Work At Home University Scam Review – Run Far and Run Fast


Many Names For The Same Scam – Work At Home University! Stay At Home Revenue! Online Home Careers University! Work At Home EDU!


I have a list of eleven different “…….University Scams”; I closed my eyes and tapped one with a marker for a review. The one I hit goes by the name of “Work At Home University” and is part of the quadruplet of scams mentioned above.

Don’t get fooled by the fancy names and don’t get fooled by the “Featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC” crap.

None of these programs is an accredited school where you could earn a degree. The only reason they are “featured” on some networks is due to the fact they pay a hefty fee for advertising airtime.

If you never seen any of these programs before, I need to tell you that they do have some nice appeal and an aura of legitimacy. At the time time, I need to warn you and urge you to avoid getting involved and spending your money.


work at home university scam review

Copycat Programs – Different names, same old SCAMS


By The Luck of A Marker, Work At Home University Gets Reviewed


work at home university scam reviewWebsite:

Owner(s): unknown – well hidden

Price: $97.00 plus upsells


My Rating: 0/100 points – SCAM



What Will You Learn?


That remains a mystery. After shelling out $77.00 (got the sneaky discount from a pop-up window), I received the offer to learn how to become an Auction List Agent (whatever that is), or a “link posting expert” for an additional $67.00.

I kindly declined this offer and then had the choice to pay $499.00 for a website, “specifically designed for me”, and hire a personal coach to receive extensive training on a “new and secret method” to make a bundle through Drop Shipping.

The whole thing had SCAM written all over and I decided to request a refund of my $77.00. Needless to say, I never received a single penny back.


Why is Work At Home University A Scam?


Lets take a look at the similarities between the different “Universities”:


  • Same Website Designs: The Name and URL are different, the rest of the site design is eerily similar.
  • Same Sales Pitch: Gain Access in the next 60 seconds…..Work from Home and make #379.00 per day (or $87.00 per hour)……..if you can spare 60 minutes per day…….
  • Same Sob Story: At WAH University it’s Michelle Withrow, at Careers @ Home she is called Melissa Mayer, at Work at Home EDU there is a Michelle Robinson and all are telling exactly the same story. They are almost carbon copies of each other.
  • Same Price: They all charge the same price. $97.00 at first, discounted to $77.00 if you try to leave the sales page
  • Same Personal Coaching Scam: As soon as you join, their main effort is to convince you to employ “Personal Coaching” at the cost of several thousand dollars.
  • Same use of TV Broadcasts: Infomercials are not news reports. All these scams use them with the by-note “as seen on TV”. This is misleading and, in my opinion, unethical.
  • Same exaggerated earning reports: Stay at home mom makes over $10,000 a month, another one is raking in $380.00 or more every single day and they can do that “part-time from home.

I am not sure whether all these websites are operated by the same person(s) or not. They are pretty darn good hiding any information about locations, ownership and even domain name details.

Believe me, I did some serious digging, but came up almost empty handed. However, I did find out something interesting about some of the people involved.


WAH University “Creator” Michelle Withrow Is A Model


……and posed for TWO of these Universities. Here we see here in the Work At Home University Scam…….


is work at home university a scam


……..and this one was made for Careers at Home University. Say Hello to “Melissa Mayer”.


work at home university scam review


They are using images from iStockphoto, a place where EVERYBODY can list their pictures for reuse, or find images to use for their purpose…….for a fee, of course.

This really puzzles me; the real perpetrators of these Scams obviously think that nobody will find out how misleading and deceiving they really are.


More Proof That We are Looking At Scams – Fake Video Testimonials


The Careers at Home sales page has shot down and is an “access for members only” website. However, there are seven video testimonials on display.

I watched them and found some familiar faces I was sure I had seen before. A quick visit at confirmed what I already knew.

The three folks in the image below offer their services at fiverr and will create a “natural looking” video testimonial for any product or service for as little as $5.00.


work at home university scam review

Here is the link – you will find these folks in the “video testimonials by actors section”.


What Is Work At Home University Good For?


Plain and simple: NOTHING

WAH and all the other similar universities are trying to sell you a dream without delivering anything of substance. They promise you will make hundreds of dollars per day, without the need to have any skills.

They claim you can do that “part time” with little work and effort. Do they guarantee that you will make at least some money? Nope. Here is the disclaimer from their website:


work at home university scam review


Summary of my Work At Home University Scam Review:


I approach every product, program or service I review, in an open minded and objective manner. Most “make money online” products are useless and crappy with a lot of CONS, and very little PROS; maybe one or two.

WAH and it’s siblings however, are a completely different story.


There Is Not One Single Pro


My Rating: 0/100 points – Outright SCAM


What Next


It is not surprising that there are so many Scams on the internet. Many people have the desire to start their own online business and looking for ways to get started. This opens the doors for the unscrupulous elements that prey on the unsuspecting.

You need to be very careful in choosing a product or program, doing some research and learn how to read between the lines. There is no easy way to make a lot of money. It takes hard work, a lot of effort and the willingness to learn.

If you are serious about “jumping on the internet bandwagon” and making money online, I can recommend ONE program that stands above head and shoulders of any other.

My #1 recommendation is the best online learning center you can find. It provides state of the art training, 24/7 support, live help from thousands of members and all the tools you need.

Thank you for stopping by just one of my many review websites. We have written about 200 articles ranging from the best to the worst. If you are interested in going to the best programs we have reviews on…start at the Review on Wealthy Affiliate. And feel free to comment below if this program is too good and you would like to start at a lessor tear. Our goal here is to help your new online business have a healthy chance to grow and become strong!


To Your Future Success!



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