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Transcribe Me

Welcome to another transcribing service. What is Transcribe Me? My TranscribeMe review goes into details to help you understand this service. TranscribeMe is a company where you join other independent contractors who complete tasks such as taking TranscribeMe’s audio and video files and transcribing them to a text format for their customers. A difficult learning curve!

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Of course they introduce you to a test and training up front to qualify you for their requirements by having you complete an hour of testing up front. You also must have a high school diploma be able to get through their testing to work for the company.

By changing these video and audio files to text, TranscribeMe services its customers, and you get paid according to the time allotted for each task you receive. The work is somewhat tedious as you will listen to audio files, over and over until your head is spinning! You will need to understand what the speakers are saying, whether they are on the phone, talking at a conference table, or even speaking publicly.


Is TranscribeMe a Scam

tm9You will find it very difficult at first if you have never tried listening to someone speak and copy what they say down in typed form. You may even think TranscribeMe is a scam of some sort, but it really is a legit business. Just very hard to make money. They have their own way of doing things… That’s for sure! But you will find out soon enough why you are being asked to do the things they tell you. 

In the audio files sometimes there is background clapping, laughter, umms and aghs…. Which makes it that much more difficult to understand what is being said. However, if you can hear well and take your time to get the text written down correctly each time, you will get through to the end.

You get paid for your time and as long as you keep practicing and improve you could perhaps make up to $5-$10 dollars per hour! They pay much more, but by the time you go back and forth a dozen or so times to hear the word, and have corrected your own misspelled grammar, time has literally slipped away!


How do I Join TranscribeMe?

Go to the Transcriber Me sign up page and fill out their form. Once finished with that you will be given options to take the Transcribers English or Spanish exam. When you are done with the exam, you will be contacted in about 48 hours, and shown what to do next. At first you will be given short pieces of audio files to complete. Be sure to keep track of your work in case there is a difference with what work you turn in and what they pay you for.


What Tools Will I Need For Transcribe Me?

You will need a computer and an internet connection. I signed up myself and went through their testing. Some say the tests are easy, but I found them to be time consuming but they were pretty easy. Now remember you will be working for someone else, so realize you have a boss now. I remind people of this because just because you work form home, you still have to do every little detailed assignment to recognize getting a payroll check of a worthy amount.


Working for TranscribeMe

what is transcribeme my transcribeme reviewYou must be able to listen to the audio files where someone is stuttering and stammering and then write the correct text down. They teach you how in the sign up.

But the trouble with this is you will not be able to type as fast as someone talks and you end up having to play the audio files back twenty some odd times to get it right.

When you think it is right, you could possibly spend an hour or two working on it and find out they’ve kicked it back! Too many errors. You will have to keep trying over and over until you learn, naturally what is acceptable. That means you will not make but half or less, of what you think you are going to earn starting out!


How Much Does TranscribeMe Pay?

TranscribeMe pays .23 cents per audio minute. Remember, it could take you five minutes to get the one minute audio file down on text correctly! Means you just earned 23 cents for five minutes work! Now if you could do the work in an hour for one hour audio you could make $14 dollars per hour. Believe me, I’ve done this and I earned less than half that as it took me over two hours to write text for a one hour audio file! Many can talk a whole lot in 60 minutes!


How Do I Get Paid From TranscribeMe?

is transcribeme a scamTranscribeMe pays through PayPal account so if you don’t have one you will need to set one up. And they pay once weekly and only hold back $10 dollars, so anything more than that and you get a check.

And I’m assuming it will take several weeks to get your first check for whatever amount over the ten dollars you have. Many times we are held back weeks before getting a check even in working off line.

You are an Independent Contractor and you will have to abide by filing your own tax forms at the end of the year. I’m sure you will receive a 1099 form from the TranscribeMe people.


Feedback For TranscribeMe

what is transcribmeDepending on the results of the ones working there will depend on the types of comments you will see. Some say 5 stars and love it, while others say two stars and complain about how hard the work was.

Work is work and you will want to be able to enjoy what you do. Whether you are online or off, if you have passion for what you are doing you are going to love it. If not, you will never last just for the money!


TranscribeMe Conclusion

I could easily sit here hour after hour and complete the tasks. For me however you probably will not find the work all that interesting. You will also see there are many other ways to make money online if you just put forth some effort to get started.



Why Work For Others?

Well, I’ve tried Transcribe Me and found it was not worth my time. Working for less than minimum wage is not my cup of tea. If you are like me, this may not be the right opportunity for you, either.  But if you are seriously looking for a way to build a business from home, and earn money, I can help you out there.

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To your Success!




4 Responses

  1. Cathy

    Transcription work isn’t as simple as everyone thought. I attempted a task before and was replaying the audio again and again because I just couldn’t interpret one particular word. There were no other way of slowing down the audio so I just had to give my best shot in guessing. In total, I spent 20 minutes analyzing a 1.5 minute audio and I still got it wrong. It’s quite challenging actually.

    • Rick

      I signed up for TranscribeMe and it took about two hours for testing and learning. Then I realized it is not something I myself wanted to do. And you are so write, One word that you cannot understand will set you back hours! And then you will not even get paid. Because if they cannot use the information it is useless to them. But what I do instead is easy and fun. I created my first website in 20 minutes at Wealthy Affiliate. Since then it has been a blessing of goodluck and fortune each day. Learning and earning online and working from home!


      • Mary

        TranscribeMe has a unique talent of being a scam company under the guise of being legitimate. They have a answer for every untoward process they use within their system to not pay workers, or to close accounts. Bad, bad news, this lot.

        • Rick

          I’ve actually heard other people do make money. But you have to be very good at typing and listening. And it is hard work and you don’t make that much unless you are committed to doing it and working every day.
          Wealthy Affiliate is actually better as you can learn to market yourself or other peoples products and earn way more money for doing the work just one time. Like creating a website.

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