What Is The Home Based Wealth System About?

THome Based Wealth System Has Not Been Featured On....he Home Based Wealth System? What’s it about anyway?

As an ex Mobe member I’ve had a chance to review their many sales pages. One of their so called sales pages is listed as The Home Based Wealth System. It’s just that, an advertising page funnel set up which leads traffic to the Mobe program start up. Fill free to read the article I have written about My Online Business Empire. (IE Mobe).

Basically the Home Based Wealth System is a landing page or sales page that leads traffic to none other than, My Online Business Empire. Better known as MOBE. The HBWS is just one of several such redirected advertising funnel pathways that lead to the program. So what is the Home Based Wealth System really about? Is it the scam people now refer to? And has it been publicly televised?

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The reason why these such advertising pages or sales pages are used in the first place is to have continued unsuspecting traffic land at MOBE’s program and door step. The Home Based Business Wealth System is merely an advertising page which leads traffic to Mobe’s door. To some they consider this the Home Based Wealth System Scam.

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But Wait!

Surely it is not a scam, right? Or is it? Mobe has been around for a very long time now and most people looking to earn money already know of it’s designed high ticket item and difficult and specialized marketing concept created by Matt Loyd. Basically you can sign up for as little as a dollar and be approved as a member to Mobe through the Home Based Wealth System. But don’t think that Matt Loyd actually created this marketing program.

Matt Loyd and Mobe?

Matt got his specialized knowledge from a program called Six Figure Mentors  with founders Stuart Ross and jay kubassek. An identical affiliate program that promotes it’s in house training information. Just like Mobe. Using levels of accomplishment which are psychologically founded to allow members to feel good about achieving higher levels as they progress within their affiliate marketing experience.

Both SFM And Mobe are high ticket programs appear to make more money for the owners than the combined members who market it them. Unless you’ve become one of their top super marketers who are charismatic like themselves the founders and are willing to put every dime you make back into your business for years to come. Most marketers are just not super human sales people. But those who are can sell ice to Eskimos.

At SFM and Mobe both to get to a higher income level and be able to advertise the program like a pro, you will need to buy into a much higher level which can be as much as $20,000.00 plus dollars to go all in their best the training and the mentoring offered there.


The Home Based Wealth System Con

The HBWS or Home Based Wealth System, is nothing more than a created sales page and marketing set up which was created by a Mobe member, Raena Lynn. There are several other members who’ve done the same thing, creating external landing or sales pages which all lead you to the Mobe sign up section. It’s all a part of marketing to create sales pages such as these. But to mislabel them is in fact more like fraud to some people.

In fact as a Mobe member you can use these freely to entice your own traffic to embark on a membership with Mobe. If you so choose. But needless to say the program is not really a program and it would in no way ever be featured on the television!

But, if you think of joining Mobe, don’t do that before you read this review, Why Mobe? It can be costly aside from just the one dollar to join or the $19 or $29 dollars per month as a member. You get very little at the beginner level with Mobe, and it is not until you become a platinum member that you even get one of their done for you options they sell. 

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Is Home Based Wealth System A Scam?

No/Yes! Yes in the sense that it misleads traffic into thinking you’ve come across a program that is fresh and new and different than the rest. Yet, it’s all tied to Mobe and these sales page funnels are hidden within Mobe’s bigger frame work.

Which many people would tell you is a scam due to the fact that it costs an arm and a leg to join Mobe and it is so very hard and tough to market due to the fact it has been around so long and there are many bad reviews written on the program Mobe.

So even though not an out right scam, The Home Based Wealth System is nothing more than a squeeze page/sales page leading you to a different program. So with a mixed group of people from all backgrounds, it would be difficult to really say it is an outright scam but we can all agree that it is a bit deceiving to most once they find out about it.

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What Is The Home Based Wealth System About?

There are many marketers that learn a lot from their education and in fact promote the affiliate program called MOBE. The Home Based Wealth System let’s say, is Mobe. Nothing other. Members from Mobe have then created their own form of advertising pages and sales pages and put it under the wing of MOBE as a lead magnet.

They do this in order to help bring traffic to a very old program that most smart people have already made a decision to never join…Thus increasing their advertising and traffic that is sent to their own affiliate Mobe dashboard. Getting traffic is the key to marketing income and if you can do this with something fresh and new sounding, you are one up on your competition. 

More About The HBWS: Mobe

Even though many think it the most underhanded scam like thing a person could ever do. It’s not robbing a bank or murder. But to be honest it is very difficult to promote Mobe any other way as I’ve tried for over a year.  The program has gotten too many bad reviews written on against it of people spending 10k to 100k and not making that money back. Ever. Unless they’ve become a super sales person, and that is what it takes, exactly!

Mobe has many different sales pages showing many different names and content that all lead to the  program, Mobe. But it is still just Mobe. Yes. Many people say this a way to cheat and basically a way that scams people into thinking that the Home Based Wealth System is different. 

Being unclear, vague or a bit shady about where you are sending someone and falsely leading, can be construed as a type of scam for sure. To me neglecting to tell me that Mobe is the company that you will end up with once signing up for Home Based Wealth Systems sales letter, would have myself singing the words SCAM. And writing a bad review. Really though people just want to know the truth, good or bad.

Conclusion To Home Based Wealth System Review

Actually we find that no one is really being cheated other than maybe being mislead a bit initially in order to get them to the Mobe website and sign in page. Which there are over 6 different types of entries now to Mobe. Most all lead to the Mobe 21 Step Program. Giving you some easy to follow videos to watch and a way for Matt to let you know just how easy it is to promote Mobe. However they should not be allowed to try and pull the wool over people’s eyes and make it sound like a completely different program we are signing into. 

Why not get some real training for a decent price that you can take to the bank with real results. Marketing is a learned skill which once you know it you can do wonders and really promote yourself and your own business. Why promote someone else? Why spend thousands to get your start? Take a look at two very trusting people that helped me gain my own internet marketing success today.

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Wealthy Affiliate

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