What is Six Figure Yearly? Can You Earn $76,875.71

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what is six figure yearly reviewMy Six Figure Yearly Review


My Six Figure Yearly Review shows us that you can earn “$76,875.71 in 26 Days!” Does that sound just a little over the top? Of course it does. What is Six Figure Yearly? Let’s find out.

Even $500,000 dollars per year is way more than anyone will ever earn starting out online, even with the #1 recommended program Wealthy Affiliate that is free to join! My Six Figure Yearly review will help you understand some key problems with the Six Figure Yearly. So, what is Six Figure Yearly about really? 


The Claims Stated Here Are:


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Six Figure Yearly is PPC

PPC is what is known as Pay Per Click. You are basically buying ads that will hopefully get traffic to click on your ad which directs them from a google search to the result page. You will see these type of ads in a search where they are the list along on the right side column of the page.

When someone clicks on the ad you are charged anywhere from .50 cents on up to $5.00 or more. So if you have lots of traffic depending on what you are advertising and 100 people a day click on your ad to see what it’s about you could have just spent $50 dollars to $500 or more that day on ad costs. Ouch!

So the way you make money is lead the right people down the add path and hopefully they make a purchase at your affiliate link to buy a product there. If they don’t… Well, let’s just say you spent more than you made for the day!

Yes, this system was once a very good way to earn money extra money online. But like I said it is been removed as a way that even works today. We have way too many people still trying this out and wasting their money, which will cause you to throw yours away as well.


what is six figure yearly

Is Six Figure Yearly a Scam?


Yes, since you will never earn this kind of money and have no chance of it ever happening using this method, the scam is there, and designed to separate you from your wallet when you sign up. What the program is after is the sign up fee you pay. And after that, they are done with you.

If you did read the pre-sale advertisement you will find they ask you to fill in the boxes and process transactions and the money will roll down to you! If this did work, everyone would be doing it instead of reading articles like this one verifying to you it is just that, a scam! 

There are literally thousands upon thousands of software guys out there thinking these programs up minute by minute. Takes about one day to four, to come up with a program like this and make it sound legit. Then they are off with your money until it plays out years later. In the mean time they’ve developed 20 more to take the place of the dwindling sales they get with Six Figure Yearly.


Can I Earn Six Figures per Year?


Yes you can! Many online marketers are well on their way to earning even 7 figures per year and more. But not by paying for expensive ads and hoping beyond hope more than enough will buy into your pay per click campaign to cover your mounting debt each day.

Many of these systems make it sound like they would work, in reality the market is so saturated with thousands getting caught up in this and trying it that the costs have skyrocketed and this system no longer achieves the results it once did when first started.

You have got to stay up with what is really working today in the internet world. One way many get started with little or not out of pocket costs is, Affiliate Marketing. Of course the first thing you need to do is learn the basics of how this work and you can do that for free. Take the ten lesson course below offered at the #1 recommended Wealthy Affiliate if you ever want to earn six figures… Or even $3000 per month like I do using this one program WA.


 is six figure yearly a scam
Never believe these kind of banners!


How to Make up to $5,000.00 per Month


No one is earning money with Six Figure Yearly. Your solution to earning real money online will be creating a real website and using free advertising, at first. Learning the basics of internet marketing is your first and second step.

Learn what your true passion is and what you want to do online first. Many working online today earn good money, but only because they found their niche and their passion. Of course the right training to learn the right skill is something you will need as well.

To understand how important your own passion is, learning about a niche market, and gaining an internet skill online, is the first steps needed. Read the #1 recommended program review on Wealthy Affiliate. In most cases in order to earn online you need a website, a training course, and the right tools. You can get these all below for zero costs.

Leave a comment below…our feedback will improve the work and the research to help others here online. So be honest and tell me what you think. 


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To Your New Online Success!


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  1. Katerina Markakis

    This is a fantastic review. It took me a long time to find a way to make money online. I have been scammed innumerable times and I have to say that whenever something sounds too good to be true it is. It was only when I got introduced to Wealthy Affiliate, that I actually found a reliable way to learn how to make an income online. Everyone should know that it is certainly achievable to make lots of money but it doesn’t come overnight and it requires lots of work and dedication. Thank you for this review!

    • Rick

      Thanks Katerina, I appreciate the comment here for six figure yearly. There are many progams out there just hiding and waiting to trip someone up into thinking it is the right one for them. The only place I was able to make real money at online is Wealthy Affiliate. Like you said, they have the tools we need and what better way to get into a program then to sign up for free!

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