What Is Turbo Wealth Solution?

Product Name: Turbo Wealth Solution

Website: http://TurboWealthSolution.com

Price: $1,000-$20,000 Tier-Pricing Structure + Admin fee ~$200+

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turbo wealthy solutions review

If you have read any of my previous posts, you would have read that I don’t like to label anything a scam. Some opportunities deserve the label. But, there are too many factors to consider when making the claim. It’s especially difficult to call something a scam if you haven’t been a victim of the scam. Keep reading my Turbo Wealth Solution Review.

However, Turbo Wealth Solutions is not a program I would touch with a ten-foot pole if you will. It has too many red flags for me to give my seal of approval. The main issue is the number of complaints that are cast on the internet regarding this opportunity.

What Is The Turbo Wealth Solution (TWS)?

What Is Turbo Wealth Solutions?

The Turbo Wealth Solution is a Make Money Online (MMO) program created by Spencer Brown. It is a Multilevel Marketing scheme where the only way to earn is to recruit people. From what I have read, there is some rehashed training that is used to pretend a product exists as part of the package. What the turbo wealth solution is, is a program without products!

Multilevel Marketing that does not offer legitimate products is considered Ponzi schemes by many governments, including the United States. Ponzi schemes are illegal. Whether TWS can use this training to escape being a Ponzi scheme is unclear.

Pros vs. Cons


  • If you are okay with spamming people and using automated phone schemes, you may be able to make some money with this.


  • You will be spamming people. Spam is illegal in many countries.
  • It’s expensive. The lowest tier to join is $1,000 plus an administration fee.
  • Too many online reports about the program being unsavory.

Part of the high fees that you pay are used to feed a lead generation system. This “proprietary” system is supposed to generate thousands of leads for you. The higher-priced tiers receive more leads than the lower-priced ones. When you get these leads, you will feed them into an auto-dialing system (that you pay for) and blast a broadcast to the leads. The broadcast is a prerecorded message that describes the money-making opportunity (TWS).

You will see some videos suggesting that the best way to succeed with TWS is to use a separate lead generation program. This costs more money and will not reduce the amount that you pay into TWS. Of course, the owner of the video will collect an affiliate or referral fee for that separate lead generation system.

The entire system is predicated on spamming people. It’s a number’s game where you blast out a bunch of prerecorded numbers to opportunity seekers in hopes to get a few to sign up. Your first referral goes to the person who referred you. Then, you receive each referral after that. The company (TWS) receives a $200+ administration fee for each sign-up. This is much like the house in a gambling institution. The house gets paid no matter what!

Turbo Wealth Solutions has a tiered pricing structure. The base cost is $1,000 (USD) and goes on up from there. In fact, the highest tier would set you back $20,000. You may be wondering how anyone can possibly get roped into paying that much for a money-making opportunity. The high-ticket items are alluring to newcomers. It’s a psychological aspect that something so costly must be worth it. It’s the same thought process on why people are drawn to buying any expensive products or services. Higher prices denote quality.

Do You Get What You Pay For?

All things being equal, there are some truths to the phrase, you get what you pay for. If someone is offering a $7 information product, you will likely pass it off as a low-quality product. This is also the reason why freebies don’t have the same appeal they used to have. When you sign up for a freebie, you are unlikely to read it.

When an information product starts to get up into the higher-echelon regarding price points, people have a natural curiosity about them. When you put together a convincing sales page on top of it, you will get to the bottom of why people are willing to shell out serious dollars to join a program.

TWS appeals to people’s sense of making money quickly. Who wouldn’t want to have access to tens-of-thousands of leads many of whom may join the program and shell out big dollars? In fact, the entire premise of the program is to convince you to tier-up. If you can make $10,000 from your $1,000 investment, it follows that you should make $200,000 from your $20,000 investment. All of this is meant to happen within seconds of plucking your money down. At least, that is what you are given to believe.

Do People Make Money with TWS?

You’ll find some Turbo Wealth Solutions reviews from evangelists for the company. They will tell you how wonderful the company is and how quickly they’ve earned after signing up. They will also try to marginalize the naysayers. The trouble is, there are more naysayers than evangelist by a wide margin.

what is turbo wealth solutions and is it a scam

That alone is a reason to be suspicious of the program. All money-making programs are going to take some heat and criticism, even the legitimate ones. Often, criticisms come from people who did not make money and perhaps didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

The methods that TWS condone are to spam people. Fill up an auto-dialer with thousands of numbers, and let the system go to town. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past twenty years, spam is illegal. There are too many spammers for governments to effectively curtail the practice. However, that doesn’t mean governments aren’t trying. Do you really want to risk getting into trouble with the law? From what I’ve read, the fines for spam are rather hefty. Several reports show you could be on the hook for thousands of dollars. All the money you gained from TWS (if any) will be handed over to the governments. Worse, if you don’t make any money using the system, you still can be on the hook for the fines from those governments.

Turbo Wealth Solution Scam Reports

If TWS were the only game in town and they didn’t use SPAM as their main technique for signing people up, I would say you had no choice but to pay the fees they charge. This, of course, assumes that you would get a return on your investment. From all the scam reports on the internet about TWS, the chances seem slim that is going to happen.

Here’s a thought – why not use the money that you would pay for this dicey opportunity to generate leads on your own using solo ads? The best part about solo ads is you have control over the system, and you can determine quickly if they are working. Try out a small number of leads for very little money and then scale up. Take a look at my solo ad system.

The truth is, it’s not necessary to pay anywhere near the amounts TWS charges to make money on the internet. Learn how I make a recurring income without shelling out thousands of dollars. Even better, I can show you the #1 ranked training and affiliate membership site in the world.

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