What is the Best Place to Buy Solo Ads?

Solo Ads Have Made $692,989,000.00 for members in 2015!

It’s not so much what the best place is, but where, and from who. With one little thing worth mentioning. Get solo ads from the wrong person and you could have just thrown every bit of money away you spent.

Solo Ads is one business that requires knowing what you are doing at all times. And especially who and where to buy Solo Ads from, is important. The best place to buy solo ads is from experienced group of marketers. Also at Mr.SoloAds.com where you can get a heavy discount as a new buyer.


what is the best place to buy solo ads
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Trusted Solo Ad Vendors or Scammers?

You would not just pick a solo ads person out of the blue and start sending them money! No. It is the biggest mistake often made. Why? Because not all vendors are created equal. At least not in their quality of lists, that is. Just as in any online business, you will find less than honorable people. So it is important to know how to build a relationship with your provider, first. And also you need a funnel! Very important for solo ads to work for you. This is explained later.

The best way to find out if a certain vendor is legit, is to go to Solo Ads Testimonials. There you will find 35k members who are leaving testimonials for others. Just type in a name you want to search like Rick Bell for example. You can look at the feedback each vendor gets by adding their name to the search bar. It is a common courtesy that those buying and selling lists, work on showing just how honest they are buy listing a testimonials for others. 

I can refer you to dozens of solo ad vendors that I can promise you are as honest as their lists are long. I buy and sell as a professional myself and also help others learn the trade. So I know what I’m talking about. Get schooled by a pro…Ask me how. Leave a comment below.


Selling Solo Ads

A question I often get is, Can you make money with Solo Ads if you don’t have a list?

Yes, it is possible. Reselling and selling Solo Ads is done mainly to build a list in the first place. Sure there are vendors only selling, but even they have to buy on occasion to refresh those subscribers who have unsubscribed. However, making the real money with Solo Ads is in having a great list!

If you are starting out and you set up you a squeeze page and thank you with products. Even when you buy solo ads you will make that money back, plus! That is how you get started. Then you can send an email with more products to your subscribers each day while you buy more clicks to get more subscribers. Rinse and Repeat.

Solo Ads are a great way to scale up your business and sell more and more products. Some products even have recurring commissions, so you get paid each month long after someone has signed up for the main membership!


So, what’s the big deal on making money with Solo Ads?


best place to buy solo ads


Solo Ads: The Money Making Machinery

How to start making money with Solo Ads–And why you want to?

Making money with solo ads is less work than writing blogs, reviews, or articles that you wait for SEO to place somewhere on the pages of a Google search. Never knowing if you will ever get an article on page one is not only frustrating, but down right anxiety ridden!

You’ve always heard the money is in the list? So true in the case of marketing to a list. If you have a good list, you will not make money unless you first have good converting offers. So you can go to places like Cash Network and pick the top offers being sold online today.

If you are buying subscribers from solo ads people then you need to have a way for your new subscriber to see your products. And I don’t mean just one product. I mean several products. 

Take A Look At This Example: Proven Internet Success You can sign in and get the free bonuses!

You will see a squeeze page. That is a sign in page where you will want to pick up your new subscribers. Once they optin you then send them to a thank you page with many opportunities and are bonuses. From there you also send them an email thank you page that has the very offer they agreed to sign up to see in the first place. So you automatically send them this main offer, but not until you have had them go through many offers. 

The Best Place to Buy Solos is from my list of referred vendors below:

You will not go wrong with these guys as they have huge quality lists that you will access when you buy from them. But all important is having a funnel yourself like the one above at Proven Internet Success. I can even help you build this within a couple of days and get you signed up with Cash Network.


The screen shot below represents just one week of passive income money you will make once you get traffic to your offers. You do the work once and then leave it to generate income daily!

Today you make money even when building a list! Check out the income from doing nothing below…






Solo Ads Coaching & Earning Income

In the end, Solo Ads work best if you have some cash to get started. You can buy about 40 good subscribers for $35 dollars. And make that money back plus more even, by linking them to a page similar to the one I show here.

A list of proven buyers and premium products to advertise. This is the smartest way to play the Solo Ads game To generate income while building your list is the very key that most don’t realize. You an even earn money while building your list! You generate your own list through your own digital products. Then just decide how big you want your list.

A person with a list of 50,000 subscribers is not uncommon in the solo ads niche. You will target your own list with broadcast emails once or twice each day and send your product opportunities to them. Each time you do you will make money. You take the money you make, or part of it, and then buy more solo ads.

How much you earn will be determined on having a good list, a large list, and great products that convert. I offer a mentoring class that will teach you the few important things you need to know that are essential in making a minimum of $3000.00 per month income.

It is almost easy to do with the knowledge a professional solo ads vendor has. But without knowing what you are doing, you could easily spend tons of cash here trying this and that.

My Favorite and Trusted Vendors you should contact. Befriend them on Facebook where we all hang out. Also see Solo Ads Testimonials to see the who to trust worthy vendors like the list below.

Aaron Bradly

Mr. Solo-Rick Bell

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