What’s The Best Internet Marketing Course?

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what's the best internet marketing course?
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How To Learn Internet Marketing?


You obviously have questions. Let’s start with “What’s the best Internet Marketing Course?” Allow me to tell you a couple of things about myself first so you will see why I’m qualified to answer these questions. It begins with me being an online program review writer and researcher who has the experience to advise you.

And I do have this experience. So whether you want to learn where the best course is, or how to take advantage of learning internet marketing, I can explain it all here.

My name is Rick and you can see the many titles on programs I’ve written by following this link to Online Programs Research. Many I’ve researched from day one are not even there on this list. My training and online marketing experience is vast, as through research and writing, I have spent a whopping $8,000.00 over the last five years! I also utilize three affiliate websites to get program reviews to the public. 

I’ve written over 1400 articles and researched enough programs to make me an expert on the ones which give you the best value and bang for your buck. I’ve even joined dozens of online programs just to give you (my readers) inside information others cannot give in their reviews. 

There is only one program that can be called the number one internet training course today. I say that because I’ve actually searched for a better one for almost five years now and have not been able to find it. So I’m here to tell you why I feel the #1 top rated Program for internet marketing and training is…Wealthy Affiliate.


what's the best internet marketing course
this is only a photo. But this could be you.


What’s The Best Internet Marketing Course?  The Wealthy Affiliate Program


The Wealthy Affiliate, (WA) is a program utilizing a basic course structure which has proven to be successful for those who are just starting out, and the program has also been found to work well for more advanced entrepreneurs, as well.

The WA program has been around for over ten years now and there is no sign it is doing anything other than getting better. As it evolves over time with new training, new lessons and new ways of creating revenue online.

WA is, in my opinion, the best training program I have ever been inside and worked from. You will need to trust me when I say you cannot confuse this Wealthy Affiliate with any other course or program, as there are none out there to compare it with.

WA the best internet marketing course in town.


My experience and skill level of being a work from home marketeer allowed me to study the Wealthy Affiliate program I became a part of back in 2013. I joined their program and quickly put out two reviews together in order to help others see it was legit and a valuable resource.

Would you be a part of a program that is not worth it’s salt? Take a look inside to see me by clicking my profile and about me page. I later joined and became a member myself… And without hesitation, as I knew I had finally found the one.

This is why I can say without a doubt, “The Wealthy Affiliate Group is the best internet marketing course out there today“. I am not going into details of “How to Sign up for Free” or tell you all about the huge value inside because I’ve written a detailed Wealthy Affiliate Review for you to read. So take the time to check it out if you will.

I do want to elaborate on a few more things though. If you are still with me, let me give you a glimpse of why they are number one. First off, as I said before, you get inside for free once you sign up so you can take a look around. Very few programs offer you this because they are not proud of what they have to offer. This sets WA apart from thousands of programs. The WA program is easy to navigate, simple to understand, and has the support like no other! And of course I mentioned already that it evolves, and the reason for that is internet marketing changes quickly, you you will want to be learning the skills that work today….not something from another time.

As you can see below, the course outline explains what to do from the beginning and takes you through ten lessons within each course. The first ten lessons you can also take as a free member and see if their training works and also if the program is a correct fit for you as well. You can read about how you can create a website in 30 seconds here.


Here you see simple course outlines
Here you see simple course outlines



Why Wealthy Affiliate is the Internet Marketing Course for YOU?


Take my advice. I have been there and have proven it’s performance. So on a scale of one to ten? You guessed it…10. What other program out there can say that?

Instead of looking around and searching for programs each day, I would suggest you take my advice and get going with your new website at WA right now. They offer a free signup, two free websites, free hosting, and 24/7/365 member support. That means you will have members who are already earning a living from this very program which will answer any of the questions you should have. You can also read more about internet marketing here.


Company Founders Kyle and Carson


The two founders, Kyle and Carson are the most down to earth guys you will ever meet. In fact, they are still working each day at WA with new and old members alike, after ten years. You will see them there in chat, messaging, Q and A, and also on their own website as well, which was created as a training tool for students.

learn internet marketing
Carson and Kyle Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

The video training, webinars, course outline and the options they have for you inside are far above any program I’ve ever seen online. Not only this, they are constantly doing research and adding to lessons with more training, more interactive sessions, more tools and even more ways to create income. And yes, once you learn how you will be able to create an income from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection!

The WA group has dedicated themselves to helping others. Isn’t it about time you take advantage of a free online program that can fulfill your dreams?


Can You Quit Your Job and Make Money Online?


Do not quit your day job just yet, as building a business and learning new things require a learning curve. This program is far from being a get rich quick program. I’ve reviewed a number of the programs that promise you to make a bundle in no time, but never have found this get rich program! And neither will you.

To become successful requires time and effort. The key to creating your online business is to have a plan. And of course you will need the right mindset to keep on learning while everyone else is telling you it won’t work. Overcoming obstacles is a part of life. And you will have to over come these within the program as well.


Click on Starter to see what is inside!


Get the Bonus ASAP


As a bonus to you signing at the WA program, I will give you my own road map to success showing how I reached the top. You will find it inside. I will provide you with any answers you need going forward, and I will continually help you where I can. Over the years I have learned a great deal and found the answer to, What’s the best internet marketing course, and also how to learn internet marketing. You can now say you’ve heard it from an expert. My top pick and #1 program? Wealthy Affiliate my friends. So feel free to leave a comment and ask me anything. And book mark this site for later investigation…www.downhillmoney.com

Before you go as a thank you I would like to show you the runner up program that I’m an affiliate with. Just click on the video series below to get the free gift. An incredible program indeed!


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To your Success!



14 Responses

  1. Todd

    Hi Rick,

    Great article on how to get started with internet marketing. I too took the Wealthy Affiliate educational program and it launched my internet marketing career better than anything out there. I’ve tried for 5 years to learn how to make money online. My only complaint is that I wish I would have found Wealthy Affiliate 5 years ago.

    Great post!

    • Rick

      Thanks so much Todd.
      You have given me hope that I’m reaching new members online today. Even though our team has written over 500 articles we are a long way from helping the millions searching the internet today. I appreciate the comment and your thumbs up on the post.
      To Your success!
      Rick Bell

  2. Scott Newkirk

    Hi Rick,

    I really enjoyed this article and I now feel like I know a whole lot more about affiliate marketing then I did before. I like how you emphasize on the fact that you won’t make money overnight. 99% of all make money online programs feed on people who are trying to make lots of money quickly.

    This is the main reason why people associate anything related to working from home to be a scam. I have to agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that you need to be very successful online. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to take charge of their life and stop living from paycheck to paycheck.

    Just curious how long did it take you before you made your first sale? Thanks so much for providing such valuable information to everyone here and I hope you continue to experience lots of success in the online world.

    Your Friend, Scott

    • Rick

      Thanks for the comment Scott. My first sell with WA happened within 30 days of signing up. I had nothing really done or in order. The member signed up because he thought it was a scam and he wanted to prove me wrong.
      That was the first of many and I’ve gotten much better over time. Building any kind of business takes lots of time effort and sometimes money. Marketing if what I’ve found the key to be in online success and without it you cannot be successful. So campaigns can cost a lot or a little depending on how many people you wish to meet. And we do this to help others of course but at the same time if I weren’t making money I wouldn’t be here!
      Thanks again for your comment, hope you have a great holiday season.

  3. Vanessa

    Hi Rick,
    I have to agree with you on this one. There are other online training programs but I haven’t seen anything like Wealthy Affiliate. When I joined I thought the free training was absolutely fantastic, so for me upgrading to premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate was an absolute no-brainer. What’s even more exciting about it is that Kyle and Carson continue to improve upon and add to the already great training, at no extra cost. In my opinion, WA is great for anyone who wants to get started online and be successful at it.

    • Rick

      Yes thank you Vanessa. Hope you are having great time with the holiday season and not working too hard. I wish we could get everyone to stop taking surveys!~ And get them going on a legit program or two that does work. I know it was slow for me starting off as it took over two weeks for me just to learn more about marketing. But marketing is where its at and we need to do more of it.
      This link taught me the difference between marketing and not doing any at all! http://tidyurl.com/sc7oyg Hope this helps you. Just highlight and paste into browser for free training videos!

  4. Joseph

    This seems to be a pretty balanced review of the Wealthy Affiliate. Although I had run into before, this has actually prompted me to take a second look and it does seem to have much of what I’m looking for in terms of a solid internet program.

    I really like the fact that it is not solely focused on the IM niche, which I think is already very crowded (and the pockets of opportunity tend to open and then close very quickly). This program seems to take the approach of teaching a man to fish rather than just giving them a fish.

    Being able to learn about building a website, using SEO and other techniques will last no matter what area of business you end up going into. Thanks for taking the time to really go into this.

    • Rick

      Thank you Joseph.
      I appreciate your comment for this Internet Marketing article. I try to reach many with this article to help them start creating their online business so they can get away from jobs they hate or even being limited in life by working for someone else all their life. This article if you follow it, you will generate great revenue even in the first year of starting out. I did.

  5. Ken

    Rick, I agree with you 110%. I too have been working online since for a few years(2012). I started it as a hobby and stress relief while in the process of a divorce. I tried various different programs that only focused on themselves making money off others. These programs gave few little in assistance without additional investments. NOT Wealthy Affiliate, there GET STARTED program is the best place for people to start while assisting experts change into high gears.

    • Rick

      Thank you Ken.
      For the comment and support. It seems so many still out there struggling no matter our efforts. When will we rich the millions hoping to change their lives?
      A very concerning question of course. All I can say is we have to keep moving into the highlight more and more to bring about change to the world. One voice at a time.
      Wealthy Affiliate has go to be hands down the best online training tool today. I have seen nor heard of any other out there. It has changed my way of thinking about online marketing as it has even helped me brush up on things I’ve forgotten. And of course when they add more value and training it just bowls ahead of everyone behind them!

  6. John

    Hello Rick, I want to thank you for this article. Finally, someone is not promising to get rich quick. I like this sentence “Do not quit your day job just yet, as building a business and learning new things require a learning curve. This program is far from being a get rich quick program”.

    I will take a close look at WA.


    • Rick

      Thanks John.
      I use to help people sign up to this and become premium by offering to pay their first premium membership payment. But I decided it kept them from seeing the real value in this course. In other words we sometimes place a higher value on things that cost money, and the more money, the more value we place on it. Once I started telling them to find a way to pay for it if they do not wish to continue for free, the members did much better in working the program and ended up making more money from it! It is free but that limits some of the lessons and your ability to go for the gusto here. I remember when I went premium I paid for the year of course. But I believe I had recouped my cost within the first 30 days. Of course I came in with experience to Wealthy Affiliate so I cannot say you can make $300 dollars in your first 4 weeks. But many do make that much and more! Give it a chance. Get in there and check it out.
      I will look forward to you joining in the new year! Happy Holidays!
      Rick Bell

  7. Lynn

    Hey Rick…thanks for the information! I’m struggling in a 9 to 5 job with little or no potential for growth and am very interested in learning more about Internet Marketing. Thanks for the reviews on the various programs. It really helps me to get off on the right foot and not spend a lot of wasted time by being to read your reviews.

    • Rick

      No problems Lynn. Thank you for comment. You know you can quit your job once you build your business inside Wealthy Affiliate. Because many make way more with their own business then they do working for others. One thing about your business is that you can work as long and hard as you want. Meaning it is up to you how far you go. Have you considered making $20,000 per month? Many do not because it sounds so far away. But I know many members who have built successful businesses here at WA. I look forward to you signing up here. You just ask me anything about internet marketing and I will be able to help you. Okay?
      See you on the other side! Welcome to WA!

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