What is Rapid Cash Income – Can it Deliver?

what is rapid cash income

Product: Rapid Cash Income

Owner: Billy D

Price: 9 bucks

Conclusion: limited training


Need More Rapid Cash Income?


I think we all could use some Rapid Cash Income! But first of all, this Billy D. and his Rapid Cash Income product, or his training information he is trying to sell, should be rewritten. So, what is Rapid Cash Income, you ask?

The Rapid Cash Income System is himself, Billy D, trying to market to us, a digital information product which is himself showing us how how to do this as well… And make money at it.

How to build a list and market your own products sounds easy but there are many facets to it. Making it way more complex than he explains. At least his version of what to do and how to do it makes some sense. But, it falls way short of everything we need to know. And that becomes a problem. Lack of information from the start. That is as bad as having too much!

So if you are needing more Rapid Cash Income in your life… I would at least join the Warrior Forum as he talks about doing. But, in my eyes he has done a poor job of explaing about his marketing strategies in the first place. And possibly some wrong information as well. There is much more to learn about marketing than what he has described here.

Now granted, digital information products are a great way to earn income online. However, the competition alone on selling this type of information online is huge! A college type study course would be recommended to tackle this market niche. See the recommended program for this below.

 See my Review on Wealthy Affiliate


what is rapid cash income
This is the price if you click off the page before buying the first time

 Rapid Cash Income Scam


Billy D has read a few steps to getting started online and on selling ones own products. So he has set out to try this very thing himself, and muster up some cash, by promising you boat loads of it if you follow him and pay just $9 dollars. Which by the way he does learn something as he shows us he reduces the price to $4 dollars. If you try to log off his advertisement the price reduces.

But instead of him showing us real valid information and giving us something of real value here, he has chosen to charge us up front, for very little. Which in my book is a huge marketing no-no in online advertising. I’m sure he will learn as he gets the feedback from his venture here.

He does not cover his subject well enough to learn anything, especially online marketing. So the course is not worth even a penny to me. As even basic information can be learned for free in a very attractive program thousands use today, called Wealthy Affiliate. 

WA as its called, is a top online training university that gives true value and online training to become a top marketer. It is free to sign up, so you can get inside and learn what it’s all about and see if its a good fit. That is what Billy D. should have at least done with his course. Let people in and show a little, and when they get more interested, show them the rest with the dollar amount.

Billy D does have some of the information right, where he tells us to create an email list, marketing funnel and also come up with a product of our own to market. I will touch on a few things which are incorrect.


what is rapid cash income
commissins never look like this starting out




Billy D’s Huge Email List


Sure, you will certainly want to one day have a product to sell online. I can show you examples of myself doing this very thing at my store LightedBeam.com. However, there is a better way of earning online starting out then trying to come up with your own product at first, and that is called Affiliate Marketing.  Selling someone else’s product. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry and growing every day!

Billy D talks about creating a huge list to deliever emails to so we can broadcast to them about our products. He makes this very difficult task sound like a drop in the bucket. First of all, one cannot get someone to sign up for a product that charges a dollar or anything else first off. We will need to give value, first. Gaining relationships with subscribers is the best way to sell product now and later on. And that my friend does take time.



Value is Key in Marketing


You need to learn how to give value first, and build relations with a list, and grow it slow and purposefully. No one can earn money suddenly just by asking people to buy their crap online. You first have to give them a reason to want it. Show them the benefits they gain by it.



We have to create value first. People want value, and this is what you must deliver, without a price tag, at first. Billy tells us to create a article and sell it for a dollar starting out. No way, anyone on earth is going to buy something from someone they do not know.

Regardless that it costs a dollar! He fails to understand this by trying to tell us this is what you do. Sell a product right off the bat to someone? That’s actually more or less how not to sell a product… And how to fail online in an New York instant!

So he is some what right in his training. He just needs more practice.  And remember, there are going to be thousands of people pawning their wares online in this same way. You will get emails from people as you go along asking you to send money. Don’t! 


Why Rapid Cash Income Fails Everyone


Billy D first tells us we can make thousands of dollars using his method, yet he at the same time tells us we will succeed by selling information for one dollar. But then he goes back and says, wait, After you sell the product you ask for more money! So he says once we capture the email from them after they pay us the dollar, we upsell them! He has this partially correct.

You will never get someone to buy more just because they bought something for one dollar! It doesn’t really work that way. In fact the only way to get someone to give you their email address and name is to give them something for free that has value. 

Meaning we give way more than we get starting out. He doesn’t get this part as he does not give value. Which is why what he says, will not work so well. Take a quick look at his advertising lines below. Sound too good to be true? They are. We cannot expect anyone with even a little online marketing knowledge to believe in this…


rapid cahs


Let’s get one thing straight fellows. There are no secrets to online marketing. Especially valued at $497. 

There are no secrets allowing one to profit while asleep either. This can be done later, but it will take time and have to be done correctly. Also it is no secret how this works. It takes years to learn and earn a living this way.

And I have never found anyone online who could write their own paycheck …at least without it bouncing!

Thousands of dollars in pure profit? Never will happen. There will always be overhead, research costs, product design, manufacturing, marketing. There is no pure profit in anything. So all these things he is peddling are incorrect. He has lied to you, me and everyone else that reads his spill.


what is rapid cash income



How much Value in a $9 Dollar Product?


How many times have you heard this? You don’t need experience or knowledge. Really? In fact we know better right? You need all kinds of knowledge and know how…especially skill to make money off the internet and I can promise you this from experience.

I myself tried for a full year full time tapping into everything that walked and breathed. Trouble was, I did not have a skill. I had to learn this from the right people, first.

You DON’T need any experience or knowledge…

You DON’T need a list…   

Here he says you don’t need a list, but then tells us we require one. Everyone these days has got to have a list going, or else they have no one to marketing to.

Without one you will have no traffic. And today, the best online marketers rely on this (list) traffic to earn income.

You DON’T need waiting time…  

You DON’T need to beg jv partners and affiliates to promote for you… 

You DON’T need capital to invest… 


However wrong Billy is, he has left out the very important parts of marketing. The fact that it takes someone being highly skilled in order to promote and advertise themselves or their products online and get professional results. Not everyone is even cut out to do this.

And without a skill? Thousands fail each day. Learn this skill that works…at Wealthy Affiliate.com. You will learn your skill to go on and make huge revenues! So take the first step. Learn before you try to earn!





 Not the best Video Presentation I’ve ever seen.


Is Rapid Cash Income a Scam? 


 Anyone having some experience will look at his advertising and see he is a beginner trying to make a buck. He is trying to sell what he has learned from Warrier Forum. But it appears from my experience he has copied what someone else was trying to do on another ad, that is why the misdirection and the lack of detail in his information, Ibelieve. He does not know any better, yet. He will learn as he goes, though. We all do. So he isn’t trying to scam anyone I don’t believe as much as he has merely failed to make us understand what we should be learning from him.


Using Warrior Forum


The Rapid Cash Income is a great name for a product. And, the Warrior Forum is a great place to pick up bits and pieces of information we can use in our marketing attempts. In fact, sign up and learn all you can. You will always want to learn free marketing tips and information. Warrior Forum is a great place to hang out and ask questions as well.

However, you will be able to learn lots more from legit training programs designed to give you the informatin for success you need in 2015. When I first got my start I learned a great deal of how to fail, but then when I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate, I knew I had found a place that had the correct information I needed. 


rapid cash i


Who is Rapid Cash Income for?


The program I suspect is for newbies online. 

Obviously Billy D started out recently and is trying to earn money online just like others do.  he created a course program online training using a couple of videos, and tied in a pay pal button, and is set to make money on the internet selling his own digital products. As he goes he will build his quality, which in my opinion is everything online.

It takes lots more work and research to become a entrepreneur online. Way more. We all have to start somewhere of course. I believe Billy D will need more marketing experience before ever doing well himself. The key is to learn all you can first. Once you learn it all, then you can practice advertising and learning how to copywrite with the best of them. 

There are dozens of tools we will need to market properly. Many don’t have the patience to learn something so well they know it better than their mentor or teacher. But that I’ve found out is truly the best way to earn huge commissions and income online.


Marketing Requires Knowledge



Take a step back! Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate and learn the correct way to market online. Do the research and find a good training program to get you started. Learn the right way to market online and everything else will fall into place. It’s not rocket science! Did you read the review for Wealthy Affiliate?


what is rapid cash income
founders of Wealthy Affiliate

 Wealthy Affiliate – The Right Program to Join


Look I hate bringing up bad reviews, and especially even having to call some of the scams. Yet this Rapid Cash Income is not a scam as much as it is merely limited knowledge.  I write reviews in order to help others. As I myself fell for many scams and lots of false information while at the same time losing thousands of dollars.

I promised myself back in 2013 I would publish these reviews and articles to help the people wanting to learn how to earn online. In a legitamate fashion. And of course… Low cost.

The reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is because it is the very program that saved my skin in the beginning. And my Arse!


To Our Mutual Online Success!





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  1. Randy


    You’ve given us a lot to chew on here. I also am a member at Warrior Forums but haven’t been as fortunate as you. I’ve been, let’s say, a little misled upon occasion. It looks like Billy D. has no concept of being an authority on any of the information that he may be trying to impose upon us. I think most of us recognize his scam right off the bat, most of us having already fell for lousy videos such as his.

    I’m thinking that your last choice sounds much more legit and consistent than anything previously mentioned. Great info here… hoping that quite a few are reading this right now and saving themselves the headaches I’ve experienced way too often!


    • Rick

      Thanks for the reply. This one is interesting and yes a little misleading. Yes the way to go is Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up in 2013 thinking it was probably just another guy trying to make money off us.
      Found out it was a legit program and started building my first website there! Great program if you want to try it. I did, and that is why it is about the only program I recommend now.


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