What is RewardTV? Not Much Ado About Nothing


what is reward tvLet us be honest; we all watch a lot of TV, and often times we waste time in front of the “Stupid University Box” with shows or movies that really are not worth watching. But this is how we reward ourselves after a hard and long day of work, isn’t it?

There is nothing wrong with binging on Hulu or Netflix movies, particularly if you participate in programs that actually pay you for doing something you already do. Is RewardTV one of these opportunities? Find out by reading my RewardTV Review.


What Is Reward TV?

RewardTV is a subsidiary of Nielsen IAG, Inc., which is around since the invention of TV, and is ranking the viewer participation of TV shows, movies and other events.

RewardTV is an online company that rewards their members for answering questions about their viewing habits, and likes or dislikes of various TV programming. They have been around for over 10 years and have an A+ Rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


How Does RewardTV Work?

It’s pretty easy; log on to RewardsTV.com and create a free member account. Then…

  • Watch TV like you always do
  • Log on to their website
  • Truthfully answer several questions about what you watched and provide your honest opinion
  • Accumulate RewardTV points for your answers
  • You can earn more points by referring other people


How Much Money Can You Make With RewardTV?

Speaking in terms of cash, green or dough“, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH. Most reward sites don’t speak in dollars or cents but have their own weird point system. While you do what you are supposed to do, you accumulate POINTS, which you then, supposedly, should be able to convert into cash.

All other reward sites have basically the same method; there is a set ‘payout threshold‘ , and after you reach it, you have the choice of different kinds of gift cards or other valuable items. Not so at RewardTV though. More about that in just a minute.


RewardTV Complaints Aplenty!

Let me say it like it is. All companies have complaints, even the best ones. Some complaints are valid, some are from people that complain just because they can. Having said that, my job is to list the complaints so you can make the decision if this is something you want to get involved with, or not.


is rewardtv a scam


Your Points Have An EXPIRATION Date:

This is the first of the stupid things I have to tell you about. Your points have an expiration date attached to it, and if you miss ‘doing something at a certain time’, POOF – YOUR POINTS ARE GONE! No matter if you had to pick up your kid from school or simply slaved away at your job, they won’t reinstate the points you’ve earned!

Score: Good = 0, Bad = 1


The “Shopping Sprees”:

This is another idiotic way they came up with for you to try and redeem your points. These events take place weekly at a certain time, and the ONLY way for you to try and exchange your points for a few gift cards. However, there are not enough gift cards available, and if you sign in late, or have a slow Internet connection, your chances of getting a card are slim to none.

In addition, if the expiration date of your points coincides with the time of the shopping spree and you are one of the unlucky folks and not getting what you wanted, POOF – YOUR POINTS ARE GONE!

Score: Good = 0, Bad = 2


The “Auctions”:

Aarghhh! Yet another twist for redemption of points. JOIN the auction…and pray your point total will be enough to WIN what you’ve already earned. If not, and by now I guess you guessed right, POOF – YOUR POINTS ARE GONE!

Score: Good = 0, Bad = 3


They Make Big Bucks Of Your Info!

Nielson’s main business is ‘gathering info and selling it“, plain and simple. Starting with your email, all information you reveal will be sold multiple times to big corporations, for the BIG BUCK.  Of course, you’ll get little or nothing in return, other than a barrage of unwanted and unsolicited spam emails. 

Score: Good = 0, Bad = 4


Here is what some RewardTV participants have to say!


reward tv

rewardtv member review


I could locate a total of 139 write-ups of actual RewardTV participants. 14 of those were positive, 125 were negative! 


Is RewardTV A Scam?

I cannot call it a scam, but I’ll call it what it really is. A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME, as far as I am concerned. However, if you are into gambling, sweepstakes, auctions or lotteries, you may enjoy the thrill and chance of hitting it big. Some do, most never will. Reward TV is definitely NOT an opportunity to add a little extra to your income stream.

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That’s all for today, folks. I would love to hear your opinion about my Reward TV review; so, don’t be shy and chime in on your way out and leave a comment in the box below.



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