What Is The Super Affiliate Machine?

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Product Name: The Super Affiliate Machine

Website: The Super Affiliate Network

Price: $147 (3 Websites), $197 Unlimited Websites, Upsells Unknown

Owner: Austin E. Anthony, Taqi Askari

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Super Affiliate Machine Main Headline

How Does The Super Affiliate Machine Work?

The Super Affiliate Machine (SAM) is a system that creates affiliate websites based on criteria the user specifies. You enter information about the market or niche you are interested in, and the system evaluates keywords based on that criteria. It then pulls content from the web and creates pages for you. These pages contain affiliate links that lead to commissions for the members if visitors purchase from those links. The system also checks for expired domains based on keywords, which they purport can help with ranking your website in Google.

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Wealthy Affiliate is Your Key to Online Success!

The system is a web-based software. If you are unfamiliar with the term affiliate, you can think of it as a partnership with vendors. In other words, a major retailer, such as Target, allows you to post links to your website. These links are encoded (your affiliate code) to give you credit. When a visitor to your website clicks on your encoded links and buys the vendor’s product, i.e., Target, they pay you a commission on the sale. Usually, it’s managed via a third-party affiliate program, but this is not always the case.

Many people create websites that contain affiliate links in hopes to drive many sales, which earn commissions. When done correctly, this mechanism can create generous incomes, ones that replace your regular job. Most people get it wrong, however. Without the proper understanding and correct techniques, you run the risk of joining the majority.

Pros vs. Cons


There are only pros if you believe in automated content or article spinners.

  • On the surface, SAM seems like a viable concept. Who wouldn’t want push button success? That is essentially what the system promises. However, if these types of systems actually worked, we would all be using them. They cause more trouble than the benefits they provide (more below).
  • For whatever it is worth, the sales page offers a 60-day money back guarantee.


  • The system creates thin affiliate websites. Google penalizes websites that practice this. A thin affiliate website is created with little-added content, strewn with affiliate links.
  • The content that is retrieved from the website is most likely spun. Article spinners (see the section below) take existing content and swap out synonyms for certain words, depending on the algorithm used. Most of the time the resulting documents are not readable.
  • If the content isn’t spun, then it is copying from others. This has a host of problems associated with it, including the possibility of getting hit with copyright infringement. At the very least, you may receive a duplicate content penalty.
  • What kind of value is a system such as this offering to readers? If the system takes content developed by others and simply regurgitates it or spins it, it is not likely to deliver anything useful, especially over an extended period.

Super Affiliate Network Closed

At the time of this writing, SAM is no longer available. It allows you to put your information on a waiting list for future release. Why would I write a review about something that isn’t available? Because, when you are evaluating products that may be available in the future, you still want to know if they are worth your time. If this does come back to life, you will know what it is about.

Another reason for writing about a program such as this is because there are many others like them. You will, at some point, discover a program that is similar in nature, i.e., automated site or content builders, etc. It’s good to know what they are about and the dangers in using them.

Article Spinners

Have you ever tried using an article spinner before? If so, did you read what was produced after the content was spun? In case you aren’t familiar with the term, article spinners are a class of software that takes a preexisting article as its input and asks you to identify what phrases and words you want to change. Some will insert tags automatically for you. These tags help the software identify what aspects of the content to change. It can be words, phrases, sentences, and even full paragraphs.

The concept of article spinning seems like a decent one. After all, if you simply replace words with synonyms, it should have the same meaning, right? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Some synonyms won’t make sense depending on how they are used in the sentence. Others might make sense, but will weaken the meaning of the phrase or sentence.

If you want to see for yourself how well article spinners can do, simply do a search online. There are plenty of free tools that can give you an indication of what this class of software will produce. Don’t expect much at this point.

Quality Control Issues

Do you believe that software has the potential to grab an article and determine if it is well-written? It is possible to make some algorithmic guesses. This is what tools like Grammerly.com does. But, this only tells you if something is grammatically correct. It does not address style or relevancy. Perhaps artificial intelligence robots will be able to do a better job sometime in the future. But, we are not there yet, certainly not with the current generation of software.

Is the Super Affiliate Machine a Scam?

I wouldn’t classify the Super Affiliate Machine as a scam. Having said that, it doesn’t seem like it will do much in the way of building a solid business that will last. It is unclear why the system has been put on hold. To be fair, sometimes product creators do this to add a sense of scarcity in their products. They build up the hype with the hope of getting people to sign up “before it’s too late.” From my research, I have found that this system has been idle for over a year. If the system were truly the Holy Grail of making money online, it would have come out of hiding by now.

You don’t have to wait for this system to come back online and even if it did, you can find an easy way to create an online affiliate business that will keep you within the good graces of your readers and Google. My #1 Recommended Review will do exactly that. You simply follow the system and create a solid business over time that will establish you as an authority and give you the highest chances of earning money.



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