What Is The 4% Group?

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If you are new to internet marketing and any type of promoting as an affiliate. Please continue to read before signing up for 4%. Thanks. Please continue on your journey.

Basic information found on the 4% group is describing the same picture as lots of affiliate type programs depict “Lots of cost up front”. The 4 Percent Group is talked about in length here with many reviewers never signing up to this program to get inside. WE DID..We Do…My membership has enabled me to get the inside scoop from Virtiual Vick. Searched for on Google the most, the phrase “What Is The 4?” People want to know.

 About one out of the total percent of those looking into this program will have an inclination to sign up. But to become one of the one percent, you would have to buy into every thing Vick asks you to. Which is hundreds per month of software costs and about 6 months of work. 

But, we explain this 4% amount and much more. This program, the 4% is not for everyone and in our eyes a very long way from where you should begin if you are just starting out trying to make money online. Funny thing is if you are more advanced. You probably wouldn’t sign up under Vick, You would be branding yourself with your own material and training as he has done. That is where the real money is in internet marketing. Not to become an affiliate. But provide a business opportunity like 4% and be the founder.

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What The Heck Is The 4%?

It will help you to learn why it is called what it’s called. Vick’s 4% Group is a website membership that claims to teach people how to create an online business; It helps to learn how the group came by the name  though so lets cover that now. Why 4 Percent. This is derived from the Pareto Principle, which states that 20% of the people make 80% of the money in the world. The concept with the 4% Group takes it further to state that in reality, there are 20% of the 20% who are making the largest amounts of money. 20% of 20% is 4% and that is where the number comes from.

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Is the 4% group a scam

The program was started by Vick Strizheus. He outlines how he started with trying to get an online business going. It wasn’t until he hooked up with a mentor that he started seeing success. He used the techniques the mentor taught him to develop a system that he states could be easily taught and followed. In his words, it is a system that works. When you have a system that works and you define it as a step-by-step process, anyone can make it work. That is the premise of the entire system.

4 percent group and how it worksIn the first video, Strizheus gives an overview of the 4 Percent system and describes why most people fail in business. It’s an engaging video and Strizheus paints a great picture that is easily relatable to those watching it.

When you get to the setup stage, this is where you will sign up for extra services to get your funnel created. It should be noted that all of the services on the list are legitimate. I have seen them before and use several of them. The drawback is they will cost you money, and part of what you pay will go to the 4 Percent Group as they have affiliate relationships with these companies. When you finish reading this review, and you still feel you want to pursue this (not recommended), you can do so with the comfort that the services in the setup portion are not scams. Just know there will be added fees to pay.

The funnels section is where you infuse your affiliate link (for 4 Percent) into the system. You will need to incorporate your autoresponder service at this stage as well. You have a choice of four different funnels (if you are a pro member). For free members, you only get the first funnel. Pro members also have access to promotional banners and tools which are not available to non-pro members.

If you are a pro member, you have access to the multiple streams of income section. Essentially, it puts your affiliate links to all of the various services the system uses, i.e., autoresponders, trackers, etc. This is how you earn when you refer others to the system.


Pros Vs. Cons


  • You get access to interesting training that shows how to put together a sales funnel and includes various components of the funnel.
  • You will learn about some internet business concepts if you are not already familiar. You will learn how to set up a sales funnel, drive traffic to it, etc. This is something you can use on whichever opportunity you decide to pursue.


  • The owner has been arrested for fraud and has previously created programs that are no longer in existence (see below).
  • The number of components in the system could overwhelm people, which may make them not participate in the program.
  • The sales presentations are long to break people down into believing the system will work and make them money. Vick is a master presenter. It’s too bad he doesn’t use that power for good!
  • It’s not clear whether you will have to sign up for the services described in the training (with extra fees associated with them), even if you currently have accounts with those services. If you already have these services, are you able to use them instead of signing up again?
  • The system forces you (for the lack of a better term) into promoting TEC mastermind. It doesn’t give you much information about what that program is about. Strizheus makes mention that this program cannot be promoted outside of 4 Percent.
  • The system contains several affiliate links. Affiliate links aren’t bad in and of themselves. You just need to consider the motivation of using them, especially since you pay for the 4 Percent Group membership. For an effective sales funnel, you will need the services that are described in the training. Costly services each month. You are going to need an autoresponder, a sales funnel service, click magick, click bank, click funnels, autoresponder and more. The cost of these alone will break most newbies the first month. In some cases, you don’t pay any extra when buying through an affiliate link then you would if you buy through the vendor. But you still are buying! The cost of doing business in this way should tell you that it is counter productive at least.
  • Below are some other upsales Vick will want you to pursue. Prices are in the hundreds!


Is The 4 Percent Group a Scam?

On the surface, this program has the appearance of being something worthwhile. It has a great sales message and Strizheus knows how to push all the right emotional buttons in his presentations. However, when you delve deeper into his background, you’ll find situations that should raise major red flags. The 4% Percent Group is in all likely hood just an incredible way for Vick to make his money. On going payments to him in a membership format. And then affiliates promoting the 4% group, is millions in his bank account. And yes if you were an advanced marketer, I think you could make some money. But it would take thousands per month to dish out to do so.

Selling third party programs from vendors who are not even known here online is not the best strategy for new marketers. Many of these he will be promoting have not even been launched yet. So probably a thing of Vicks is to create more programs within this program for a way to collect even more money from members later on. It’s almost impossible to get any traction or repeat sales of 3rd party companies if you are new to marketing. And some of the programs Vick teaches us to offer are far from that which people are interested and willing to go all out for in the beginning. It’s difficult enough to promote well known programs. This would leave most of you who are just starting out, in the dust. 

The first red flag

is he has been arrested for insurance fraud. Is it possible that he has seen the light and is now on the straight and narrow? Sure. Anything is possible. However, he also has set up programs in the past that may not have been scams, but were high-priced programs teaching methods you can find elsewhere.

Non Existent Project BreakthroughAnother red flag

is Strizheus is the creator of two programs that no longer exist, BigIdeaMastermind.com and ProjectBreakthrough.com. There is yet another program called HighTrafficAcademy.com which still exists, but doesn’t seem to be updated. These are all Strizheus concoctions. It seems Strizheus has no staying power with any of the programs he has promoted. Why is the 4 Percent Group going to be any different? If you decide to upgrade to the lifetime option ($495), and the system goes away, you will not get your money back.



what is the four percent group

There is a section in the membership that is labeled as Training. If you look at many of these modules, they show as “Coming Soon”. It’s unclear whether there will even be training modules replacing these Coming Soon placeholders. It’s possible these exist just to make the membership look more robust, i.e., it’s all for show.

While the 4 Percent Group may not be a scam, the red flags given in this review should warrant serious caution before considering the program. It’s not something I would pursue.


Conclusion to 4% Group:

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