What Is this Income Blueprint X-Review?

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is income blueprint x a scam
We get what we pay for basically

Product Name: Income Blueprint X

Product Owner: Kory Pearman

Your Price: $9

Upsells: $47, $67

Rating: 50/100


What is Income Blueprint X? 


Kory has created a quick video course helping you to understand email marketing. What is the Income Blueprint X Review? The program X shows us high definition videos walking us through information to learn the basics of Email Marketing. So what is Income Blueprint X ? Income Blueprint shows that It’s a pretty good training course to help teach you how to market using emails and squeeze pages to get traffic for such as MMO, (making money online) niches, and quick products offered through JVZOO. The course helps you to learn email marketing for selling digital information. But not much more of what is needed starting out as a newbie.

One program compared to this that does a much better job at the over-all training for internet marketing and creating a business online is, Wealthy Affiliate. You can read the review here. Read the WA review here. A little bit more expensive but we do get what we pay for. If you are looking for cheap fixes on the internet, you are in for a long road.

So if you are wanting to be able to set up a business, marketing products, this Blueprint X program may not be as helpful to you, as you might think. There is much more to online marketing than what Income Blueprint X shows us. But if you already know niche marketing and SEO, then you may need the email boosting ways that Income Blueprint X teaches.

You will find this review on Wealthy Affiliate the way to begin strong online Success!


Check out the video:

But don’t forget to finish the review for real answers!


Kory Pearman does a good job on instruction, though and delivers a smooth course easy to understand course on email marketing. Which would probably help many newbies in this area of marketing. Still, this program is not a “Complete Training Course,” like Kory  wishes you to believe.

I say again, the course is limited with many of the most important things left out, which you will need to learn in order to actually create a product or sell someone else’s and become a good marketer.

So I believe even taking the course would suit some as a point of getting more information they didn’t previously have. I think it’s also important that we let you know the blueprint is not the full answer you need to journey into IM or internet marketing, and becoming successful. It is only a fraction of what is taught.




What You Get for $9 Income Blueprint X  


The course is laid out pretty simple with 9 steps which give very short and basic generalized information on their topics. All of this information is provided for free online. But instead of searching for it all, you can order his course here for this much info, or you can join a real marketing training program which is an all inclusive one stop shop. Read the review…Wealthy Affiliate.



#1 Pick a Niche (13 minutes)

#2 Create squeeze pages (14 minutes)

#3 Creating Incentive (8 Minutes)

#4 Redirect to offer of CPA (13 minutes)

#5  Using an Autoresponder (12 minutes)

#6 Automation, setting up broadcasts

#7 Paydays using email  (12 minutes)

#8 Solo ads, social networks and traffic (3 videos)

#9 Social Media – Forum, Google, Youtube (3 videos)

#10 There is no 10. Just checking to see if you were reading!


How Much Income Blueprint X Info Does $9 Dollars Buy?


Do not expect $9 dollars getting you everything starting out, no matter with this program or any other tells you… Normally, you will need many more products and tools, like an auto responder and even hosting which will need to be added in at about $25 to $45 dollars per month more.

You will find if you are starting out, there are many things we use in our arsenal to earn online. One thing more: Don’t expect to make this kind of money below just starting out. As Kory says, he has been online for years. So just because you see someone telling you how much they make, remember this, Normally numbers such as this have taken years of experience and struggle!


what is income blueprint x
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Who is Income Blueprint X For?


The course is for anyone wanting extra knowledge on email marketing. In fact, if I didn’t already know this info when I started out online I might have purchased something like this just to add to my library of information on email marketing. However, I see email marketing as more of an advanced study myself. Meaning it’s not something you want to jump into right away. It was months later I started learning about it when I got my start online at Wealthy Affiliate and Six Figure Mentors.

Yet his information is for anyone who wants to target online digital products traffic, basically. You will be using it to target “make money online traffic.” So if you are offering a product such as blenders or iPhone’s, this is not something you will be able to make work. It’s specialized training using clickbank.

The problems with the course itself is it does not answer the many questions you are going to face during the learning process. There is no community to ask questions to. There is no real help. So you if you are new to online marketing you are going to be stuck with not knowing much of the things which are left out of the course. And trust me there are plenty of details Kory does not address. For that reason alone, I would not recommend the course to newbies just starting out.

And always remember: Just because someone offers money back, please don’t expect it to happen from everyone online. Now I trust that you will get your money back here, but then I’ve been online for some time now and have a better understanding of who will and who won’t. 


What is Income Blueprint X


Is Income Blueprint X a Scam?


There is much more to learning internet marketing than this small niche course targeting the Make Money Online crowd. In fact, you may even want to stay away from this niche as it is the highly competitive compared to all the other niches. Try reading up on Affiliate Marketing first. It is what the majority of us do while online. What I mean is there are easier ways to make money, and less expensive ways. Targeting a highly competitive niche will just take you longer to generate income is all. So you need to learn the basics before ever seeking a quick way to do things.

Even though the course provides some information on using squeeze pages and auto res-ponders, the only thing about Income Blueprint X a Scam is that it’s limited to what you really need. And, if you are just starting out, I would recommend you take a step back and pick up some much needed marketing information from another program that is free tp join and read about. Look into the #1 recommended program over all… Wealthy Affiliate Review.


What is Income Blueprint X
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Why WA as a Comparison to Income Blueprint X?


Take a look at the comparison table below. Wealthy Affiliate is the program that gets you started with everything you need and does not just jump into a particular training course under one thing. However, once you learn the basics and decide what it is you want to do online, then, you can focus on and specialize in one niche you find you are passionate about. 

It takes you from being where ever you are at present, to becoming your own entrepreneur in course lessons that are set up one at a time, with study questions and a live chat forum base to further assist you in building your own online business. What is Income Blueprint X? A course that offers partial training on internet marketing. Get trained fully for free. Read this… Getting Started.



I hope you have enjoyed reading about Income Blueprint X and if you have comments or you have questions please feel free to leave them below.

To Our Mutual Success!

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