What Is The Commission Machine? An Oldie! But Is It A Goody?


I cannot for the life of me remember subscribing to Michael Cheney’s email list, but recently I received an onslaught of promotion emails for this product called ‘The Commission Machine’.

A little research revealed that the product was first launched in the 4th quarter of 2014 and has since sold about 9,000 copies.

As Internet Marketer, I am always on the look-out for products to promote and add to my multiple income streams. I decided to purchase Michael’s product to see if it fits my criteria, and here is my The Commission Machine Review.

What Is The Commission Machine About?

In short, it is a video course that teaches you how to effectively promote other people’s products with email marketing campaigns to your email list…and make 7-figure commissions per year.

I purchased the product for $19.95, as you can see in the image below… But that is the easy part.


is commission machine a scam


I accessed my purchase, which provides log-in information and password to the membership area.  The First Step is to watch a Getting Started Video in which Michael Cheney encourages you to join a Webinar, which will take place the next day. Here is what the commission Machine is about…

The Commission Machine Member Area…

consists of the Core Training Section and lets you access the 8 Training Videos you just purchased for $19.95. Here is what you get:

  • Video 1: Getting Started 3:11

Discover the patented “R.A.P.I.D.” formula you can use to build your own Commission Machine.

  • Video 2: Research 28:29

How to uncover the little-known commission goldmines hiding online.

  • Video 3: Angle 24:10 

This positioning masterclass shows you how to stand out, “edu-tain” and “hypnotize” prospects into buying from you.

  • Video 4: Providing Incentives 23:24

You’ll have people begging to buy through your link when you use these powerful psychological triggers and incentivization strategies.

  • Video 5: Messages 46:53

You’ll really ramp up your commission once you learn these kick-ass conversion tactics for creating killer promo messages. Enjoy.

  • Video 6: Deploy Proven Strategies 28:43

Now it’s time to deploy your messages and start cashing in. Follow these steps for maximum commissions.

  • Video 7: No List Method 13:38

Sure – the money is in the list. But you can still make a ton without a list too. Here’s how.

  • Video 8: Advanced Ninja Tactics 11:08

Take your affiliate earnings to the next level with the Advanced Ninja Tactics revealed in this NEW breakthrough module.


There are TWO more Sections (Done For You and OTO2) which are OFF LIMITS to you as BASIC Member. If you try access, you will see this:


The Commission Machine Up-Sells are:

Upgrade #1 is a monthly recurring Membership Fee of $27.00, Upgrade #2 will set you back a one-time fee of $97.00.

I decided to participate in the Webinar first before deciding if these one-time offers are indeed necessary.


The Commission Machine Webinar:

The Webinar was NOT what I expected and took a surprising turn. Instead of learning more about the product I just purchased, I was watching an hour-long SALES PITCH.

Michael Cheney is a Scotsman, and he talks a lot, let me say just that much. He doesn’t mince his words either, and comes up with things like…

“I’m Literally Going to Force You to Make Money Whether You Like it or Not…”

(Even If You’re a Stone-Cold Newbie with No List,
No Experience and No Website)…”

He further claims to have made over 1.1 million dollars the past 12 months and is letting you copy it for yourself (his great method, he means)

How noble a gesture from Mr. Cheney, don’t you agree? And according to his sales pitch, he is doing this because he reached a stage in his life where he won’t be doing this ‘Internet Marketing’ for much longer.

He is going to pass the baton to the ‘next generation of Internet Millionaires’, and will end your struggle to make ends meet, when ‘making the BIG BUCKS IS SO EASY’. What it all boils down to is this:

Mr. Cheney offers you to become a FRANCHISEE of his “7-Figure Franchise”.

Wfhat is the commission machine

He then goes into an exceedingly long and annoying diatribe about how hard it is to make money (notice how he contradicts himself?) and that you need to use HIS expert methods AND his 7-Figure- Franchise with access to all of his sales funnels to SELL ALL OF HIS PRODUCTS and receive 100% commissions. PHEW

In short: You pay him $1997 for the right to sell all of his products, and keep 100% of the sales price!

Of course, he doesn’t give you any details what exactly these products do or why people would want to buy them. Again, I had to do a bit of research myself and found that all these products are several years old. Here is what I found on JVZoo.

  • Commission Black Ops (released 2015 – Sold 100+)
  • Commission Cartel (released 2014 – sold 4,500+)
  • The Fan Page Money Method (released 2014) – sold less than 10)
  • Child’s play profits – no info available
  • Scope For Cash (released 2015 – sold 25 +)
  • Email Black Ops (released 2015 – sold 25+)
  • List Building Black Ops (release 2015 – sold 100+)

As you can see, these products, which supposedly made Michael Cheney over 1.1 million bucks the last 12 month, are not exactly Best Sellers (with the exception of Commission Cartel), and I wasn’t even tempted to shell out $1997 to become a Franchisee trying to sell a bunch of dead products.

Now is the time to take a look at the course we already purchased.

Is The Commission Machine Worth Its Money?

The main topic of Mr. Cheney’s video course is to teach you how to create successful email campaigns, including relentless follow-ups, to promote and sell products to YOUR email list. 

Although the videos, with the exception of Video 7, have been produced 4 years ago, the content is exceptionally good and valuable for every Internet Marketer promoting products to their email lists. 

Obviously, he has a lot of experience with email campaigns and proves his expertise by actually demonstrating how to implement his methods. He uses ‘over-the-shoulder‘ training as well as PowerPoint presentation, and audio and video quality is very good.

Video 7 is a newer (updated) version and mostly dedicated to using Facebook to create leads, adhering to the new FB rules about LINKS to your product sales pages.

Concerns About The Commission Machine!

It seems that Michael Cheney invested some effort and thoughts into the course, which makes it more disturbing that there is literally  NOTHING about the basics of internet marketing including, particularly…

  • Website building
  • Organic Traffic generation
  • List Building (opt-in forms etc)
  • Working with Auto Responder Systems
  • Building Landing Pages,

The fact that these topics are not included makes The Commission Machine useless for newbies or people that don’t have a huge list yet.

I have another big concern I need to bring to your attention. The commission Machine did pretty well a few years back when it was launched for the first time, and sold more than 14,000 copies. However, the Commission Machine REFUND RATE was darn high as you can see in the screenshot below:


commission machine refund rate

Is The Commission Machine A Scam?

No, it is not a scam and 100% legit despite the fact that Michael Cheney’s sales page and so-called Webinar are overhyped. Personally, I don’t like this kind of sales pitch, but the product does have some very good points.

Is The Commission Machine For You?

You are not new to Internet Marketing and the shortcomings of the Commission Machine don’t bother you, go ahead and buy this video course. Even if you decide NOT to buy the OTOs, you may learn something new and get value from this video course.

On the other hand, if you are a total newbie, relatively new to Internet Marketing or don’t have a list yet, I suggest you check out 

My #1 Recommendation

…To find out how I got my start and was soon able to build a sustainable business that makes me a full time and livable income to date.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my Commission Machine review.  If you have any questions, I would appreciate if you leave a comment in the box below on your way out and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


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