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Founder: Bryan Winters Product:  
DLCF-Zippo Pay
Cost: $23.56 US
 Rating: 5 OUT OF 10

Upgrades: For Business Earnings

ZP Marketplace Mogul €147.00 
ZP Cash Funnels DFY €47.00 
ZP Super Affiliate Activator €97.04 


Bryan Winters

Traffic, Funnels, Products & Subscribers “All-In-One Platform”. 



As a review writer, I’ve enjoyed earning income with products from Bryan Winters. 

He belongs to the 1% of people who make millions of dollars every few months. And the reason is two-fold; Products such as Zippo Pay. And, according to Bryan, the other 99% of people fail in business and online because “they are doing what seems to make sense, And that is making money. My Zippo Pay Review reveals even more…

One reason I like his products is he created Commission Minor back in 2015 and I made some serious dough from that. About $7,000 dollars in passive income from sales that just kept coming in. Commission Minor was awesome!

(A System Running For 24-Hours Per Day Can Earn  A 6 Figure Income)

Bryan is willing to share his “SECRET 6 FIGURE SYSTEM” with you… “BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE Someone INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY ONLINE.




Heres What You Are Going To Learn:

  • What Zippo Pay-ZP Cash Funnels DFY, Is…
  • How Zippo Pay -Zp Cash Funnels DFY, Works…
  • What the Zippo Pay Button Is…
  • How the Zippo Pay Button Works & Creates Leads…
  • What the UPGRADES Are About: 1. OTO ZP Cash Funnels DFY 2. ZP Super Affiliate Activator 3. ZP Marketplace Mogul 

  • How To Make Money With The ZP Marketplace

  • What Is Dumb LIttle Cash Maker

His program boasts A ready-built Marketplace Platform for making money. It generates products for you that bring in free traffic leads, subscribers and along with being able to scale to size, it is all positioned under one roof that includes a 30-day risk-free trial or money back. All for under $24 bucks! But there is a catch…you don’t need all the upgrades! Just the front end product!

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Whether you have Your Own Online Products To Sell-or-Your Just Starting out…This new software ZP Cash Funnels DFY might just be helpful. Inside this review Bryan Winters’ shows us this groundbreaking patent-pending software called Zippo Pay. I’m here to detail it now.

So New and High Tech–ZP Cash Funnels DFY Delayed The Launch…!

Yes, it was delayed due to a new patent-pending application needing to be filed. And approved. The Zippo Pay Platform and its upgrades are shown below. It is already bringing Cash Daily.

The system works LIKE AN ATM MACHINE, almost… Yet does it supply you with an entirely new Online Business which is scalable to 6 figures? Yes and No.


“Zippo Pay Software works like an ATM on steroids!”

zippo Pay ZP Cash Funnels DFY

The paid lead system generating software

Bryan Winters says his Paid Lead System Software does indeed work beautifully. The system creates income, plus leads, or (traffic for you), plus subscribers! Even if you’ve never sold products or have a website or a following.

He has solved traffic problems for new marketers within his Zippo Pay Software Lead Generation Platform called Zippo Pay ZP Cash Funnels DFY.

Zippo Pay is a Cloud-Based Software System That Allows You To Earn …$500 dollar paydays.

The software created by Bryan Winters that is designed to bring in money passively by the use of his latest Lead Generation Software Money Machine that you can set and forget is finally here after years of creating and building.

But you won’t be walking away because there is just too much money to make! The money you earn should be reinvested to make this new ATM machine run even faster. And while on Autopilot.

It can Safely and Swiftly become your main business niche…


how Zippo Pay works with built in traffci


What Is Zippo Pay?

It’s the internets first ever pay-by-lead marketplace created for both newbies and advanced marketers alike…Bryan a 20 year veteran to marketers all across the globe shows how Zippo Pay is a basic website, funnel system, sales pages, products, and a complete info-structure. Keep reading to educate yourself on What Is Zippo Pay…

A Complete Business, for all marketers who are just starting out, advanced, or somewhere in-between.

But only if you take up the marketing tools he presents inside his presentation. Because if you take the low-end front end offer that is free, you will only make a trickle of money.

You will have no help to be able to earn the kind of money they’re talking about.

ZP Cash Funnels DFY (Done For You) Marketplace. The Marketplace holds hundreds of different niche products for the online marketer. And can be accessed with a Zippo Pay Vendor Membership.


Here’s another one of his products called MoolaVine


For instance, Being Able To Sell Products and earn money online means You First Need Products to sell. This is where ZP funnels come in…

They have included their already established flagship product called their DFY (Done For You) Dumb Little Cash Maker Product inside. As the first product, you will be able to promote using the Zippo Pay Button.

As a joining member, you have access to this and even more ready-made products with their own sales funnels included. That means ready-made products to promote via Solo Ads, Your website, Your own sales pages if you have them, Your Subscribers Lists, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and any other social groups.


Yes, It means now you have An EVER EXPANDING LIST Of products you can promote!

Simply stated the new software called Zippo Pay allows you to collect leads and money at the same time.  Anyone clicking Your Zippo Button gets you referral leads.

These leads are also presented with an option to generate cash for you or even more leads, or both. And, anyone paying you through PayPal for the marketplace products gets you a cash payday on their flagship product. Dumb LIttle Cash Maker. ASAP.

But the big news is you can become a much much larger earner by being a member of the Zippy Pay Program. All for just $23.50. And then as a vendor, you can promote these new products daily to reach 100 Percent Commissioned Payouts on products you’ve selected the price on!

However, you can promote the Dumb Little Cash Maker for FREE

While In my 6 years online I’ve not seen but one other product like this and it did very well and made people big, big money. Including myself.

marketplace Featured product page


How Leads Buy Products: Zippy Pay or PayPal

There are two ways to join The Flagship Program of his…Through Paypal which earns you 100% commissions from each buyer once you yourself are in as a member.

But more importantly, Your traffic can enter the program through the Zippo Pay button which just allows your visitor to send in referrals for that product, to get it.

Then once they are in, when a referral signs using the Zippo Pay Button, the leads generated at that time go to you. Giving you way more potential to earn even more money in the future.

See the button on the right? Using this button you can get the Dumb Little Cash Maker for free.


Zippo Pay Button How does it work


How Does The Zippo Pay Button Work?

With becoming a member of Zippo Pay you are on your way to having a scalable Automatic Teller Machine Style Income! The entire marketplace platform becomes your products and business.

This allows you to get leads from any of the products featured inside. And if a visitor does not have the money at the time of purchase, he can use the Zippo Pay Button. From this, we get all the referral leads the product requires.

This Zippo Pay Button option allows new visitors and subscribers to send referrals instead of cash money. But don’t worry. There will be a large percentage of people wanting to just pay to get in on the action!

So, two ways to join: Pay cash for the product or join through the Zippo Pay Button 

What happens is you get lots of leads that keep coming in as people join using the Zippo Pay Button. This means more traffic for you!  You are going to making more future cash sales!

When you do get more leads you get paid more often with real cash commissions. Simply because you suddenly have more traffic!

It means you get tons of traffic which become your leads. You make more sales along the way due to the referral system that is in place.

It is only about $20 bucks now, but will soon be that each month for members. As a paying member, it is still a great deal because you can easily get ten times that many sales each month just by utilizing the system that is placed.

When you watch the video of Bryan’s Zippy Pay you will see just how scalable this platform is and just how easy it will be to gain free traffic from it. But don’t give up on getting the added UUMMMPPHHHH with his Super  Upgrades…

These upgrades give you a BIG ADVANTAGE! Here is the first.


Zippo Pay Account


OTO #1 ZP Cash Funnels DFY Upgrade

This allows you to market Bryans’ already created and done for you products, all the while scaling your business to higher earning levels.

Each month a value product is added to your Zippy Pay Marketplace Platform. You can then price it and add your own PayPal Button to the sales page.

It means you can charge whatever you want or think you can get value wise. This 1 funnel DFY value to you will cover the cost of all upgrades to the Zippo Pay Marketplace combined.

It is designed to keep working for you in the future.

Why Is Bryan Give Us Free Funnels Each Month?  Well, even top marketers have to keep putting out fresh offers over and over to keep earning big income. That’s where they lose time and earnings…

He does not want us to lose money or time! But to earn more, and he has set it up to do just that. Allow us to earn way more.

So a newly added DFY product is yours to promote each and every month. Bryan gives us a few days to come back and get this package if you decline it.

But it will cost you much later on!

The ZP Cash Funnel solves marketing issues because you now have new products with their own unique sales pages and funnels all included.

That reach many niche markets and marketers.

You have a professionally done for you ZP cash funnel product added each and every month. And for the one time cost that Bryan charges today.

It works to bring you continued direct payments at 100% profits to your bank account daily.


Why Would You DECIDE AGAINST  ZP Cash Funnels DFY?


ZP Cash Funnels DFY provides pay integrations, the products, all the important graphics, and it’s all laid out and done for you.

…For Instance–If you don’t know how to create your own product or don’t have the time and or budget it takes to create your own product once a month, then you would be unwise not to have this service done for you.

It’s a no-brainer because…Every month a new product is delivered to you and your leads. All you have to do is add your own button to the new product page.

Market these products like you would if they were your own product. But now with the FREE ZP Traffic features added…You can EARN Big!

The lead system does work as you can see within the case study Bryan Does. Plenty of visitors will opt-in and pay through referrals.

And so on and so on. And so on…

Which gives you free traffic that sees your products daily.

Each New Product Coming In…brings you a new funnel, new sales page, and its a product already pre-tested and approved to work.

These products also cover MANY NICHES so that you are reaching a SUPER HUGE audience!


… Add Zp Cash Funnels AS YOUR NEW BUSINESS and it will do the work for you…

I recommend if you want to earn more money and fast

ZP Vendor passive income mod








OTO #2-ZP Super Affiliate Activator

What is the Super Affiliate Instant Automated Activator?

It’s the juice behind the system. Think about this. Bryan says if you become a Super Affiliate they will hard code your link into your new member’s pages.

For every member’s account, your link hard wired and written in the account of everyone who buys products from you.

What if you had this option? A hard code affiliate ID of yours, in each of your new members’ accounts. You would then make an instant commission of up to $400 dollars any customer joining through your link.

Instant Commissions!

And since this Activator also works within any niche. It means you are now targeting millions of new people who could potentially supersize your online income.


The market place for Zippo Pay Products

OTO #3-ZP Marketplace Mogul 

The Market Place Mogul is Amazing!

This ZP upgrade for Marketplace Mogul provides unlimited featured listings inside the Zippo Pay Marketplace. Which generates you way more traffic on Autopilot.

It does expose you and your list of new and unlimited ZP products in a big big way. ZP Marketplace Mogul is YOUR Guaranteed traffic Builder Too!

And these offers are within many different niches so this expands your earnings quite drastically. I did get the ZP Marketplace Mogul set up myself to ensure increased earnings over time.


Zippo Pay Featured Product List

The Zippo Button-You Get Free Leads

You get free referral leads everytime someone clicks on the Zippo Button to purchase a program or product. Then if they have used the Zippo Pay Button you then get however many leads it takes to join that program. Resulting in hundreds of traffic leads to your inbox.

From those leads, even more, leads and payments are generated for you which turns into even more leads and income. That is why it is so powerful and delivers so much free traffic.

As long as you get the Marketplace Mogul now, you can lock in the featured listings in the future at no cost.

But, If you wait, it will cost you hundreds of dollars to ever list a featured product. Just one time.

Also, the free traffic it generates for each new product listing saves you hundreds and perhaps even thousands of dollars of having to buy traffic for your products.


6 figure club private facebook group with Bryan Winters


The FREE BONUS: 6 Figure Club

But wait! There’s more! Much more…You become part of the 6 Figure Club.

When you get the Marketplace Mogul you move up to the top! You become a member of the private Facebook Group where Zippo Pay founder Bryan Winters gives you direct access to ask questions and get feedback.

Get insider tips and much more. It means no more waiting for support! Does that make it worth the extra cost? In my opinion, it does. But you Have to decide for yourself.


Use Your Zippo Pay Button To Earn Passive Cash Income

Your ZP Software Machine will be working on it’s on with you doing nothing. Really? But wait…You do have to market products right? Yes! So you do have to do some work if you want the earnings Bryan Winters keeps cackling about here in his DLCM presentation.

But if you could get free traffic from any source…Would that not work Automatically, for the most part, to help you market all the new monthly products coming out?

After all the hard work is said to be done for you already.

The generation of free leads for each member that signs up enables your ZP Marketplace to run faster. Even if you don’t advertise it or pay for visitors. But wow, what if you did!

 You can start generating your own traffic much faster and that is how the machine does earn you more money in the future. A future Time+Money Machine!

Imagine your AutoMatic Money Machine doing 77.0 miles per hour instead of tooling along like a jalopy at only 35.00 mph!

Zippo Pay Traffic: Is It FREE?

It’s very simple really. Seldom do we see anyone come along and actually give us free traffic. Is it free? Well, yes. The reason? The Zippo Pay Option-Lead Button.

When people choose to use it instead of spending their hard earned cash, they do so with the knowledge that they will need to send you traffic, instead.

The products show how many leads they need to send in to access each product.

So those subscribers who have now just heard about Zippo Pay and their Marketplace will learn about it, and then possibly join, or at least purchase products using the same methods.

Giving you a continual amount of new visitors that eventually become paying members. Leads or traffic is easy to send. Many people have huge lists of subscribers, so for them to send you hundreds of lead referrals is really no big deal.



magic Zippo Pay Button


Will Zippo Pay Make Money?

Zippo Pay Software does generate traffic which will turn into leads and cash. Even if you do nothing but join as a free member to the Flagship Product Dumb Little Cash Maker.

However. What really generates the best results along with getting more traffic, leads and cash coming in is having the advanced help Bryan offers his vendors…The Online Business ZP

….>>Promote New Products Every Month<<…

If you aren’t promoting these effectively your income will remain just a few dollars more than you are making already. There are two types of people in this world.

Those wanting to earn income without working. And those willing to work for their income.


Upgrades Do Cost Money!

Spending more to make more is the name of the marketing game…Or didn’t you know? Let me explain…

Marketers have long since understood that if someone is a buying customer, to take advantage of that and offer them more value for more money.

Bryan Winters does just that by helping the new marketer become a top Marketer in the Big Marketing Game Of Life

Simply put, If you opt-in to become a member and take advantage of Top Marketers who help along the way, (Bryan Winters) the opportunity to earn way more is amplified.

Your upfront costs are quickly paid back.


What Is Zippo Pay Really About

That all depends on how you want to use Zippo Pay. As it can become your very own business niche in the make money online category. Or it can merely be an added product base that you use alongside your other businesses.

There is no catch. If you use Zippo Pay Buttons with or in your own sales pages you have the opportunity to catch lots more traffic this way.

More traffic means more conversions and more conversions mean you earn more income.

Beginners get a chance to promote many products that are already built with an accompanying sales page and funnel. 

More advanced marketers can easily add their own products to sell within the marketplace and take advantage of the Zippo Pay Button.

Remember. Most digital products are merely copies of something that was once created. Selling it over and over again, or earning huge amounts of traffic that ends up buying more info later on, IS THE MARKETING GAME!


What Is Dumb Little Cash Maker-DLCM?

Bryan Winters Flagship Product – First One TESTED And LISTED Within The ZP Platform is Dumb Little Cash Maker or DLCM

This Done For You or DIY product has already been tested by Bryan and he even shows us staggeringly positive results of promoting it himself. With the case study, he shows us on video.


So what is the dumb little cash maker? 

The first of many to come that you can promote without ever buying anything!


The DLCM is the first available product within the Zippo Pay Marketplace. And as the first product of many to come, it allows you to start making money right away by getting tons of visitor referral leads and cash from it.

It is actually free to purchase…by referring just 3 leads. So it’s FREE. From there you do see Bryan also moves on to explain the ZP marketplace and how it would benefit you to join that as a member as well.

If interested in it alone just take a look at the video below…


The Dumb Little Cash Maker System generates affiliate leads as It uses a perfect little sales page which works…Watch Video Here

Dumb Little Cash Maker Presentation – ZP Cash Funnels DFY

Have you seen this? This video is on the inside of the Marketplace and shows how easy it is to get started. Watch it now before you head off to buy ZP Cash Funnels DFY.


With its own sales page, funnel, and email sequence abilities. It promotes itself! 

But remember, this is only the beginning. There is a new product each month so you keep the ball rolling…

The DLCM is just the first of many products. It is the iceberg you see at the forefront of the ZP Marketplace. There are going to be many more products similar to this and many in different niches as well.

Along the way, you have an opportunity as a ZP member to cash in on this Zippy Pay Marketplace.


The Zippo Pay Button Affect: Here To STAY?

The patent-pending Zippo Pay Button allows those without the cash to get the products. But because they use this feature you get more traffic coming in that IS willing and able to purchase products in the future.

You to generate your first leads, subscribers, cash-paying customers, and more…from the very start! So it will end up building upon itself and its new members will generate even more products, more traffic and so on.

zippo Pay Cash Funnels DFY


When You Go All IN You HAVE A Online Business!

I went all in because I see the value and have the experience to know what works here online.

As I’ve been online working for the past 6 years. Before you begin to doubt in your own abilities.

Believe in a man’s abilities to help you succeed as he has done this for many before you or I.

Each upgrade you purchase has it’s own guarantee that you will like it and it will work or you get your money back. To me, that means I can try it out, put it to the test and even promote it to my list.


Before deciding if it is going to work or not. You have to check this out!

My account numbers are here to the right. Also what I paid to begin the business.

If you have questions you can either email me at the address to the right or you can comment within the comment section below this post.

Either way, I intend to discuss my results and my findings with you as I move forward.

But don’t wait and get left out. Take the vision that Bryan Winters gives us for his Zippo Pay Marketplace Online Business. All in ONE.

I think you will be happy you did.

However, if you are not interested in having your own products already done for you with perfect little sales funnels for each that help you earn money on these products look no further:

(Please give the page time to come up as it is loaded!)

Click Here: JOIN ZP Funnels DFY HERE 

Why not create your own products and learn Affiliate Marketing as I did? Here you can finally see how I Started Earning Cash Online… SEE…

My #1 Recommended Product for Wealthy Affiliate.

Find Out MY SECRET TO How I started earning big commission payouts by using this Marketing Super Guide below…


How I Earn Massive Income On Autopilot Thanks To This One Marketing Platform!


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