What Is The Home Earning System?

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Name: Home Earning System
Website: Homeearningsystem.com
Owner: Kelly Richards
Price: $97 to start with upsells


You’ll find those who’ve signed up for this program have spent real money and lots of it. The image below of Jen Frazier is not affiliated with Home Earnings System. The proof that this program could be a scam is within the many images, member testimonials, and reviews researched.

If you take the time to tie up these loose ends you might find something simply amazing. So what is the Home Earning System?

But What Is the home earnings system about really? My review discloses important information on the subject.

Basically the program consists of first seeing the site advertisement which shows a video that says in the next 7 minutes we can gain access to a system that earns us up to $1000 per day from home.

Upon signing up and paying $97 dollars we are then told to wait for the special  coaching call. A  coaching call where a person then contacts you over the phone and tries their best to separate you from your hard earned money. 

Also you are shown lots of basic marketing course training that you can find for much less just about everywhere else online. It means they have a entirely out of this world price put on basic marketing strategies that they are willing to teach. If the price is right!

What Is The Home Earnings System About?

Yes. The system itself is really about training you as an affiliate marketer. Of course you can get all the affiliate marketing information you’ll ever need here below at the blue link. And for a very small but valued price. Buying into their system gives you lots of information about affiliate marketing basics.

Basically less than you would get if you went to Wealthy Affiliate and paid them much less as a member.

Which I do recommend as I got my start there. They community of members helped teach me how to earn a great living from home.

Read my number one recommended training program review: Go To Wealthy Affiliate Program Scam Or Legit

Reason being the coach will tell you that it will cost a small fortune to get you all the information you will need in order to learn the system and be able to earn income online. This is the red flag we need to be watching for. Real legit business that are really out to help do not try to empty your bank accounts with one call.

Those scammers that are impatient are impatient for a reason. They know as long as their site is up they are vulnerable to having it shut down. 

Is The Home Earning System A Scam Or Legit?

The system is nothing other than a fake website page being marketed through paid ads so that it reaches people who have subscribed to more info of how to work from home. And they have paid for lists of addresses so they can contact people who are wanting to earn from home as well.

Needless to say there is not a legit website that you can go to, as it is all redirected links leading to their own set up…Or system. The Home Earning System conclusion leaves us to believe this is possibly a scam.

If you click on the menu buttons atop their page the all lead to the sales page. A good sales page can entice many people to join especially for just $97 dollars. But if you click off the page trying to move on, they will come back with another page with a reduced amount to get in. $20 dollar discount.

Again, if you try to leave the page you will then get a $30 dollar discount leaving the intro price at $47 dollars. Really? A great way to make some money instead of losing the potential of $97 dollars

 A Home Earning System Specialist 

“Today I talked to a Home Earnings Specialist and this is what he had to say: I will need at least 5 to 10 thousand dollars for you to get started making money today.”

Conclusion To Exploiting This Scam

I found the images they used on shutter stock, a website where you can buy photos. This is the one they used below. However she has nothing to do with the system. Also the other photo is of the amount of money made by one member back in 2013. (above), when the program had not even been founded as yet.

And they used this as proof of money made. Also the testimonials are real people, but they are not members of the Home Earnings System.

 How To Gain Legit Success One Needs A Break!

As a marketer who got his start back in 2014, I’ve had plenty of time at the computer and I’ve seen many scams. I know what it takes for people to create one from home.

About 24 to 36 hours is all it takes. It is why I chose to join a company that has been legit and honest for over 15 years.

Wealthy Affiliate. With Kyle and Carson. The information is real, what you get is every inexpensive, and highly valued. And you can come and go as a free member without someone trying to squeeze your pocket book. 

For a monthly membership you can learn a great deal and even record what you see and learn the first month so that you can have it in archives. 

Then when you are ready, and have learned all you need, just cancel the membership if you desire and you’ve learned how to choose a top niche, create a beautiful website, and how to get traffic. All for about $50 bucks.

All for about $50 bucks. But your fist month is discounted to about $19 so a great place to start! No more scams. Go check them out if you are still wanting to make money from home. Just click on the image to go to my review on them.

Wealthy Affiliate Website
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I’ve been helping people like you avoid scams for years now and I’m going to keep doing it. 
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