What is the ClixSense Scam?



what is clixsense scam?
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What is ClixSense?


ClixSense is easy! Click, watch, earn MONEY! What is ClixSense? Find out below! All you have to do is sign up for free, watch a quick thirty second ad, and rake in the dollars. They even have a patented ClixGrid, which is basically filled with a bunch of links, you click and click and get free money. Sounds great, right? Is this for real, or is ClixSense a scam? Read on to find out what the ClixSense scam is all about. Or venture to a real money making platform! Wealthy Affiliate.


Who is ClixSense for?


You can make money here, but don’t pretend their website was built specifically for you. Who exactly is ClixSense for? Like any business, ClixSense is mostly concerned about their own profit, and they aren’t just giving money away for nothing. Be sure to understand that when someone gives you something, they are also expecting something from you.

The give and take method works here, but requires hours of work online, which doesn’t pay much. A few cents here, a few cents there…trust me, I signed up and did this very thing. to me I would refer to it as a scam. Because only the founders are making real money. Everyone else is just a passing grain of sand.


What’s really going on here is that advertisers buy ads, and you get paid to click on them. This works out ok for the advertisers, who want people to view their ad. This works out great for ClixSense, which rakes in the dollars. And it works out ok for you, because you get paid too. If you call getting .02 cents, good money! Read the review where I make thousands! My Weathly Affiliate Review!


Can Anyone Use the Clixsense System?


Yes sir! However, don’t quit your day job. The system is simple enough that anyone can do this. However, be warned. Your actual earnings can vary, but your average income is going to be somewhere around $1.20 per hour, and that’s assuming you work very efficiently. This really shouldn’t be surprising, because each advertiser is only paying ClixSense about $0.45 a day, and that doesn’t leave a lot of money left over for you. Did you really think you were going to get rich watching advertisements?


what is clixsense scam?


Should I advertise on ClixSense?


Maybe, it might be worth tossing them a few dollars and seeing what they can do. With four million desperate users, ClixSense will direct traffic to your link. People will watch your ad! However, they won’t really care about your product, and the average ClixSense user is BROKE. They aren’t going to stay and explore your product, they are just going to jump to the next ad.


As a business owner, it might be worth investing a few cents and seeing if this exposure increases sales, but it probably won’t. Successful marketing requires that you reach a target audience that is interested in your product, and ClixSense really doesn’t guarantee that. About the only product that you might want to heavily advertise here would be some kind of Get Rich scheme.


what is clixsense scam


ClixSense Payment Proof


The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the bottom line is that ClixSense is an easy way to make money. To date, four million users have earned a whopping nine million dollars, which averages two dollars per user. Meanwhile, ClixSense has delivered nearly two billion views for advertisers, so you can calculate that the average user has watched more than four hundred ads, at a paltry rate of about a half penny per ad. Wheee!




When Does ClixSense Send Payment?


Ah, here is the real catch: you won’t see a penny until you earn $8. What this means in practice, is that you watch a bunch of ads, until you finally can’t stand it anymore and realize this isn’t worth your time. Maybe you’ve spent several hours clicking and watching, and you’ve earned a buck. Too bad, you won’t get paid unless you keep working. Now if you want to find a method of earning money while you are off on vacation, stick around! Read the review and check out the free program below…


what is clixsense scam?
My missing piece?



What is it you are looking for here?


If you are looking for a way to make REAL money online then I can help you. But you have to stop wandering around and checking on the thousands of ways to loose your money to scams and fraudulent programs on the internet! My name is Rick Bell and I offer one one one mentoring within several groups I work from. One of these, Wealthy Affiliate. Read the review by clicking here…My Wealthy Affiliate Review. It will be the last review you have to read.

I take you step by step through the internet affiliate world and change you into a money making machine yourself. It is going to take a little time and it doesn’t pay well at first. But, once you build your first few websites and get through the basics I will be here to launch you onto an even higher affiliate marketing level where you will begin to see your life change.


Welcome to the laptop Lifestyle! 



6 Responses

  1. Kristin

    I have had mixed results with CS. But lately I have actually done really good. At my peak, I was making 3-5$ a day. Yes, it’s a lot of ad clicking for very little… but it is something I can do even if I am tired or weak and can’t sit and write for my blog. I started back at CS in late July and I have made around 70 or so dollars. I actually found out about WA from an ad on there. So, some of us do sign up for stuff! I used PTC money to pay for my WA Premium. So I definitely wouldn’t call it a scam. Nobody is gonna get rich from clicking links, and when the ads dry up you are lucky to make a few cents a day. But there is actually some potential, if you have the patience and time. But that’s just my opinion, if you have money already it would be a waste of time, but I’m disabled and can’t work outside the home. So this has been my way to make money while I try to get my blog up and running, and to pay for it.

    • Rick

      Most people think they can make a regular paycheck if they just sign up for ClixSense or some other program. Trouble is there is very little money there. You would want to learn a real marketing skill if you want to make a regular paycheck. You can do that at Wealthy Affiliate. As I did. But you need to go through all their training and at least get smarter about making money online. I can help you once you are there. Rick

  2. Loes

    Hi Rick, I was a member of clixsense, at first I got an extra toolbar feature, which was very annoying, after that I clicked hondreds of adds away, got invited to do chores, it took me so much time for almost nothing. I quite! You are definitely not getting rich unless you get other people that blond to go in with you, it might be in the long run rewarding, provided that those people will do their clicking every day.Greetings Loes

    • Rick

      Thank you for this comment buddy! I appreciate the knowledge of you being there and creating the certainty I’ve established here in the article with it. I can imagine the horror of time spent just for nickles and dimes.

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