What Is Stealth Income Machines? – Bad For Your Wallet!

Is Stealth Income Machines A Scam?


Welcome back if you are a site regular. Today, we’ll be taking a look at Stealth Income Machines to determine if it is a scam. Which is really is…and is why I recommend reading my #1 ranking

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is Stealth Income Machines a SCAM
Stealth Income Machines. Is it s SCAM?

Income Machines, program developed and promoted by Chris F. and Matt Walker.   So do you think Stealth Income Machines a scam or not? Keep reading.

Well, first, the name itself invokes the idea of a mystery — something that can’t be explained yet works in the background to bring in loads of income.

Sounds shady from the get go. Second, I did a great deal of research online and I was unable to find any reference or explanation of “Scott F.’s” last name. Again, someone unwilling to provide their name is undeserving of your trust or your money, in my opinion.

But is Stealth Income Machines an out and out scam? Let’s move own with the review to find out.


What Is Stealth Income Machines?


I got the promotional email for Stealth Income Machines awhile back. I didn’t read it immediately, but when I did, I knew I had seen the same thing before. In fact, I reviewed it right here at Cloud Millionaire a little  over

what is stealth income machines
But wait…There’s More!!

a month ago. This program, called Cloud Millionaire, is the exact same thing! And like Stealth Income Machines, it is promoted anonymously.

Well, I’ll cut to the chase, so to speak, on whether this program is a scam, a rip-off and a general waste of your time. Undeniably, unequivocally and emphatically, YES!

Stealth Income Machines is nothing more than another example of a hosting scam that have become so widespread these days.  And here’s how it works:

  • You get a “Free” website (a useless landing page that will never rank in search engines) that utilizes so-called special Internet technology that supposedly only these bozos have figured out.
  • Using “cloud hosting”, you cut in front  90 percent of the other sites out there trying to market.
  • You rake in thousands of dollars each week — ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT!


Sound too good to be true? It most certainly is. Don’t most things? We all know that nothing good in life comes without a little hard work. So, what are these guys really up to? As I mentioned before, it s a web hosting scam. Here’s how it works.

Your “Free” website does not include hosting. And guess what? You have to buy it from them of course.

Cloud Pro Hosting
Cloud Pro Hosting

Remember, they’ve discovered a loophole in the Internet — one that will supposedly make you thousands of dollars every day. But only if you purchase “cloud” hosting from them at an exorbitant rate of $165 per year, paid up-front annually.


If you know anything at all about web hosting, you understand that you can purchase reliable hosting, paid monthly for about a third of this cost.

I wish that the Stealth Income Machines scam were a bit more interesting and offered a little more espionage. But it doesn’t. It’s just a fairly boring work of some scammers that use outright lies to get you to purchase hosting from them through “Cloud Pro Hosting”. 

A quick run of the math, however, shows that this could be very lucrative for the promoters. Multiply $162 by 10 or 20 thousand people and you start to get into very large numbers.


Stealth Income Machines Review — Just Who Are These Guys?

I mentioned near the beginning of this article that I felt like I had seen this program before. And it turns out that I had seen the video before. There was a product launch in April 2014 for a very similar system, called Mass Money Machine.
I did some digging and it listed someone name Bill Hughes as the owner. However, a quick search for the joint venture launch page revealed the same Chris and Matt as owners. So, my guess was and still is that all of these names are fakes and these guys just keep spinning out the same crap under different product names.
what is stealth income machines
Same Guys…Same Scam..Different name

The Bottom Line On the Stealth Income Machines Scam Review


new-scam-stealth-income-machines-i-stealth-income-machines-review-1-638The simple idea that you can gain some sort of astronomical advantage with the search engines by hosting your site in the cloud is untrue — and in fact, preposterous.

Cloud serving is no different in theory than dedicated hosting or shared hosting when it comes to the way Google views your site.

Stealth Income Machines is nothing more than than a hosting scam that uses these unbelievable claims to sucker people out of their hard-earned money. And Scott F. and Matt Walker —  or whoever they are this week — are nothing more than hucksters.

Stay away from Stealth Income Machines!



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