What is Site Build It?

Site Build It – As Good As They Claim?


site build it scamOne of the biggest challenges to actually making any money online has always been building the websites needed. Of course, most people who have been around the internet longer than about a week are aware of the WordPress platform and think is the most comprehensive and easiest method around. This makes us question, What is Site Build It then? There are other systems and platforms, including SBI or Site Build It. While many reviews loudly refer to the Site Build It scam, there are also a number of very positive Site Build It reviews.

So which is it? Can you actually do what is promised through this system, namely create some impressive and high quality Site Build It sites? To be honest, I will tell you that it probably depends on your experience level and what types of sites you are looking to create as to whether or not the Site Build It system will be worthwhile for you.

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Truth be told, this is a very popular system. Many people have used it to build their own Site Build It websites. According to the information I found, they have something like 40,000 happy customers. There are also clearly many successful Site Build It websites running, and many of them can be seen to have some solid search engine rankings, although that may or may not have anything to do with the Site Build It system.

Just a simple Google search will reveal several well positioned Site Build It websites (I just found 3 myself in about 8 or 9 minutes without too much effort). Personally, I have no trouble building my own websites and don’t even mind using HTML and working in code, although most people would clearly prefer something much simpler and easier like the Site Build It system has put together.


Site Build It Success Stories – Site Build It vs WordPress:


site build it reviewOne of the better features of the Site Build It system is their online manual and free action guide. This is designed to teach new marketers how to create their own Site Build It success stories by demonstrating how to apply the tools and create a converting website.

You can even try out 5 of the modules without paying a penny…and that is always a good sign. Very helpful for beginners before they need to invest any money. Purchasing the manual and the entire system is currently $199, which could be considered bit steep but it is a one-time fee rather than typical systems which usually charge a monthly membership fee.

Personally, I found the manual to be helpful and perfect for beginners. It is more or less step by step and seemed to be rather easy to follow. They do include many of the needed tools and even have included SEO, keyword research, email auto responders, contact forms, and many other helpful additions. This will actually serve to save you time and cut down on many of the typical beginner mistakes.

As far as the question of Site Build It vs WordPress, I think this will really depend on the individual. WordPress is also very easy to use and there are tons of different themes and other options to get your site looking exactly the way you want. On the other hand, Site Build It sites do seem to offer a level of control not found with WordPress. Then again, if you need to make a change to every page, it can be a nightmare with SBI.


Site Build It Reviews:


is site build it a scamYou can look online and find many different things about this company. Many of the Site Build It reviews will claim there is a Site Build It scam, but those are mainly created by people who either couldn’t figure out how to make the system work or who simply didn’t read the guide and follow simple instructions.

Anything that has a good reputation from trusted sites like the IM Report Card is one to pay attention to. Guess what?

According to the many trusted sites, there is no Site Build It scam. The problem is that reviews bashing companies and systems always tend to rank higher, so it is easy to do and more or less expected.


So, Is Site Build It A Scam–We Think Not


The bottom line is that this is a solid method of building websites. There is no Site Build It scam. And Site Build It websites exhibit many of the things which need to be in ranking websites. The system is very solid and will teach you how to build an online presence that can be used to build almost any type of internet business.

Everyone who is looking to build an internet business should consider if such a system would work best for them. I think that many people will actually like this at least as well as the WordPress platform. There is certainly not any Site Build It scam and it might even be a valuable platform for many new internet marketers. I hope my article What is Site Build It, has helped you determine whether it is right for you. There is even now a Site Build It module that works together with WordPress, making it even more efficient and easy to use.

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4 Responses

  1. Darrell Dickinson

    Hows it Rick. I find your review very informative,since this is the first time I’ve heard of site build it. I don’t think I’d be interested in trying it though. You see I’m the type of person who has trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. I’d probably get all screwed up working with two different website building platforms. But thank you for the information.

    • Rick

      Site Build it works for many. But the only way to tell if it something that will work for you is to sign up and try it. That is what I did with Wealthy Affiliate. http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=25dc2b5b
      We have to find what we feel comfortable with and what works for us individually.
      I appreciate the comment.

  2. Peter

    Hi Rick,

    I must admit I like the idea of Site Build It, having all the tools in one place to build your online business. I was considering joining as they have a money back guarantee, but then I came across the negative reviews. To be honest I don’t think it is a scam although there are some complaints that I find a little worrying.
    So I will not be signing up, however sites that provide step by step training like this are quite rare and could be good for a newbie.
    Thanks for the review, Peter

    • Rick

      Thanks Peter,
      I appreciate your candid reply. Yes even though it is a good training program you would have to enter in it to see if it was well suited for yourself. Wealthy Affiliate for me was once one of these programs. But I signed up ready to write a crappy book about it if it didn’t work out. Thanks for the comment buddy. Fortunately it has been the end all program I was hoping it would be. I’ve not yet signed up for another one.

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