What Is The Infinity Profit System?

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What is The Infinity Profit System?







Product Name: Infinity Profit System

Website: InfinityProfitSystem.com

Price: $25/month, $100/month, $997

Owners: Dale Payne-Sizer

Recommended: ?

Verdict: It is an MLM arrangement which we explore further here…


What Is the Infinity Profit System?

When you search the web, at some point you will ask yourself, “What is the Infinity Profit System (IPS).”  Well the program is likely to appear when you search for money making opportunities. So, you have a valid question and one that this review will help you answer.

The Infinity Profit System is a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) which is designed to show you how to set up a blog. It gives you a blog and instructions on how to set it up (base package – $25). For the higher-end package ($100), you get an Email Marketing System. There is also a corporate package but not much about what you truly get with that. Essentially, it gives 100 people access to your system. Whatever that turns out to be.


Is The Infinity Profit System a Scam?

If you believe in MLM schemes, then IPS would fall right into this classification. Therefore, it wouldn’t technically be a scam. If, on the other hand, you believe all MLM’s are scams, then feel free to call IPS a scam.

For MLM not to be classified as a Ponzi scheme, which is a system that exists for the sole purpose of recruiting others and is illegal, a product or service needs to be part of the system. Infinity Profit System does include training and a blog as part of the base package and an email system as part of the middle tier package.


Pros Vs. Cons


  • If you are good at convincing people, i.e., selling, you may be able to make some money with this system. Of course, this depends on the people you recruit being good at selling as well.


  • You need to pay to play, so to speak. Although the website does not specify this, through some outside research they pay 100% commissions for referrals to those who sign up for one of the packages. You only get what IPS refers to as the 100% commission when you pay the monthly fee. They do offer a referral program, but you need to pay $10 per month just for the privilege of selling on their behalf. Most legitimate referral programs don’t charge to take part. When they do, the offer much more than IPS offers, like top-notch training, etc., which seems to be lacking here.


  • You need to recruit people who are good at recruiting people. It’s tough enough to recruit people. To actually get people who can sell is a tall order. Besides, if people are good at selling, why would they participate in a program such as this? They can do much better elsewhere. This means you are stuck with the low or zero producers. Having hundreds of zero producers produces zero results!


  • You need to pass on every 2nd and 4th commission to the person who recruited you. You do the work; they get the pay. Of course, you will get the same treatment for people who you recruit, assuming they can recruit (big assumption!)


NOTE: This income information was obtained from others who have participated in the program. The company does not appear to publish this information on its website.

The training that you get is easily found online. There is nothing cutting edge or state-of-the-art about it. In fact, many believe it exists just to escape being labeled a Ponzi scheme, which would make the system illegal.


What’s Included with The Infinity Profit System?

When you pay for something, you usually want to know what you are getting. With IPS, it’s difficult to know what you are being charged for. There are three levels of monthly membership, Starter, Basic, and Corporate. As you can see from the charts, it doesn’t seem like those packages contain quality information for the price nor are they something you’d want pay for on a monthly basis. Here are some talking points about each of the packages based on their descriptions:

IPS Starter Package


Starter ($25) – Five training modules are included. Be Yourself, Build Your Strength, Imagine Your Future, Selling Yourself, Who Is Your Audience. All of these topics you would be able to find in abundance by searching on the web. You also get what IPS refers to as Seo Powered Blogging Platform.


Basic ($100) – It’s unclear if the Basic package contains the Starter plus more if it is separate. If it is separate, then you would need to pay the $100 + $25 for the Starter. There are five more training modules, but these too can probably found easily online. You also get an Email Marketing Platform, but there are no details of what that is.



IPS Corporate PackageCorporate ($997) – You pay for 100 people within your 

company, but it’s not clear what is included. It seems
like this is a one-time fee per 100 people. But there
is no way to tell based on the description.



The company also boasts a referral program where they charge you $10 per month. They give you no indication what kind of payout in included or how their commission structure works. You need to infer this from others who have joined and used the system.


My Review on The Infinity Profit System

You probably know where this is going. IPS will scrape by as a valid and legal system but don’t expect to make much money on the system. Even if you buy into the MLM concept, you will find better programs than IPS. You pay to play, and even with that, you will surrender your 2nd and 4th commissions.


Conclusion: Important Information

If this were the only game in town, you could give it a try to see if you can overcome all the obstacles associated with the system to make some money. However, it’s not necessary. There are plenty of other systems that have much higher chances of you making you money without all the baggage involved with IPS.

In fact, one of the best programs available that has nothing to do with MLM is within your reach right here. Read the (#1 recommended review seen world wide)And the best part is you get a blog and great training for free.

If you need help moving forward with earning online you can always leave a comment below. I will acknowledge it and try to do my best to help you. Thanks for reading these posts! It is how you learn and grow.





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