time suddenly going to buy into or spend thousands for anything online short of a car they have been monitoring and researching for the last six months.

Also, we see the same scammy profile and formatting of previous program scams. So why read about it? Because. It is really done rather well, besides the fake testimonials and not having a product of value.

Plus I have years of experience as a solo ads provider and I know pretty much what works and what doesn’t using direct mail. Small products do well. But nickels and dimes is not what Jared seems to be telling us we will make.

Even the disclaimer says you won’t make money. Yet people who are highly intrigued by such a concept of sending one email or even dozens of simple formatted emails out each day to earn $500 a pop…continue to sign up. Yet they never read the fine print below. Read the fine print folks!

The disclaimer should stop people in their tracks. Where is this written? The part about the typical purchaser does not make any money? It’s written clearly on the video page itself, under the video. ” The typical purchaser does not make any money using this system.” The message is extremely clear to me, and that is why we DID purchase it. To find out how it all works.


Who is Jared Rich? Is He With Paid To Send Emails?

That no one can be reached about the program really makes it seem more of a scam than most. At least many of these type scams ring true on the surface.

After searching long and hard, there does not seem to be a Jared Rich anywhere to be found. And the most interesting part of the program is that no one out there is detesting the negativity being reported about the program. Nor are they finding any information about the website itself that was published privately in May of 2016. Raising your eyebrows yet?

Real Education Has A Much Higher Value

You would be better getting some real education and training on the internet fundamentals that teach you how to build your own website and business. Like the educational review below in the text link which was also written about the group called the Wealthy Affiliate.

And sure I may be a bit biased as that program alone has provided me with an income stream in the thousands these last few months, at least it is legit and in fact pretty darn awesome actually.

No Names

Of course, not finding a name or a founder does not mean a program is not real. It is likely that with the world the way it is today, many wish their names were not so public! In fact, many online marketers use aliases to protect their families and future existence from security threats and violence. So missing information alone does not mean that much.

So we opted in and joined the program to see what all we got. We found that you could not even sign up but to one place and unless you watched the 25 plus minute video that drags on and on about the founder and a few testimonials of incredible money making. 

Even a video on a landing page is considered to be a website. And that is it. You pay once he finishes his rant. If that is indeed Jared. Literally speaking, of course, the voice sounds much too good…Like perhaps a voice over from a professional.

Yet, what may raise flags even higher is his reasoning behind helping us earn with this very system is: He himself was in a position of poverty and struggle and he says he hates that we would have to be also just because he decided to keep this all to himself. Really? And that he wants is to have us and a chance at our partnership come later, so he says.

Is Paid To Send Email A Scam?

This program is being advertised in affiliate companies to regular people like me who can make a commission off of anyone who buys in. to be being advertised on a company called Oppur2nity.com. At least that is where I ran across it. The commission pays $34 dollars of the upfront $37. That means to be profitable it would have to have plenty of sales and does.

It appears to have been founded in May 2016. So it has been out a while. And from all the research and basis of the program and what and how it works. Yes, Paid To Send Emails is a scam without question.

Money cannot be made from thin air, as Jared speaks about. Making it requires hard work and lots of investments. Like such a system if indeed it did work would sell for $5k to $10,000.00 easy. And work similarly to MOBE.

Where money is generated on the sales of other members once you reach them through the email. You literally promote the very video you buy into. Which makes a great deal for Jared, but very little for the workers.

But the reason why people are still finding it and still signing up for it is through many advertising from solo vendors and affiliates alike. Meaning they pick up these programs and then run clicks to them on the off chance someone likes what they see. Opportunity seekers. So this could be coming from not only solo ad vendors but anyone wanting to promote it. AS it is being offered with a return commission for marketing it.

If you bought into this program I would receive most of the money you send in. Or $34 dollars of it.

This lady made $17k last month and this month is now set to earn over $25k! Really? Who is this person? Another fake testimonial? Perhaps. Of course. It is not possible even these days to send out build emails and earn anywhere near this. No matter what you are selling. 



People Are Lazy And Naive

People will always be looking for a system that does all the work and they only have to sit back and push a button. And that is exactly why with unregulated sites you will keep seeing scams such as this one. So they are vulnerable to someone who takes the time to get testimonials, even though faked probably through Fiverr workers, who are willing to video a statement or facts for $10 to $20 bucks a pop. Even though they are wrong for doing so. People seem to be greedy for any amount of money these days. This goes against our integrity people use to live up to having. Along with respect and honor.

Paid To Send Emails Reveals It All-Inside Video

1. I think the big grab is that the product appears to be simple and others are quick to mention they are making literally $500 a day to $139,000 per month, as Jared shows his monthly stats being extreme during the video itself.

2.The video images where Jared shows he and his family vacation never shows him or his family. A tale-tale sign of a fake.

3.The disclaimer actually says you won’t make money if you are typical human being. Think about it. Aren’t we all typical so to speak?

4.Jared says there is a secret That said so far there has never been proven anything to do with anything about a secret about which has to do with a system or program that secretively comes about that makes money for us.

5.Only took one year of work to create a system that makes people $500 per day by pushing SEND button? So far it has never happened in 10,000 years. Not once.

6.All of the testimonials are of Fiverr fakes. Mark said he made $150 thousand last year by sending only one email. Which he should have said emails. Plural. Not to mention how outrageous that feat would be.

7. Copy and paste duplicated form emails work very poorly. And have for more than the last 2 decades. We are all too different to receive the same email and bite.

8. 60 day guarantee. May be the only thing that did work in this program. That way you keep anyone from complaining. And yes we got ours back.

9. Jared wants to give us a break with the cost, saying he never got one. But what about his great product? 

10. Only limited time one time low price of $37 dollars. Yes? No. That is the beginning of the upsells.

11. Jared says the reason why he is wanting to help us today is he wants us to work with him and be a partner with him later. We cannot partner with someone that is invisible.

12. The system delivers money out of thin air. Right. The program collects money out of thin air.



Conclusion To Getting Paid To Send Emails

We joined only to be called 3 days later by our so-called coach. Who appeared to be a salesperson who tried to get us to spend more money in order to make more .General upsales sales pitch. And one we decided was not worth the information being provided.

We were ensured the up-sales would allow us to earn more income. We were told that if we invest in their coaching we would be able to earn the real money. Bottom line. If you are great sales person on the phone, you could make some good money with this program. By reselling the rights to it under Jared.

The thing is, If you are a good salesperson, though, you could do much better selling exotic cars, boats are RV’s!

We went to Clickbank and got our $37 dollars back. 

Stay away from things that sound way to good to be true, and you will save yourself lots of heartache and pain along with hard earned cash.

How To Make Money For REAL

Back when I got my start online in 2012 I was also looking for some type of making income online. I found that first off we must learn and educate ourselves about how marketing really works. And to be skeptical of most everything. AS the internet is not regulated enough to keep people safe!

And, so I became a member of WA or Wealthy Affiliate which is a training and education program you can also earn commissions on by referring to other new members when they join. And I got the training I needed. I’ve thus gone on to earn many affiliate income streams from the internet and work very little now the systems are in place. But still, earn more than I did as a truck driver.

That needs to be your goal. Start with a real education. Build yourself your first money making niche system. Then go on to create more once that one is working. It is not hard work and does not require near the time spent trying to win a lotto.

To learn how. Read the #1 Review on Wealthy Affiliate and at least sign up to their free course to see what it’s about. Go to Wealthy Affiliate.com to read the review. 

Or find me at Facebook and I will help you to find where you need to start.


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