What is ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash? Zip Nada Zilch

Two for One or One for Two? Hard to figure that out. What is ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash?


whqt is znz one


Users have the ability for earning potential by way of offer completion and business referral program. What is ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash? They come across as confusing programs, and somewhat of a scam, with the methods of making money not being very profitable for the user.

The ways in which to make money with these sites is a bit confusing and requires a lot of effort and capital just to get started. Below you will find my honest review of the programs and find out what ZNZ Big Cash and ZNZ One really is.


What can be Expected At ZNZ Big Cash?

 ZNZ Big Cash and ZNZ One are owned and operated the same company. Although they are separate, the two have striking similarities. ZNZ Big Cash offers a higher referral rate, allows for more referral earning opportunities, while its sister company has fewer offers for its users.

is znz one a scamIn order to refer others with ZNZ One, the company requires that its users follow the referral program, while ZNZ Big Cash allows for this to be an option.

ZNZ allows for two main ways of making itself profitable to users. Users have the option to earn directly through the site itself, providing a range of offers available to those registered.

The second option for earning is through their referral program. The offer option is mandatory, coming with a cost the vast majority of the time.

Basically, earning money is difficult with ZNZ if you are not looking to contribute financially to start. Users have the ability for earning potential by way of offer completion and a business referral program.



Despite the financial restrictions to make these programs profitable, the sites do not require a fee to join. Without spending a penny you have the ability to join and maneuver about before deciding to put money down for offers. At least you can see what is going on and what is expected before paying out your money. A good thing for a program to do.



is znz big cash a scamThe product videos on the website are where you can catch the first glimpse of the product and the quality associated with it. The quality factor of the videos is a direct correlation, and an honest look as to what you can expect.

More times than not, the product videos are not well-produced, making it difficult for the consumer to absorb. Sadly, ZNZ Big Cash does not impress with their overall presentation.

Their product videos come across as nothing more than a simple PowerPoint presentation with audible clips added for marketing purposes. The quality is very poor, with choppy, lackluster editing and the images suffer from the lack of concern for a polished presentation. Even the default unaltered effect made for an awful transition while viewing.

The lack of professionalism is painfully obvious, and puzzling for someone thinking to invest their hard earned money for something that screams poor quality.


Is ZNZ Big Cash A Scam?

With the vast number of steps required just to make money, it’s a clear indication that ZNZ may be an opportunity to ignore. At least if you are just starting out and need a better platform to train on. I can give you this at Wealthy Affiliate where we have thousands of members learning and making revenue from home with a low start up cost.

While the signup at ZNZ Big Cash is easy the process is relatively simple as well, it is not clear to users that the programs are in fact separate though. By the time step three is reached you are left wondering why the separation begins, thinking that you were enrolling for one and not actually two different companies, and the confusion begins to surface.


what is znz one
The Whole system is poor quality just like these videos



Note: there is no indication provided why this occurs. After the runaround, I made it through the process not feeling as if much was gained. Oddly enough, what you receive after completing the steps is a single, solitary webpage that does nothing other than promote for a signup with ZNZ. Websites are free these days!

Without the option to make changes, this will be exactly the same for any new person who registers. The only thing you can do in this situation is to point people towards the site and hope that they enroll in the program based on your suggestion. Not something that is as easy to do as one might think. Most of your friends or family will be the last people on earth to join such a program.

It is important to note that ZNZ does not clarify that once you have created your profile, there is a way to delete the email address associated with your site you’ve created.


Undisclosed Issues With This Program

Much like its competitor sites that use similar formats, the referral system with ZNZ is much more complex than it appears. In order to reap the benefits of the referral system, users must first complete an allotted number of offers to gain eligibility. This is where the confusion initiates and registers with the user by its lack of credibility.


Is ZNZ Big Cash Legit?

Sites that ask you to follow offers to earn money are misleading and ultimately a complete waste of one’s time. To even begin earning money with the sites, you must first complete a total of 3.0 credits, 1/ZNZ One; 2/ZNZ Two. The main issue with this prerequisite is that most of the offers come with a price tag and there is never a certified guarantee that credits will serve as a reward.


is znz one a scam
Nothing works here as easy as they make it seem. I never did make but 20 bucks my first week


After browsing offers on ZNZ One, it was evident that there were 14 different offers available to US residents. Out of the 14 being offered, only one was free, and still required a credit card on file to enroll. There were an abundance of offers available on ZNZ Big Cash, but all with the same issue of cost involved.

When a site offers no money being involved from its users in order to earn, this is rather misleading and a big misconception from the truth.

You would think with a name like Zip Nada Zilch, the actual name for ZNZ, it wouldn’t cost you a penny in reality. But I think they meant that Zip Nada Zilch is what to expect in return for signing up and giving them your hard earned money.

***Please practice precaution when surrendering your credit card information with these sites as most companies have unforeseen fees associated with becoming a “monthly” member.


Potential to Earn

In all honesty, you have to jump through a lot of loop holes to decipher where the earning potential is possible with ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash. With all of this preliminary confusion involved, it leaves you with an overall feeling of uncertainty and lack of trust or belief in the program and certainty if the website is at all profitable for you.

Once you make it through the process yourself, you are left with the arduous task of now convincing others to entrust their faith in something that left you a bit puzzled yourself. This in itself can be rather challenging. To no one’s surprise, ZNZ doesn’t provide even the tiniest bit of training, therefore solidifying their users failure rate almost instantly.

 Perhaps you don’t plan on utilizing the referral option, the reality of their offer “rewards program” does not come without a cost associated with it. Without thinking too much more, it’s clear that even picking and choosing the offers on a highly selective basis, the success rate involves the user investing quite a bit of money to be more than skeptical.

Which leads to the main issue. Will the company pay out as promised after the money for offers is invested? The validity of this point is certainly an issue with so many other sites creating challenges for users to receive their earnings.

Relying solely on the ZNZ websites makes the user dependent and thus fearful of losing their money if the websites were to collapse. But even a bigger questions is: Why would anyone want to work this hard on doing sales? And the same thing over and over again!


Ideal Candidates Will Be More Experienced

For those of you with years of experience dealing with internet marketing, and with a solid client/associate base, the ZNZ websites could in fact produce earning potential. With this being said, the novice internet marketer would not flourish in this program. Keep in mind that most offers involve cost, and this is by no means an opportunity to earn quickly and easily with little to no work involved.


Should I or Shouldn’t I?

what is znz oneAny site that offers its users a money-earning system through “offers” is almost undoubtedly a scam, and a terrible business model at best. Even with the chance to bring in earnings, the amount of time and effort involved is a headache. The work routine like assembly work.

By making the user 100% reliable on the company, the potential for financial gain is short-term, if anything. If you are realistically looking to make money online, there are more qualified ways of doing so in terms of internet marketing careers.

The chance to manage your own business with continued growth is available to you in the long term through other means much more reliable than the ZNZ sites.

Through the website Wealthy Affiliate, I learned just how to build my very first internet marketing business with the help of their professional training and valuable business model. There are thousands of members showing they are banking a good revenue from the jump. Of course building online revenue is essentially learning what it takes to make money online, and then working the process.

Start out as a free member and check out the program by reading this review for Wealthy Affiliate.


To Your Success! Check out the many other programs that are legit on the website.


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