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Use your own computer top make money at home.
Use your own computer top make money at home.

Work@home jobs

Working home jobs

Jobs from home

“Online Jobs From Home”


Working at home jobs that are not scams is essential to making it to success.  As you know the training has to be right or else everything you do is wrong.  Like keywords. You know the keywords and the terms you seek on the Internet…and all too often they yield returns that are downright frightening. But the majority of the time you run upon anything in the  “work at home” category, the results are fairly easy to read.

The promise of thousands of dollars in a few weeks and millions more in short order–is what generally pops up first.


SCAMS of Course!



commission titan false promises
If it’s easy it is probably a scam!

Although there seem to be a million online marketing scams out there (and who knows, there actually may be,), it certainly appears that’s all there are at times. 

Affiliate scams, pyramid schemes, advertising programs….there seems to be no end to the dead-end avenues of building a successful online business. But that is not the question….. the question is whether or not there are actually any programs and systems of value out there.


Hard Lessons Learned In eCommerce


For many, eCommerce in the form of eBay stores or your own dedicated web portal seems to be a logical path to follow. And in many ways they are. But there are some drawbacks to eCommerce that make the barrier to entry — or barrier to success — somewhat daunting. To be successful in eCommerce, it’s important to know who you can trust.

A good example of a company not to trust is The Elite Success Team. The company’s platform is based on a 15-year-old, outdated eBay training system. So, instead of teaching you the basics of online eCommerce marketing, the program fixates on forcing users down the channel of an overcrowded auction site with old techniques and information. Lost time, lost money and lost opportunities.


Work Home Jobs And eCommerce


Instead of the auction site route, many folks choose to set up their own domain with shopping cart and eCommerce store. Again, a good idea in theory, but there are certain barriers to entry. Cost is one big thing to consider. You’ll need shopping cart software, hosting, a merchant account to process credit cards and costly eCommerce platforms.

And then there is the issue of market research and possibly years of content development to get your keywords ranked in the search engines and in front of the eyes of potential customers. Unless, of course, you decide to purchase advertising on Google or another ad network, which gets back to the cost issue.

To be successful on any reasonable scale, you’ll need thousands of dollars in working capital to get your own eCommerce portal off the ground and making money. For many, that’s a big pill to swallow. But it is the reality in competing online with potentially thousands of other sites selling similar products as yours.


Affiliate Marketing — They Key To Working At Home Jobs


3d word SolutionAfter several not-so-successful forays into eCommerce, I discovered affiliate marketing. I still maintain a small eBay store, but my bread and butter comes from online affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, here’s a brief overview.

Other online marketers and sites, whether they are selling hard goods like gas grills or lawnmowers or soft goods like software downloads and e-books, need other people to help them market their products.  So, they recruit affiliate marketers to disperse links to their site all across the internet — on their own blogs, in forums or on social media sites.

In return, the affiliates receive a predetermined amount of money when someone goes through their link and makes a purchase. It’s like having an online sales force of potentially tens of thousands of people.

Affiliate marketing changed my life with respect to marketing and making money online. It’s extremely cheap to get a site or blog up and going. It’s free to sign up for the affiliate programs. But it does take some work and insights to effectively get your links in front of potential buyers.

That’s why I wrote this article —  “Affiliate Marketing for Dummies” — as a primer for people looking to get into this potentially lucrative field. It will give you some information on how to get into affiliate marketing with no investment or fees.


Working At Home Jobs That Are Not Scams



Teaches YOU how to make your revenue
Teaches YOU how to make your revenue

See the image? The one with the roll of toilet paper made of dollar bills? Click on that image and then leave your name a photo of you and something you are particularly fond of — say, your pet, your motorcycle or favorite food.

What I get is a simple electronic credit that I can turn in at the end of the year for a free trip to Las Vegas (where I hopefully won’t blow all of the affiliate money I’ve worked so hard to generate this year!).

What I’ll give you in return may be more important. Before you head over to click the dollar bill image, simply fill out the comment section of this article with your name, email address and subject line “Rick, please send me your list of 100 program scams!” And like the subject says, I’ll send you a list of work at home jobs you definitely need to stay away from.


Why I Created…Downhill Money


So, why do I spend one hour each week adding a new article and insight to the Downhill Money blog? Well, first, I use this site as well as other sites to generate income on my own through effective affiliate marketing. Equally as important, I want to share my insights with you so that you can begin to get a taste of success in the world of online marketing.


The Wealthy Affiliate is one site and community that has given me incredible insights on how to monetize and maximize my affiliate business. Take a look at it here in my Wealthy Affiliate Review . It’s free to get started, and trust me, if you are serious about building an online business, it will get you started.

Leave a message below in the comment section.   Name and Email address, and I will shoot it to you.


Rick Bell

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  1. Dawn Brotherton

    I’m a legitimate freelancer, and it takes hard work to keep all my clients happy. I do work from home, and it’s not all fun and games. Even keeping up with a website and blog takes work.

    thanks for the info

    • Rick

      You are welcome… this is my job!:) To help others find success without falling victim to fraud and scam programs.
      Glad you enjoyed the website. See you next time. Hope to see you on Wealthy Affiliate soon!

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