What is the Project Breakthrough Scam?


Project Breakthrough

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what is the project breakthrough







What is Project Breakthrough?

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Project Breakthrough is an online marketing system, set up by Victor Strizheus and Jason McClain. Essentially, it allows people to join and to work for them, from home.

Whether or not it is more like becoming a subsidiary, a paying member, or a franchise owner or whether the only correct description is an online based, 21st century one was not immediately clear.

To buy in costs about $297/month but this includes all the main bells and whistles. The system works best for people who can afford to spend about $5000 early on.

Training is provided in how to set up websites that get traffic. If one follows all of the instructions and is extremely efficient then there it takes only 2 weeks, or 14 days to move from starting, to earning money using Project Breakthrough.

Are you looking to work for others? Or are you wanting to create your own internet business. No matter what you choose, you will need the best of coaching and interaction on the web. Nothing less will do.

By way of contrast, freelancers, and sales people working as independent contractors, and companies doing b2b often face issues. How those are handled and resolved could be said to separate the men from the boys or to separate management from the peons, or investors from business partners.

How does Project Breakthrough work?

Project Breakthrough is an online marketing sales course that also supplies many of the tools that you need to set up one or more websites and start selling products or services. What they say is “start your own business”.

While that is not a lie, what they really mean is: you may be able to choose which product or service you will be a sales rep for, but you will be working as an online marketer – some kind of sales rep who earns commissions on sales or referrals. In some cases, the best money by far will be to promote the marketing company that you sign up with.

Word to the wise: research this before you sign up. Be that as it may, some folks will learn how to sell goods as well or better as they sell the marketing company that provides the training videos and tells members they can run their own businesses.

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What about your own business? If and only if it works well when you choose which product or service you will be selling online are you likely to feel that you are running your own biz. This is an opinionated estimate, but most likely 60 to 70% of those who join will either drop out or will come to feel that the business runs them but despite that, it has become effective as a means of earning money. For some it is merely training to become their own boss some day.


what is the project breakthrough scam?





Is Project Breakthrough a Scam?

There are a few types of people most likely to suffer and to feel scammed or disappointed by the Project Breakthrough.

These are:

1) Those cannot really afford it and should not have done it for that reason,

2) Those who had hoped it would be a much happier, freer and better way of earning a living than what they have experienced before only to find that they dislike doing what it takes for the Project Breakthrough to          work for them financially.

3) People who have zero patience.

4) People who cannot really work without supervision or at least direct contact with work colleagues for whatever reasons.

5) People who thought they would really get to run their own business and earn a living. *This does work for a small percent of those who join.


From a lot of the buzz about this type of organization and the section on products the real questions being asked are:

1) What product or which products will you be able to sell?

2) How to improve the marketing of whatever product or product line is for you? From around the web, the general truth seems to be that what works for people varies. Some people know what they will sell and it actually works. Others discover that what works for them is some type of product they had no idea would bring them the kind of financial support they need.



One of the ways for members to earn money is to refer others to Project Breakthrough. People can view this as a straightforward sales job or not, but those who do increase their odds of having the success generating income using the system than if they don’t.

For many who join, understanding how to relate to it properly means accepting the owners and founders as the bosses and doing what they suggest, advice, recommend or tell you to do if you have any hope of earning money.

The reality is that most likely they will not tell you what they do to fulfill a personal power fetish but rather – that’s really what the job and the program demand in order to actually work. So much for your sense of choice. Maybe have a beer and cry and either opt out, or accept what you spent to get hired and now have to do what they say to earn money. You may or may not like doing what is necessary any more or less than you have at any other job you have ever held.

Who is behind Project Breakthrough?

The inventors, or official founders, of the Project Breakthrough program are Victor Strizheus and Jason McClain. They are far from being the only internet marketing success stories but during the past few years they have become both powerful and wealthy online. One reviewer credits them for the 2016 invention of the ‘funnel’ and cites Victor Strizheus as having raked in $720,000 in one month last year.

Rest assured, those who paid him are a large group of people who range from feeling victimized when they needed to earn money themselves and many who tried something but did not get much and acolytes who praise them as having saved their lives or at least for having helped them find the best job ever and realized their dreams.


Watch Out For Scams!

Word to the wise: look out. Regardless of how well you do, Victor will be making a lot of money, but nothing compared to the rich. Still, he is not necessarily out there just beating people up – you don’t need to interpret the warning about him that way. Project Breakthrough is a new product launch that is following on High Traffic Academy which still exists and also still works.

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