What Is Top Tier Income? A Way To Start At The Top!

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My Review: Top Tier Income


Product: MOBE – My Own Business Education

Website: toptiersideincome.com 

Price: $7 for 7 day free trial then an additional $40

after the 7 days is over. 

Owner: It is never clearly stated over the videos or website

Recommended: Questionable at best

Verdict: Costs AT LEAST $50 a WEEK after initial $7 first week

               AND $40 additional after first week!!


Is Top Tier Income legit Or A Disguised But Well Known Scam?


Top Tier Side Income appears to be promoting an older program called MOBE or “My Own Business Education”.

No Experience is Needed” on how to use the computer they say. The program Top Tier tells you it is super simple to do if you can follow instructions. Are you ready to make money online?

At first, it tells you there are only 2 steps to follow and one is done for you. The one step that “YOU” must do is place ads for them. You have to put them in places that they tell you for the best chances to get leads for sales. They never do tell you what kind of sales they are either. But I think we can agree they are sales which they make and give you a small commission from, right?

Wouldn’t you want to know what you are selling or making money from? Before signing up? I mention this because I’m always recommended new online marketers get to experience what they will be doing before ever spending money. Like here at my #1 recommended website business builder program.


What Exactly Is Top Tier Income?


But back to Top Tier Income. If I were asked what all I made commissions from, I would not be able to tell you. They never completely stated what was being sold. I’m certain it is getting others to sign up for the program and get them to join and do the same?

Step two is where they take your leads and try to generate sales and customers from them. If they get a visitor to buy anything and become a customer, then you get a commission from $1,250 to $10,000 Depending on what that visitor registers and buys into. So let’s assume it is to find like minded leads who will sign up for this program. And we earn money helping them get the sign ups.


How Credible Is Top Tier Income?


Now, the kind of money that they were talking about surely sounded top tier to me so I kept on reading. It does say you get a lot for just this $7 dollars the first week and at this point there was no talk of any additional charges or costs. But you know it’s coming right? They went on to talk now about how many clients that they had. More sales.

They have 3,576+ clients in over 186 countries they claimed. They have been in business for over 5 years with a “proven” track record conveying such. I never heard of them before. Actually I have. MOBE. I hadn’t heard of Top Tier Income before. I wonder what made them “proven” and who validated them AS “being proven”? Maybe more sales to think about.

I broke their stats down into figures we can understand. They claim 10% of their clients making five figures, 10% of them making six figures and some of them millionaires. If they have 3,576 clients, then 10% in 5 figures is 357.6. 10% making six figures would be 35.76 and the millionaires they did not say until later were 8.


Is Top Tier Income A Scam?


After being told there was only two steps to follow and one was done by them. It left you with the thought of “What’s the catch?” and “There has GOT to be more detail somewhere…

The video kept going and now had another set of steps which were THREE steps now. It isn’t that the steps are or were hard but it is the fact that there are more steps to take. The steps to take are BIG ONES at that.

  1.  Watch a short video each day – Not a big deal, I can do that. I watch short videos all the time. There is a 21 step video program that they want you to follow. They want you to watch one of their training entrepreneur videos every day.
  2.  You must be willing to put aside 30 minutes a day to work with a personal trainer one on one. Each personal trainer that one works with will be making at least $100K a year already to show the new training Top Tier Affiliate Marketer that it IS possible to make that kind of money with MOBE, and then there is ..

Spending $50 a week after the $47 you must pay once 8 days will pass was a lot. During one month, you would be spending out of pocket $247.00! This was the “catch” the “more to this” that I knew would be hidden in this like in most “scams” as I see it.  

While Top Tier Income is not a full pyramid scheme that I needed to sign up others, it was similar to one. It was not told until the end of the presentation exactly what it was. I felt it needed to be addressed upfront. So maybe they need to work on the delivery!

It would be pointless to try the $7 one-week trial. You wouldn’t get any of the ads you needed to place until you bought the advertising. The advertising costs you up to $50 each week before you could think of getting paid.

If you did spend the money for the advertising each week then you can get paid on the condition that your partners did their part. They need to make sales for you like they are supposed to from the leads that your advertising should have generated

If they make a sale for you then you make commissions on that sale between $1,250.00 to $10,000. But how likely are you to make $10,000 dollars? You would probably get hit by lightening twice before that happens. And the initial video does not clarify what the difference in the commissions will be or when they will be called for you. They do tell you that you will be paid bi-weekly, and “on-time every month” once a sale is made.

This struck me as odd. If you get paid a certain day and time, that is it end of story. If you must say you get paid on time to me states that there once was a problem being paid “on time”. That is very troubling to me.

I do not want to spend $247 a month taking a chance to get paid on time especially at the amounts they claimed to be paying out at one time. They claimed to have paid out over $73M in their 5 years of existence. it could be that the top 3 marketers make this, but the average Joe marketer is going to be left in the dirt and empty pocketed.


Conclusion to Top Tier Income (MOBE)


After listening to testimonials that are on the first page, they did not inspire me to try this site. I wanted to check it out since they said in their claims they could easily make $49K from ONE sale. I found that hard to believe. They stated targeting top tier targets to make bigger commissions is the key. But that takes lots of money. I continued to listen but I was not hearing anything but possible hype.

“Letting them handle step 2”, I found this troubling. I had no control over the actual flow of my sales and money. I had to trust someone else to make a sale on leads I generated. Not where I want to be.

 If they blew the leads I brought in, then I lost money directly. Or they could get the leads and never tell me about it! I do not know who they have on their sales team at this point. I am sure I would not meet them directly either. Nor ever meet anyone there. 


I finished the video disappointed with the fact I needed to spend $2.647 for the first YEAR. That is just spending $50.00 a week (their minimum) and the $247 of the first month. It then is  ($50 x 48 weeks + $247 for first month).

 If I did not sell anything, I would lose money and a lot of it.  Continuously. I would not know if I did or not because I would not be on the informed in of the stick. And it might end up being the end of such a business. Only their sales department would know. They could steal from you every time without you ever having a clue. Not that programs online would ever do that.


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