What Is The Super Affiliate Success System? My Review Shows The Secrets Behind It

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The long video promoting TSASS is everywhere. Meaning they are promoting it very heavily and lots of people are joining others are questioning whether it is legit or if just another scam program to stay away from. Remember the saying when something sounds too good to be true? Find out what the Super Affiliate Success System is all about?

Keep reading to find out the secrets behind the super affiliate success system. Or began your own business from home with simple affiliate course for free. READ My Original REVIEW ON “WA”.

 Like many I’m one that has searched the web for many an opportunity only to find out most, I’d say 90 percent of these are just big scams which are designed to make the founders of the programs the real money. They have no care whether we make money or that we build a business or that we review their product or programs in a good way. They make their money during the launch! More on that.

The Super Affiliate Success System is in fact a Crooked SYSTEM

By letting you know right up front you can basically make lots of money by not needing to know anything.  Which is unheard of in this world. And especially on the internet. To make money here you need an education and you need SKILL!

But, In fact for them the less you know the better. As it is a done for us system that is friendly and kind and easy to use. Really?

They send us 4 to 6 checks every month which are deposited into our banks. WARNING: If you don’t want to give out this information on your bank, this program would not be for you. 

They also let us know you will make upwards of $5,500 dollars on auto-pilot. Something I’ve found never to work here on the internet unless you have a full blown system and are promoting products that people by everyday. It would be hard to make that kind of cash here online even if you were a guru yourself designing your own programs.

What Is Super Affiliate Success System & It’s Secrets Really About?

They program system Super Affiliate is about promoting the program itself so you can make up to 50% commissions on sales. And it is advertised as mostly a get rich quick type Success System which tends to suck a lot of people down it’s Secret Rabbit Scam Hole. You’ll find that Super Affiliate Success System is very expensive and an affiliate program you may want to stay away from if you are just starting out here on the internet.

In fact, if you’re a newbie to the internet and you do not want to fall into any rabbit holes…Why not check out my last review on

How To Become A Top Wealthy Affiliate.

When you first look at their advertising video you will see some gal by the name of Tanya Christiansen. Who seems to do a very good job at covering up the real founder behind Super Affiliate. You will also hear her talk about how this program is such a big secret. As she mentions this 4 to 6 times during the video. And then she never tells us why there is a secret. Guess she wants us to yearn for more. Which really is just a way to get you to sign up to super affiliate success.

the super affiliate success system secret
“Hi Tanya. I’ve seen you around before on Google. Promoting other products.”


But the main give away to their ad is that they are using faked testimonials. These fake testimonials tell how great the system actually is and how much money they’ve managed to make so far. Problem with fake testimonials is you can find these people doing these type reviews on fivver. And reason why so many people use them is that they seem so real and do a very good job for very little money!

In further researching the name Tanya C. You can find here image all over google under the name and it shows her promoting many other products. So obviously even she is not associated with the program. And also the founder so to speak has told her they want to remain anonymous. Which to me is a big lie because who would not want their name on such a money maker if it really did work? 


Could Super Affiliate Success System be a Scam?

But is it a real scam? Well I can tell you that it is certainly unethical to promote something that has not worked and make people think that it has. And to lure people into such a program that need money badly to pay bills and buy food. Because they ask for such a low money entry of $37 that most people can come up with that little bit of money so it makes it easy to sign on. 

The problem comes later when they ask you for more money to get better training and education and possibilities of earning more money per sale. Up to $17,000 dollars it could end up costing YOU! Or someone that has that kind of money. You basically will be upsold to higher levels in order to qualify for the commission checks they say are automatic. Which to me sounds more like a ponzy scheme more than anything else. 

In my opinion programs of this type like Super Affiliate Success System are completely programs scams trying to release you from your bank account.

It is just how anonymous founders such as this one tries to make their money here on the internet. Find Out About Kyle And Carson The Founders of WA And How They Are Legit

scam alert for Super Affiliate System
Another alert About Super Affiliate System Review

What The Super Affiliate Success Could Cost YOU

After you join for $37.00 you simply enter the scheme where they will go to work on trying to collect most of your money you might have on hand. These are called up sales and many times they have very good salesmen who will contact you so that they can explain what your money will get you. But in this program your money gets you nothing in return. And you will see that you no longer have the money you started with and cannot make the money they promise. 

Your personal coach will help guide you through the steps of the program and continue to entice you on going all in as that is what they tell you. Because they say if you don’t go all in, you won’t have the same kind of opportunity to make the big bucks. 

Levels of Membership

  • Basic Membership:  $24 to $47 a month depending on special offers, promotions, or one-time offers
  • Annual Membership:  $297 or $397 depending on any special offers, promotions, or one-time offers
  • Premium Membership: $97 (one-time OTO)
  • Pro Silver Membership: $2497 
  • Pro Gold Membership:  $2997 (same as Pro Silver but includes non-specified further products)
  • Maui Intensive Membership: $12,497 (quarterly event in Hawaii)
  • All In Membership: $17,497  access to everything

The program is set up so that you only receive the higher commissions if you are in the higher groups that cost you more money. Gold membership does not get you all that much. But they will try to sell you on the All In Membership where they give you everything they have. The whole big Bamboozle! 

Conclusion To Super Affiliate Success System

If you are new to internet marketing and you are just starting out,, may I suggest that you get educated. Learn about marketing in general, and what it takes to earn income. If you don’t have lots of money on hand to invest, then you might want to join free affiliate learning programs. Or low cost education type courses that teach you about affiliate marketing.

AS Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money when you don’t have much to put into your business.

I got lucky and found a good program from the start and entered in as a free member to check it out. Take a look at my review about the program. This program did take me to the top and now I earn all my income from the internet in just a few hours each day. Whatever you do please: Stay away from the Super Affiliate Success System!

Wealthy Affiliate Review Go check it out now. Click Here To Go Over To Next Page now!

But only if you want to learn and grow “Wealth online” without a hitch!




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